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Authorized Benefit Vendor Policy

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July 01, 2016

This procedure item applies to:
Community Colleges
State-Operated Campuses

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Adherence to these guidelines is a requirement of maintaining status as an Authorized Representative or Vendor and access to SUNY employees and facilities. Vendors are expected to deliver service to SUNY in a professional and ethical manner, at the highest possible standard at all times.



All vendors must assign an Account Manager to serve as a single point of contact for all SUNY-related business.  Additional representatives may be assigned as campus/agency liaisons, for employee servicing, and for any identified administrative or operational needs related to SUNY accounts with the advance approval of the SUNY Office of University Benefits.  The SUNY Office of University Benefits reserves the final right to determine all staffing levels and individuals assigned to its accounts.         

All vendors must coordinate periodic meetings between the SUNY Office of University Benefits and their senior leadership for strategic and business planning purposes. 

All vendors must prepare and deliver an annual plan review and investment review (if applicable) on at least an annual basis. 

All vendors must allow SUNY Office of University Benefits to conduct periodic site visits of any facilities involved in the administration and operation of SUNY accounts.

All vendor representatives must attend any required SUNY training on an annual basis and/or as requested.
All vendors must agree to comply with all New York State and SUNY ethics and gifting guidelines.  These guidelines can be found on the SUNY Vendor web site located at:

All requests for sponsorship of or participation in any events or activities at any SUNY facility or involving any SUNY employees, participants, or professional organizations, such as the SUNY Business Officers (“SUBOA”) must be cleared in advance by the SUNY Office of University Benefits.  All activities, expenditures, and gifts must be reported upon conclusion of the event along and an annual summary report must be provided.

All vendors must provide regular and on-demand ad hoc data, reports, analysis, and summaries requested by the SUNY Office of University Benefits or local Human Resource offices required or requested to effectively understand and manage employee needs.


Authorized Vendors must provide and maintain clear, comprehensive, and up-to-date printed and/or electronic marketing and communications materials for any products and services to be offered to our employees. These materials must be approved by the SUNY Office of University Benefits and the applicable campus Human Resource office prior to any distribution.

All communications activities and outreach must be approved by the SUNY Office of University Benefits.  Local communications campaigns or outreach activities must also be approved by campus Human Resource offices.  Local campus Human Resource offices will decide, if approved, how best to handle any dissemination of information to their employees.

All vendors must provide any reasonable training, individual and group consultation, and/or services required or requested locally or by the SUNY Office of University Benefits necessary to provide the appropriate quantity and quality of service to SUNY employees.

Authorized vendors must assign staff to work with employees and participants in the servicing, troubleshooting, and resolving all aspects of products or services being offered in a professional and timely fashion.

All vendors must work collaboratively and cooperatively with other SUNY vendors in servicing all SUNY employees, conducting employee and administrator training, local or organizational events, and in the transition of data necessary for multi-vendor coordination.  Vendors must not disparage other authorized vendors in front of employees or participants and must remain courteous and professional to each other at all times.



Authorized Contract Vendors seeking access to SUNY employees, facilities, or property must have all agents and representatives assigned to SUNY accounts approved in advance by the Office of University Benefits and added to a listing of Authorized SUNY Benefit Vendor Representatives. It is the responsibility of each Vendor to notify both the Office of University Benefits and the hosting campus when representatives change, as well as to provide a copy of and review these Authorized Vendor Guidelines to each new representative. SUNY reserves the right to limit the number of agents and individual agents who will be allowed access at each location in order to better manage business operations and preferences.

All visits to SUNY facilities must be cleared with each campus Human Resources office in advance. All requests for room reservations, equipment set-ups, parking, etc. must also be coordinated through each campus Human Resources office.   Campus Human Resource offices will consider all requests based upon need, resources, and availability.  Local campus Human Resource departments may have specific policies, rules and regulations in addition to System guidelines.  Please consult each campus directly for information about that campus.  Campus information and contacts can be found on the SUNY Benefits Vendor web site located at:

All requests for meetings with SUNY executive leadership including campus presidents and senior administration and all System Administration officials; as well as any public officer or official within New York State must be cleared and approved by the SUNY Office of University Benefits in advance of any outreach being made.  A summary of all contacts must be provided upon conclusion of any approved contact and a summary report of all contacts must be provided on an annual basis.

Designated representatives may work for only one Vendor at a time unless approved in advance by System Administration and may only discuss or share information with our employees that is directly related to the purposes for which they have been approved as Authorized Vendor Representatives. No cross-marketing of products or services whatsoever is permitted without prior SUNY consent.

Former employees of the University or its affiliates may not serve as Authorized Vendor Representatives for a period of one year after their separation from SUNY service, except by advance approval of SUNY System Administration.

Unsolicited contact with client or non-client employees by phone, email, written correspondence, social media, face-to-face, etc. without the advance consent of the applicable campus Human Resource office is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.

Non-employee agents including brokers, third party, or sub contracted agents will not be permitted to service SUNY accounts without the express prior approval of the SUNY Office of University Benefits.

Unauthorized agent or representative contact or access may subject that agent to removal by SUNY Police and/or criminal prosecution.  Individuals or organizations who violate this directive will be noted and may have limited or   denied access in the future regardless of any changes in affiliation.


Failure to comply with these guidelines may lead to removal of access for individual representatives, elimination or restriction of access for all vendor representatives, or could place status as an Authorized SUNY Vendor in jeopardy, at SUNY’s sole discretion.  A cumulative record of violations of policy guidelines will be maintained and will be considered in determining the consequences of any subsequent violations.


This policy does not constitute the totality of all policies, rules, and regulations, but are provided for convenience and guidance in servicing SUNY accounts.  This policy is subject to change at any time by the SUNY Office of University Benefits at its sole discretion.  It is the responsibility of all contracted vendors to obtain the most current version of this policy and to share that information with any of their employees or affiliates.  The most current version of this policy in force may be found on the SUNY Benefit Vendors web site at:


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