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Community Colleges

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Rental Aid for Community Colleges

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January 31, 2006

This procedure item applies to:
Community Colleges

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This document outlines procedure for obtaining state rental aid reimbursement for leased space by State University of New York (University) Community Colleges.


Rental Aid Request and Update

1.    State aid reimbursement for rental costs (up to 50%) is subject to the availability of funds.

2.    Rental leases for instructional space will be approved based on space needs, and will take into consideration space inventory records, space standards, the campus facility master plan and programmatic considerations.

3.    Copies of all leases are to be maintained by the campus and are subject to review and approval by the University on request.

4.    All leases, for which State aid is requested, regardless of duration, must be listed on the Rental Aid Summary Worksheet with all data fields completed.

5.    Lease terms must be reviewed and approved by the campus sponsor's attorney.

6.    Each lease must meet the requirements of the Code of Standards and Procedures for the Administration and Operation of Community Colleges under the Program of the State University of New York, and these procedures.

7.    Leased space must not be in support of Child Care facilities, unless this facility is in direct support of an academic program (i.e., Early Childhood Education).

8.    Leases with duration of greater than five (5) years require a "cost/benefit" analysis to be prepared and submitted to the University on request.

9.    Rental aid payments are made with quarterly operating aid payments.

10.  “Rental Aid Summary Worksheet” information will be requested from each Campus twice during each year. These procedures and related "Rental Aid Summary Worksheet" will facilitate the coordination, review, approval and final distribution of state rental aid reimbursement for leased space.

a.    The "Rental Aid Summary Worksheet - New Year Projection" – A formal request and Form A (with “New” under “Lease Status”) will be sent to campuses on or about July 1. This request will be used to determine the total projected reimbursable rental costs for inclusion in the New Year State Operating Budget Request. Once summarized the system wide requests will be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance to establish the NY State Rental Aid Budget Request for the new academic year. Updates to this may be requested periodically.

b.    The "Rental Aid Summary Worksheet - Current Year Budget Estimate" – A formal request and Form A (with “Existing/Renewal” under “Lease Status”) will be sent to campuses on or about February 1. This document enables system-wide summarization of the Total Estimated Actual reimbursable rental costs for the Current Academic Year. Once summarized the system wide requests will be used to assess the need for supplemental funding or redistribute existing funds.

c.    The "Rental Aid Summary Worksheet" must be completed, signed and dated by an appropriate campus official to provide certification that lease agreements for rented space comply with or will comply with the University's Rental Aid Procedure. If the completed summary worksheet is returned by e-mail, the University will consider the receipt of the e-mail to constitute validated "Rental Certification" as required herein.

d.    The completed Rental Aid Summary Worksheet (Form A) should be forwarded to:
State University Construction Fund (SUCF)
Room N-214
353 Broadway
Albany, New York 12246; or
e-mailed to University Budget; or
faxed to (518) 689-2632.


Form A - Rental Aid Summary Sheets - Budget Request & Update

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The following link to FindLaw's New York State Laws is provided for users' convenience; it is not the official site for the State of New York laws. 

Article 126 of NYS Education Law
(Community colleges and State-aided four-year colleges)

In case of questions, readers are advised to refer to the New York State Legislature site for the menu of New York State Consolidated.

Community College Rules - College Operating Fund (8 NYCRR Part 602)

Community College Rules - Administration of The College (8 NYCRR Part 604)


Community Colleges have been reimbursed for allowable rental costs since 1975-76. From 1975-76 through 1977-78 community colleges received 40% of allowable rental costs in State operating aid. In 1978-79 the state reimbursement was increased to 50% and in 2003-04 this funding was further amended to provide for “up-to” 50% reimbursement from the State.


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