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Academic Affairs

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International Travel with Students

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Effective Date:
March 10, 2017

This procedure item applies to:
State-Operated Campuses

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SUNY employees who wish to travel with students must first obtain permission from their campus’ leadership.  Such permission will be contingent on the employee meeting a minimum level of training and preparedness required by their individual campuses.



The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that employees traveling abroad with students are appropriately trained and equipped to do so.  International travel is incredibly enriching for students. Given different cultural norms, language barriers, and safety standards,   such travel does, however, pose unique risks.  No amount of planning or resources can eliminate the risks.  However, when students travel with SUNY faculty or staff, there is an expectation that reasonable preparations have been made to promote the safety and success of the trip.

All University activities and programs are subject to this procedure, including Study Abroad Programs, as defined in SUNY Procedure, Study Abroad Programs: Financial Procedures, Doc. No. 7010.  Study Abroad Programs also remain subject to existing policies and procedures governing review and approval by the Office of Global Affairs, on behalf of SUNY System Administration.


Each SUNY campus shall create and maintain local policies and/or procedures governing employees traveling internationally with students.  Such polices shall require that any employee traveling internationally with students for any university-related purpose must first obtain approval from the President or his/her designee.  At a minimum, such approval should be made contingent upon the following:

Campuses may develop other criteria for approval in order to ensure equivalent preparation and attention to safety.  However, campuses should adequately demonstrate the reasons for any significant departure from these minimum expectations when granting employees the ability to accompany students to foreign locations.

Though not addressed by this procedure, campuses should also consider maintaining policies addressing domestic travel with students.



International – Any country other than the United States.

Employee – Any State University employee, officer, domestically-based agent, or domestically-based partner. 

Student – Any student enrolled at a State University of New York campus full or part time in any program, class, or activity.

Approval – Written authorization by a campus president or designee. 

Training Program – An educational program created or procured by a campus to educate employees on the challenges associated with traveling with students (e.g., medical care, student code or legal violations, financial considerations, emergency procedures, etc.).

Emergency Action Plan – A written plan describing how the traveling group and leaders will handle various unexpected emergency scenarios such as natural disasters, illnesses, injuries, political unrest, terrorism, abduction, kidnapping, assault, etc. 



There are no forms relevant to this procedure.

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Other Related Information

Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, Forum on Education Abroad.

Comprehensive Information for Students Traveling Abroad, U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Sample Student International Travel Preparedness Checklist, U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs.

International Travel with Students Emergency Action Plan - See appendices below for samples.


NYS Education Law §353, Title 1, Article 8, Education.

NYS Education Law §355 (1)(a), Title 1, Article 8, Education

8 NYCRR §§328.2 &328.3


There is no history relevant to this procedure.


Sample Health and Safety Information for Students

Study Abroad Emergency Plan - Sample 1 from Potsdam

Study Abroad Emergency Plan - Sample 2 from New Paltz