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The materials below consist of regulations of the State University of New York Board of Trustees. However, it is not the Official Compilation of the Codes, Rules, and Regulations of the State of New York. Readers are advised to refer to the Official Compilation ( 8 NYCRR Part et seq )in case of questions.

PART 300











Codes and regulations


Planning standards


Design standards

§ 300.1 Foreword.

These construction standards are in compliance with subdivision 1 of section 375 of article 8-A of the State Education Law and are intended to serve as a guide for uniform construction of facilities for State University. Requirements of planning and construction presently serving satisfactorily in the operation of the State University program will supplement these standards.

§ 300.2 Purpose.

The purpose of these standards is to insure properly planned and constructed campus sites including buildings and all related utility services to serve the academic, residential, recreational and administrative needs of State University with maximum efficiency and economy.

§ 300.3 Scope.

These standards provide the basic performance objectives to be met in planning and designing all facilities to be constructed, rehabilitated and improved for State University.

§ 300.4 Codes and regulations.

(a) General. When questions arise as to interpretation of adopted building codes and detail standards, the State University Construction Fund shall submit a recommendation to the State University for concurrence.

(b) Building codes. All buildings and accessory structures (including equipment and mechanical services) shall be constructed in compliance with the requirements set forth in the Building Exits Code and the National Electrical Code recommended by the National Fire Protection Association and as set forth in the New York State Building Construction Code, except in specific instances where the State University may deem it necessary to require additional safeguards or stricter standards for particular purposes.

§ 300.5 Planning standards.

(a) Space requirements. Plans for all buildings and related facilities shall be developed from space requirements prepared by State University. The space requirements will list all of the required spaces to be included in the building or facility together with the required area and occupancy and description of use of each space. Information shall also be included concerning the functional interrelationship of spaces and as to expected future development and expansion. Any special requirements for related grounds improvements and services or utilities will also be included. The design or layout and development of plans shall be in substantial conformance with the space requirements.

(b) Site planning.

(c) Architectural concept. In accordance with subdivision 5 of section 376 of article 8-A of the State Education Law, the architectural concept of facilities to be constructed shall be approved by the State University. The architectural concept of a project shall take into consideration the relation of the project to the developed site, the schematic solution of the space requirements, economic feasibility and general architectural character. An acceptable concept shall relate to the general character of existing buildings, not necessarily by copying them, but by being in harmony with them.

(d) Design study.

(e) Economic study.

§ 300.6 Design standards.

(a) Architectural.

(b) Mechanical.

(c) Electric. Adequate electric service, light, power, emergency and signal distribution systems shall be provided to meet all needs of each project or site. All electric installations shall comply with the National Electrical Code.

(d) Elevators. At least one elevator shall be included in each multilevel academic building and selected dormitories for service in vertical transportation as well as material and equipment, and its location should allow for convenient use by the physically handicapped.