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Pre-Admission Deposits - Undergraduate Program

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January 30, 1985

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State-Operated Campuses
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An advance deposit of up to $150 shall be required from each new student admitted to any state-operated campus. This deposit is payable upon tentative or conditional acceptance into an undergraduate program and is applicable against charges incurred by the depositor when he/she commences attendance at the University.

The dormitory rental deposit is included in University policy, Residence Hall Operations, Under IFR Procedures and continues in effect in addition to the deposits listed below.


I.   Which Advance Deposit Must be Paid

A.   The advance deposit is due and payable not later than the dates indicated below:

1.    For terms which begin between June 1 and November 30, payment is due not later than the preceding May 1, if the student is notified of acceptance on or before April 1. If the student is notified after April 1, payment is due 30 days after notification of acceptance.

2.    For students who are admitted into terms which begin between December 1 and May 31, payment is due not later than the preceding November 1, if the student is notified of acceptance on or before October 1. If the student is notified after October 1, payment is due 30 days after notification of acceptance.

3.   Whenever the pre-admission deposit due date as established in 1 or 2 above is later than the registration date, the pre-admission deposit is due and payable before registration.

II.   Disposition of Funds

       Pre-admission deposits will be deposited in the local depository and will be forwarded to the State University of New York Income Fund in accordance with the requirements of the NYS Finance Law (Revenue Classification 12811 - Tuition Advance Deposits).

III.   Deferral of Payment

      When a student's fees and charges are supported by a state or federal program, and when advance payment as required by this schedule would cause undue hardship to the student, the campus president may in his/her discretion allow waiver of the advance payment until receipt of the payment by the student from the state or federal authorities.


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The following link to FindLaw's New York State Laws is provided for users' convenience; it is not the official site for the State of New York laws. 

NYS Finance Law §121 (Payments to state treasurer; financial statements)

In case of questions, readers are advised to refer to the New York State Legislature site for the menu of New York State Consolidated.


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State University of New York Board of Trustees Resolution No. 61-35, dated February 16, 1961.


Amended - January 30, 1985

Amended - November 2, 1984

Amended - January 30, 1976

Amended - August 1, 1967

Amended - November 19, 1965

Amended - June 15, 1962

Established - November 28, 1960


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