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Name Related Docs Doc# Type Category Code (Key)
Acquisition and Disposal of Real Property Interests, Procedures for 7550 Procedure FI,FM
Anti-Sweatshop Policy 7759 Policy FI,RE
Anti-Sweatshop Procedure Details 7560 Procedure FI,RE
Construction Contracting

Construction Procurement Checklist (word)
Construction Procurement Checklist (pdf)
Request for Proposal, less than $20K
Pre Bid Cost Estimate
Notice to Bidders and Newspaper Advertisement
Bid Tabulation
Project Manual Cover and Table of Contents
Information for Bidders
Contractor Proposal
Division 1 General Requirements
Construction Agreement
Bid Bond & Acknowledgment
Labor & Materials and Performance Bonds w/Acknowledgment
Certificate of Insurance Instructions and Checklist
Contractor, Subcontractor, and Sub-subcontractor's Certification (AC2947)
Letter of Intent
Contractor's Application and Certification for Payment
Request for Cost Proposal (Change Order)
Contract Change Order
Contractor Release

Additional Forms

  1. State Finance Law §§139-j and 139-k  from SUNY Procedure Item #7552 “Procurement Lobbying Procedure for State University of New York” (applies >$15,000)
    1. Form A - Summary: Policy and Procedure of the State University of New York Relating to State Finance Law §§139-j and 139-k
    2. Form B - Affirmation with respect to State Finance Law §§139-j and 139-k
    3. Form C - Disclosure and Certification with respect to State Finance Law §§139-j and 139-k
    4. Form D - State University of New York Procurement Lobbying Law Record of Contact
    5. Governmental Entity Representation Concerning Compliance with State Finance Law §§139-j and 139-k
  2. Procurement Forms from SUNY Procedure Item #7553 “Purchasing and Contracting (Procurement)
    1. Form I Omnibus Procurement Act of 1992 (applies >$1,000,000)
    2. Form II Omnibus Procurement Act of 1992, Out of state firms (applies >$1,000,000)
    3. Form XIII Public Officers Law Compliance
    4. Form XV - Campus Procurement Certification
    5. Exhibit A - Standard Contract Clauses
    6. Exhibit A-1 - Affirmative Action Clauses
  3. Affirmative Action and Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprises from SUNY Procedure Item #7557 “Participation by Minority Group Members and Women (MWBEs) with Respect to State University of New York Contract (applies >$100,000) and Service Disabled Veteran-owned Business Enterprise from SUNY Procedure Item #7564 “Participation by Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOBs) with Respect to State University of New York Contract (applies >$100,000)
    1. Form 7557-107 - M/WBE Utilization Plan
    2. Form 7557-104 - MWBE-EEO Policy Statement
    3. Form 7564-107 – SDVOB Utilization Plan
  4. Vendor Responsibility
    1. OSC’s Vendrep - Online System or Link to paper forms (form applies > $100,000)


Details 7554 Procedure FI,FM
Construction-Related Consultant Contracting Procedures Details 7555 Procedure FI,FM
Contract Award Protest Procedure 7561 Procedure FI
Participation by Minority Group Members and Women (MWBEs) with Respect to State University of New York Contracts Details 7557 Procedure FI,LE
Participation by Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOBs) with Respect to State University of New York Contracts Details 7564 Procedure FI,LE
Payment to Owner Vacating Property Acquired by SUNY (8 NYCRR Part 303) 7590 SUNY_Regulation FI
Procurement Opportunities for New York State Certified Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses 7556 Policy FI,LE
Purchasing and Contracting (Procurement) Details 7553 Procedure FI,LE
Rules and Regulations for Purchasing and Contracting (8 NYCRR Part 316) 7591 SUNY_Regulation FI
State University Procurement Card Policy and Guidelines 7558 Policy FI

Category Codes Key
GO = Governance
AA = Academic Affairs
CC = Community Colleges
ST = Student Affairs
HC = Hospitals / Clinical Services
FM = Facility Management / Safety
HR = HR / Labor Relations
LE = Legal and Compliance
FI = Financial
IA = Internal Audit
PH = Philanthropy
AP = Affiliated Programs
RE = Related Entities
RS = Research
PO = Police
AT = Athletics
AD = Audit
PM = Protection of Minors
IS = Information Security



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