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SUNY System-wide Policies and Procedures

University-wide policies and procedures govern the University in accordance with state and federal legislation, resolutions established by the Board of Trustees, and procedures adopted administratively by System Administration pursuant to Board-delegated authority and the authority vested pursuant to New York State Education law.




Policy and Procedure Scope/Applicability

The policies and procedures featured on this SUNY Policy website have university-wide application. 
The SUNY System is comprised of three types of institutions - State-operated campuses, Community College campuses, and Statutory College campuses.
Each individual policy and procedure includes a section in its heading that denotes if the document applies to State-operated campuses, Community College campuses, Statutory College campuses, or a grouping of the three types if institutions.  
To find a campus-specific policy, procedure, appendix or form, contact the campus directly.


Other Sources of SUNY System-wide Policies and Procedures


SUNY's Authority to Adopt System-wide Policies and Procedures



SUNY's Policy and Procedure Process

Content is the responsibility of the department listed as "Responsible Office" on the first page of each policy and procedure. Please contact that office if you have questions about the interpretation or content of a specific policy or procedure.

Updating Policies on the Website
The responsible offices must ensure that the Policy or Procedure is maintained and updated.  All Policy and Procedure changes are facilitated through the Office of General Counsel, through the Director of Compliance.  To make changes to an existing Policy or Procedure, please contact the Director of Compliance.

Policy and Procedure Layout/Format
The following describes the features, and layout and format of the Policy & Procedure Library at the State University of New York.




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