University-wide Policies & Procedures


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Name Related Docs Doc # Type Category Code (Key)
Acquisition and Disposal of Real Property Interests, Procedures for 7550 Procedure FI, FM
Admission Guidelines, Community Colleges 2000 Policy CC, ST
Admission of Persons with Disciplinary Dismissals 3201 Policy CC, ST
Admission of Persons with Prior Felony Convictions 3200 Policy CC, ST
Agency Account Guidelines 7201 Procedure FI, RE
Agency Accounts 7200 Policy FI, RE
Alumni Associations Guidelines 9300 Policy FI, RE
Anti-Sweatshop Policy 7559 Policy FI, RE
Anti-Sweatshop Procedure Details 7560 Procedure FI, RE
Appointment/Removal & General Duties, Guidelines for Police Officers Details 5400 Policy FM, PO
Assessment Details 1150 Policy AA
Assessment, Procedure Details 1151 Procedure AA
Audit of Community Colleges, Independent Financial Audit Details 7002 Procedure AD, CC, FI
Authorized Benefit Vendor Policy 8208 Procedure HR
Auxiliary Services Corporations Guidelines Details 9400 Policy FI, RE
Award of Academic Credit by Evaluation 1300 Policy AA
Bias-Related Crime Prevention Policy 3850 Policy ST
Billing, Refunds, Collection and Write-offs Policy for Tuition, Fees, and Other Charges Details 7301 Policy FI, ST
Board of Trustees By-Laws 0001 Policy GO
Calendar, Development of Campus Instructional Procedures 1000 Procedure AA
Campus Conduct & Other College Property used for Educational Purposes 3650 Procedure ST
Campus Safety Advisory Committees, Establishment of 5401 Policy FM, PO, ST
Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Reporting (Clery Act - also known as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act) Details 5402 Procedure FM, PO, ST
Capitalization Policy and Depreciation Policy for Capital Assets Details 7004 Policy FI
Charging Campus Staff to Capital Appropriations 7302 Procedure FI, FM, HR
Charter Schools Description 9800 Policy AP
Chief Administrative Officer Fund Requirements 9960 Procedure FI, RE
Child Protection Policy Details 6505 Policy LE, PM
Code of Ethical Conduct for University Officers 6000 Policy HR, LE
College Fee 7800 Policy FI, ST
Commercial Use Policy (Use of University Facilities for Commercial Purposes) 5607 Policy FM
Community Colleges Service Area 2500 Procedure CC
Compliance Program 6701 Policy AD, FI, LE
Computer Software Policy 8101 Policy HR
Conflict of Interest 6001 Policy HR, LE
Construction Contracting Details 7554 Procedure FI, FM
Construction-Related Consultant Contracting Procedures Details 7555 Procedure FI, FM
Continuing Education Unit 1301 Policy AA
Contract Award Protest Procedure 7561 Procedure FI
Credit Courses in High Schools 1302 Policy AA
Credit Equivalency for Non-Credit Instruction 1303 Policy AA
Credit-bearing Off-campus Instructional Activities, Administration of 1304 Policy AA
Credit/Contact Hour 1305 Policy AA
Cross Registration of Students, Guidelines for 1001 Procedure AA
Data Transparency and Reporting Policy 1100 Policy AA
Deposits - Pre-admissions - Graduate Program 7802 Policy FI, ST
Discounted Tuition - PT, Non-Matriculated, Undergraduate, Out-of-State Students 7601 Policy FI, ST
Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure Details 6501 Procedure HR, LE
Display of the Flag 5600 Policy AA
Distinguished Professorships, Procedure for Awarding 1250 Procedure AA
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy 7809 Policy AA, ST
Early Decision/Early Action Policy 3301 Policy ST
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Guidelines for the Operation of Details 3600 Policy AA, ST
Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility Policy Details 6901 Policy IT
Emergency Notification Protocol Requirements Details 5608 Procedure FM, PO
Emergency Response Plan Requirements 5606 Procedure FM, PO
Empire State Diversity Honors Scholarship Program, Guidelines 7803 Procedure FI, ST
Enterprise Risk Management Program 7502 Policy AD, FI, LE
Equal Opportunity: Access, Employment and Fair Treatment in the State University of New York 6502 Policy HR, LE, ST
Extra Service for Professional Staff 8800 Policy HR
Faculty Salary Recovery from Sponsored Programs 1002 Policy AA
Faculty Utilization Guidelines 1003 Policy AA
Fees, Rentals, and Other Charges Details 7804 Policy FI, ST
Firearms on State-operated Campuses 5403 Policy FM, PO
Foundations Guidelines 9600 Policy FI, RE
Fraud and Irregularities, Policy on Fraud and Irregularities 9002 Policy IA, LE
Fraud and Irregularities, Procedure on Reporting and Reviewing Fraud and Irregularities Details 9001 Procedure IA, LE
Fundraising Reporting Instructions Details 7005 Procedure FI
