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Outside Activities of University Policy Makers

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April 11, 1990

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State-Operated Campuses

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In accordance with the New York State Ethics in Government Act, the New York State Ethics Commission (State Ethics Commission or Commission) promulgated regulations governing the approval from the State Ethics Commission for permission to engage in outside activities. The outside activity regulations apply to state policymakers only, which for the State University of New York generally, are those employees at the level of dean and above at the state-operated campuses and associate vice chancellor and above in the University’s system administration (system administration or system). Lists of campus and system policy-makers are available at the employing state-operated campus’ or system’s office of human resources.



As a state entity, the University must comply with the State Ethics Commission regulations governing outside activities by state policymakers and the receipt of honoraria and travel reimbursement by state officers and employees. The regulations (19 NYCRR Part 932) and the form to be used in seeking approval of outside activities should be distributed to affected employees.


The limitations on outside activities apply to state policymakers only. Within the University, policy-makers generally are considered to be those employees at the level of Dean and above at the campuses and Associate vice chancellor and above in the system administration. The current list of policymakers for each campus may be obtained from the state-operated campus’ or system administration’s office of human resources.

General Requirements

All policy-makers are prohibited from serving as an officer of a political party or political organization or as a member of a national committee of a political party. The regulations further require that salaried policy-makers obtain the prior approval of their appointing authority (campus or system administration) and the State Ethics Commission before:

Prior approval, limited to the campus or system administration, is required when salaried policy-makers engage in private employment or other activity for annual compensation between $1,000 and $4,000.

Approval of any request to engage in outside activities must be based upon consistency of the activity with the ethical standards in the NYS Public Officers Law §§73 and 74, and a determination that the activity does not interfere or conflict with the proper and effective discharge of the employee's responsibilities for the University (refer also to Policies of the Board of Trustees, Article XI, Title H, §4 [8 NYCRR §335.26]).

Procedures for Requesting Approval

1.    Where both University and Commission approvals are required, requests are to be made on forms provided by the State Ethics Commission (see forms for Outside Activity Report, the Commission’s form for requests).


There are no special definitions relevant to this requirement.

Related Procedures

There is no related procedures relevant to this requirement.


Outside Activity Report

Other Related Information

The following links to FindLaw's New York State Laws are provided for users' convenience; it is not the official site for the State of New York laws. 

NYS Executive Law §94 (State ethics commission; functions, powers and duties) 

NYS Public Officers Law §§73 and 74
 (NYS Ethics in Government Act)

In case of questions, readers are advised to refer to the New York State Legislature site for the menu of New York State Consolidated.

Board of Trustees Policies - Appointment of Employees (8 NYCRR Part 335)

19 NYCRR Part 932 (NYS Ethics Commission Regulations on Outside Activities)

Ethics in State Government - A Guide for New York State Employees

NYS Ethics Commission Advisory Opinions Relating to Outside Activities of all State Employees


There are no appendicies relevant to this requirement.