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All computer equipment, leased or purchased, is to be used primarily for the internal needs of the University. This would include administrative processing, academic uses by the faculty and students, and research activities sponsored or contracted by the University.

1. Computer services will not be provided, free or at a fee, to any commercial or industrial organization, except as otherwise described in item 4 below.

2. No employee of the University will be permitted the use of any campus computer facilities to develop systems or to run programs which are prepared by him/her in a capacity as consultant or part-time employee of an outside firm or agency.

3. (a)Occasional, periodic support services may be offered to other education, government, or nonprofit organizations as a public service. However, this type of service may not be used to justify an increase in staff or equipment;

4. Computer services may be provided in connection with software development projects pursuant to agreements therefore with commercial or non-profit entities in connection with the educational and research mission of the University. Software developed through such efforts may be licensed by the University for commercial marketing, and resulting income shall be credited to the University as described in item 6 below.

5. No services will be provided to outside organizations or agencies which would normally be provided by other public or private agencies without the prior approval of the chancellor or the vice chancellor for finance and business.

6. Inter-institutional, collaborative efforts of benefit to the campus would be appropriate.