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Passenger Vans: Appendix A

License Event Notification System Program

Benjamin Franklin once advised that," An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." If you are an employer of commercial drivers, you understand the value of knowing what's on your drivers' records. Knowing that each driver has a valid license and a safe driving history pays you dividends through safer operations; fewer insurance claims; and better compliance with regulatory agencies' requirements.

You also know that as each day passes, there may be events out on the road, in your vehicles, that you aren't hearing about. You know that it can be great deal of work and expense to repeatedly check on each driver's record and then review it to find that new information. DMV's License Event Notification Service (LENS) can help.

LENS will check each of your drivers records every night, and then promptly notify you of new information it finds. LENS will do the "busy work" so you can concentrate on your operations, and on the drivers who need your attention most.

Participation is simple. You sign up with DMV as a LENS customer; then add drivers to your LENS roster. After that, LENS does the work for you. First, LENS will give you an official abstract of each driver's license record. Then LENS will notify you of: reportable accidents: convictions; driver license suspensions and revocations; license expirations, license restorations, and Point Insurance Reduction Program completions as they occur. LENS will notify you by mail, by e-mail, or both ways.

If you are an employer who must maintain DOT Driver Qualification files, LENS will give you all the New York driving record information that NYS DOT needs. Here's how:

Apply for a LENS account and ask for all 6 kinds of notification;

Add all your drivers immediately, and each new driver promptly upon hiring:

Keep together, and well organized each driving history and any notifications you get from LENS

In addition, once a year LENS will give you an Anniversary Status Report listing all drivers on your roster. When you get your report, check it carefully for any missing drivers. Promptly add missing drivers to your LENS roster and drop any who are no longer your employees. You can be using LENS within a few days after you apply. For more information, contact the LENS Help Line at (518) 486-4480 or e-mail DMV at