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The materials below consist of regulations of the State University of New York Board of Trustees. However, it is not the Official Compilation of the Codes, Rules, and Regulations of the State of New York. Readers are advised to refer to the Official Compilation ( 8 NYCRR Part et seq )in case of questions.

PART 605





Faculty role


Admission of students


Academic regulations


Regulations governing students


Use of college facilities


§ 605.1 Faculty role.

The faculty shall participate in the formulation of the policy relating to student health, scholarship, standards of admission, attendance and discharge of students, curriculum and other study programs, the granting of degrees, student activities, extra-curricular activities and student discipline. The faculty shall also present recommendations to the president regarding (a) the instructional budget, and (b) appointments, reappointments, tenure, special salary increments, promotions and leaves of absence of members of the instructional staff.

§ 605.2 Admission of students.

Admission to college programs shall be based on the qualifications of the applicant and shall be granted in a nondiscriminatory manner. The college shall define and publish admission procedures so that all applicants may know of the policies, standards and admission requirements of the institution.

§ 605.3 Academic regulations.

(a) Regulations pertaining to length of college year, definition of credit hours, requirements for degrees, extension programs, and summer or special sessions shall be governed by the regulations of the New York State Commissioner of Education.

(b) Student records.

(c) College catalog. The college shall publish a catalog containing the academic standards and regulations, including the philosophy and purposes of the college; the requirements for admission for degrees; costs of attendance, including tuition and fees; description of courses and curricula; and regulations and policies pertaining to the dismissal of students.

(d) College calendar. The calendar of scheduled academic and co-curricular activities shall give close consideration to avoidance of conflicts with high religious holidays of the major faiths.

§ 605.4 Regulations governing students.

All student organizations on community college campuses shall file with the president or designee, a certification which is satisfactory to the president or designee, that the constitution, bylaws, policies, regulations and practices of the organization offer open membership on a nondiscriminatory basis.

§ 605.5 Use of college facilities.

Subject to the approval of the college trustees, and in accordance with college policy, the college may permit the use of college facilities by internal and external groups for programs or meetings or other functions in a nondiscriminatory manner.