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Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools of choice created by parents, educators, civic leaders and other community leaders open to all students and designed to improve learning and provide public school choice. Operating under a five-year performance contract, these schools are freed from red tape and top-down educational bureaucracy in exchange for rigorous accountability for student achievement. Public charter schools must adhere to all health, safety and civil rights laws.

The Charter Schools Institute was created by the University Trustees to administer their responsibilities under the Charter Schools Act of 1998, including the review of applications, assisting in the development of charter school accountability plans, and considering charters for renewal. The Institute’s staff has become recognized as a national leader in the public charter school movement, providing extensive experience in charter schools and all aspects of public education, including curriculum, school operations, accountability, fiscal oversight and program development.

Application Kit - Application and guidance for applying for a charter school.

Guidelines for Handling Complaints - Overview of charter school grievance procedures and appeal process.

Accountability Guidelines – Guidelines for creating a Charter School Accountability Plan.

Renewal of Application – Adopted practices, policies, and procedures for considering an application for charter renewal.