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Student Affairs

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Military Recruitment - ROTC Program

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April 09, 1996

This procedure item applies to:
Community Colleges
State-Operated Campuses

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This policy governs access of military recruiters and Reserve Officer Training Center (ROTC) programs to State University of New York (University) campuses, services and directory information.


I. Introduction

Any institution of higher education that has an anti-ROTC policy or which bars or effectively prevents military recruiters from gaining entry to campuses, access to students on campus or to directory information is prevented by law (32 Code of Federal Regulations Part 216) from receiving funds by grant or contract from the Departments of Defense, Transportation, Labor, Health and Human Services and Education. All campuses shall be in compliance with this mandate.

II. Campus Access for ROTC Programs

Campuses shall refrain from creating anti-ROTC policies or effectively preventing the operation of an ROTC program on the campus. Campuses are considered to have anti-ROTC programs if by policy or practice they prevent: 

A.    the Secretary of Defense from establishing a ROTC program;

B.    the efficient operation of an established ROTC program; or

C.    a student from enrolling in a senior ROTC unit at another institution.

III. Military Recruiter Access

A.   Campuses shall refrain from preventing the access of military recruiters to career employment facilities, services or directory information.

B.   Military recruiters shall be provided with the same access to career employment facilities and services on the campus as that afforded all other employers.

C.   Military recruiters shall have access to directory information for all students which is defined as student name, address, telephone listing, date and place of birth, level of education, academic major, degrees received and the institution in which the student was last enrolled.

1.    This information must be released even if an item(s) in the list noted was (were) not defined as directory information by the campus under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

2.    This information may not be released for those students who have requested that their directory information be kept confidential under the campus’ FERPA guidelines.

3.    A campus may charge for supplying the information provided that the charges are reasonable and imposed on all employers requesting such information. The charge per page that is recommended is $0.25 or the same rate charged for information provided to individuals under the Freedom of Information Law.

4.    An institution does not have to release information that it certifies it does not collect nor does it have to release information that it defines as directory information and that is not included in the description of items noted above.


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Other Related Information

32 CFR Part 216

Governor Eliot Spitzer repealed Executive Order No. 34 (1996) on January 1, 2007.


Memorandum to presidents from senior associate counsel, dated October 1, 1997. 


Memorandum to presidents from university counsel and vice chancellor for legal affairs, dated April 12, 1996.


Memorandum to presidents from the office of the interim chancellor, dated July 29 1994. 


There are no appendicies relevant to this requirement.