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Facility Management / Safety
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         Bullet   Construction Management
         Bullet   Environmental
         Bullet   Facilities Management and Safety
         Bullet   Investment and Cash Management
         Bullet   Police
         Bullet   Start-Up NY
         Bullet   Use of Facilities
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Name Related Docs Doc# Type Category Code (Key)
Construction Contracting

Construction Procurement Checklist (word)
Construction Procurement Checklist (pdf)
Request for Proposal, less than $20K
Pre Bid Cost Estimate
Notice to Bidders and Newspaper Advertisement
Bid Tabulation
Project Manual Cover and Table of Contents
Information for Bidders
Contractor Proposal
Division 1 General Requirements
Construction Agreement
Bid Bond & Acknowledgment
Labor & Materials and Performance Bonds w/Acknowledgment
Certificate of Insurance Instructions and Checklist
Contractor, Subcontractor, and Sub-subcontractor's Certification (AC2947)
Letter of Intent
Contractor's Application and Certification for Payment
Request for Cost Proposal (Change Order)
Contract Change Order
Contractor Release

Additional Forms

  1. State Finance Law §§139-j and 139-k  from SUNY Procedure Item #7552 “Procurement Lobbying Procedure for State University of New York” (applies >$15,000)
    1. Form A - Summary: Policy and Procedure of the State University of New York Relating to State Finance Law §§139-j and 139-k
    2. Form B - Affirmation with respect to State Finance Law §§139-j and 139-k
    3. Form C - Disclosure and Certification with respect to State Finance Law §§139-j and 139-k
    4. Form D - State University of New York Procurement Lobbying Law Record of Contact
    5. Governmental Entity Representation Concerning Compliance with State Finance Law §§139-j and 139-k
  2. Procurement Forms from SUNY Procedure Item #7553 “Purchasing and Contracting (Procurement)
    1. Form I Omnibus Procurement Act of 1992 (applies >$1,000,000)
    2. Form II Omnibus Procurement Act of 1992, Out of state firms (applies >$1,000,000)
    3. Form XIII Public Officers Law Compliance
    4. Form XV - Campus Procurement Certification
    5. Exhibit A - Standard Contract Clauses
    6. Exhibit A-1 - Affirmative Action Clauses
  3. Affirmative Action and Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprises from SUNY Procedure Item #7557 “Participation by Minority Group Members and Women (MWBEs) with Respect to State University of New York Contract (applies >$100,000) and Service Disabled Veteran-owned Business Enterprise from SUNY Procedure Item #7564 “Participation by Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOBs) with Respect to State University of New York Contract (applies >$100,000)
    1. Form 7557-107 - M/WBE Utilization Plan
    2. Form 7557-104 - MWBE-EEO Policy Statement
    3. Form 7564-107 – SDVOB Utilization Plan
  4. Vendor Responsibility
    1. OSC’s Vendrep - Online System or Link to paper forms (form applies > $100,000)


Details 7554 Procedure FI,FM
Emergency Notification Protocol Requirements Details 5608 Procedure FM,PO
Emergency Response Plan Requirements 5606 Procedure FM,PO
Minor Critical Maintenance Procedure 7563 Procedure FI,FM

Category Codes Key
GO = Governance
AA = Academic Affairs
CC = Community Colleges
ST = Student Affairs
HC = Hospitals / Clinical Services
FM = Facility Management / Safety
HR = HR / Labor Relations
LE = Legal and Compliance
FI = Financial
IA = Internal Audit
PH = Philanthropy
AP = Affiliated Programs
RE = Related Entities
RS = Research
PO = Police
AT = Athletics
AD = Audit
PM = Protection of Minors
IS = Information Security
IT = Information Technology



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