General Education Requirement Details 1401 Policy AA
General Education Requirement Details 1402 Procedure AA
Gift Acceptance Procedures Details 9250 Procedure PH
Graduate Academic Program Proposals, Guidelines on the Consideration of 1700 Policy AA
Graduate Academic Program Proposals, Procedures for Submission Details 1004 Procedure AA
Graduate Diversity Fellowship Program, Guidelines for 7805 Procedure FI, ST
Guidelines for Presidential Searches for Community Colleges Details 2501 Procedure CC
Health & Safety for Maintenance & Construction Projects on College Campuses 5000 Procedure FM
Health Care Enterprises - Budget Request 7602 Procedure FI
Health Insurance Coverage for International Exchange, Research & Study Programs 3750 Procedure HC, ST
Honorary Degrees, Awarding of Details 1200 Policy AA
Immigration Petitions, Legal and Financial Support for 8500 Policy HR
Implementation of Immunization Legislation, Guidelines for 3751 Procedure HC, ST
Information Security Guidelines: Campus Programs & Preserving Confidentiality Details 6608 Procedure IS, LE
Information Security Policy 6900 Policy IS, LE
Intercollegiate Athletics 3000 Policy AT, FI, ST
Intercollegiate Athletics, Fiscal & Accounting Procedures Details 7008 Procedure AT, FI, ST
Interlibrary Loan Charges 1600 Policy AA
Internal Audit Function: NYS AAIC Act 1987 Details 9201 Policy AD, IA
Internal Control Program 7500 Policy AD, FI, LE
Internal Control Program Guidelines Details 7501 Procedure FI
International Programs in Sensitive Areas, Policy for 1550 Policy AA
International Travel with Students Details 8952 Procedure AA
Legal Proceeding Preparation (E-Discovery) Procedure Details 6610 Procedure LE
Minimum Living Standards Details 3451 Policy ST
Minor Critical Maintenance Procedure 7563 Procedure FI, FM
Naming Opportunities on State University Campuses 9252 Procedure PH
Naming Opportunities on State University Campuses, Policy 9251 Policy PH
Non-Credit Remedial Course Aid, Guidelines for Details 2400 Procedure CC
Off-Campus Housing Services Regulation Details 3450 Policy ST
Open Access to State University Libraries 1601 Policy AA
Open Access to State University Libraries, Procedures for 1602 Procedure AA
Optional Retirement Program (ORP) Eligibility Guidelines 8202 Policy HR
Optional Retirement Program Cash Withdrawal Policy 8203 Policy HR
Optional Retirement Program Loans 8204 Policy HR
Other Related Entities Guidelines Details 9500 Policy FI, RE
Participation by Minority Group Members and Women (MWBEs) with Respect to State University of New York Contracts Details 7557 Procedure FI, LE
Participation by Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOBs) with Respect to State University of New York Contracts Details 7564 Procedure FI, LE
Passenger Vans Details 5601 Policy FM
Payroll Deduction for the Collection of Traffic Fines Details 8801 Procedure FI, HR
Policy on Conflicts of Interest in Public Health Service Sponsored Programs Details 10000 Policy RS
Policy on Mandatory Reporting and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse 6504 Policy FM, LE, PM
Pre-Admission Deposits - Undergraduate Program 7801 Policy FI, ST
Presidential Search, Guidelines for Conducting Details 8400 Procedure HR
Procurement Lobbying Procedure for State University of New York Details 7552 Procedure FI, LE
Procurement Opportunities for New York State Certified Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses 7556 Policy FI, LE
Program Deactivation and Discontinuance 1701 Policy AA
Public Access to SUNY Libraries 1603 Policy AA
Radio Stations, Establishment & Operation of Noncommercial Broadcast 3700 Policy ST
Records Retention and Disposition Details 6609 Policy LE
Refund of Board 7806 Policy FI, ST
Refund of Pre-Admission Deposits for Undergraduate Programs 7807 Policy FI, ST
Refunds - Students Whose Programs Drop Below 12 Credit Hours 7808 Policy FI, ST
Remedial/Developmental Courses 1005 Policy AA
Rental Aid for Community Colleges Details 7604 Procedure CC, FI
Requirements for Degree Conferral and Enrollment of Home Schooled Students 3302 Policy ST
Research Activities, Participation of Foreign Nationals in 1801 Policy AA
Research Activities, Unrestricted Dissemination of 1800 Policy AA
Reserve Policy Operating Funds: General IFR, SUTRA and Stabilization Funds 7562 Policy FI
Residence Hall Operations Under IFR Procedures 7605 Policy FI, ST
Residence Hall Smoking Policy 3452 Policy HR, ST
Residence Hall Telecommunications Policy Details 7606 Policy FI, ST
Residency, Establishment of for Tuition Purposes Details 7810 Policy FI, ST
Revenue Fund Guidelines: Hospital Income Fund Reimbursable (HIFR) 7607 Policy FI
Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Residence in Residence Hall Housing 3651 Policy ST
Rules for Students Housed in University Owned, Leased or Operated Facilities Details 3652 Policy ST
Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order 3653 Policy ST
START-UP NY Program Participation Policy Details 6800 Policy AA, AP, CC, FI, FM, LE, RS
START-UP NY Program Participation, Procedures for Details 6801 Procedure AA, AP, CC, FI, FM, LE, RS
SUNY Associate Nomination Process Details 8001 Procedure HR
SUNY Associate, Designation of Details 8000 Policy HR
Sabbatical Leaves, Administration of Details 1006 Policy AA, HR
Sexual Assault Prevention Policy 3852 Policy ST
Sexual Harassment Response and Prevention Statement Details 6507 Policy HR, LE, ST
Sexual and Romantic Relationship Policy Details 6506 Policy HR, LE, ST
Small Claims $250.01 to $5K Details 6304 Procedure LE
Small Claims of $250.00 or Less 6305 Procedure LE
Standard Diploma Format Details 1201 Policy AA
State Administrative Procedure Act Compliance 6605 Policy HR, LE
State Bank Accounts: Designation of Bank Depositories, Collateral Requirement and Notification, Monthly Reports of Bank Balances, Banking Services, Banking Services Accounting Procedures Details 7400 Procedure FI
State University Procurement Card Policy and Guidelines 7558 Policy FI
State University Student Assistance (SUSTA) 3402 Procedure ST
Student Activity Fee Programs - Mandatory, Fiscal and Accounting Procedures for 3900 Procedure FI, ST
Student Activity Fees - Mandatory Details 3901 Policy FI, ST
Student Assembly 0750 Policy GO, ST
Student Assistant Positions 8300 Procedure HR
Student Conduct Regulations 3654 Policy ST
Student Consumer Information and Disclosures Details 6606 Procedure LE
Student Health Services Details 3752 Policy HC, ST
Student Members of the Boards of Trustees and College Councils Details 0003 Policy GO
Student Scholarships, Use of State Appropriation 7009 Procedure FI
Study Abroad Programs: Financial Procedures 7010 Procedure AA, FI
Study Abroad Programs: Financial Procedures for Using the Paymaster Details 7012 Procedure AA, FI
Summer Session Appointment and Compensation Rates 8802 Policy HR
Tax exempt status of the State University of New York 7011 Procedure FI
Tax-Exempt Equipment Leasing Program (TELP) 4301 Procedure HC
Teacher Preparation Programs Details 1900 Policy AA
Teacher Preparation Programs, Guidelines for the Implementation of SUNY's Details 1901 Procedure AA
Third Party Payment of Program Costs 7812 Policy FI, ST
Third Party Payment of Tuition, Fees, Rentals and Other Charges 7813 Policy FI, ST
Transfer Guarantee Program Guidelines Details 3303 Policy ST
Transfer and Articulation Policy 1007 Policy AA
Transfer and Articulation Procedures 1008 Procedure AA
Transportation of Persons Requiring Emergency Medical Care 3853 Policy ST
Travel Expense, Payment of Interview 8951 Policy FI, HR
Tuition Schedule 7815 Policy FI, ST
Tuition Waiver Program for Critic/Supervising Teachers 1902 Policy AA, FI, ST
Tuition Waiver Program for Supervisor of Social Service Fieldwork Details 1903 Policy AA, FI, ST
Tuition Waiver for Supervisors of Social Service Fieldwork, Procedure for Details 1904 Procedure AA, FI, ST
Tuition and Fee Assistance for Employees Details 8205 Policy FI, HR
Tuition scholarships and waivers (8 NYCRR - 302.7) 7992 AA, FI, ST
Tuition, Fees, and Other Charges - Definitions 7814 Policy FI, ST
Two Degrees at the Same Level, Awarding of 1202 Policy AA
Un-cashed Checks 7401 Procedure FI
Undergraduate Academic Programs, Review of Details 1702 Procedure AA
Undergraduate Degree Programs in Environmental Science/Studies, New 1703 Policy AA
Uniform Revenue Accounting System (URAS) Manual Details 7304 Procedure FI
University Police Manual 5400.3 Policy FM
Unrelated Business Income Reporting 7305 Procedure FI
Use of Facilities by Non-Commercial Organizations Details 5603 Policy FM
Use of University Facilities by Emerging Technology Enterprises 5604 Policy FM
Waiver - Tuition for Course Auditors 7816 Policy FI, ST
Waiver of Tuition for Specified Appointees, Policy on Details 8206 Policy FI, HR
Waiver of Tuition for Specified Appointees, Procedure for Details 8207 Procedure FI, HR

Category Codes Key
GO = Governance
AA = Academic Affairs
CC = Community Colleges
ST = Student Affairs
HC = Hospitals / Clinical Services
FM = Facility Management / Safety
HR = HR / Labor Relations
LE = Legal and Compliance
FI = Financial
IA = Internal Audit
PH = Philanthropy
AP = Affiliated Programs
RE = Related Entities
RS = Research
PO = Police
AT = Athletics
AD = Audit
PM = Protection of Minors
IS = Information Security
IT = Information Technology