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Academic Affairs  ::  Academic Policy and Planning
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Name Related Docs Doc# Type Category Code (Key)
Board of Trustees Policies - Academic freedom (8 NYCRR ยง 355.27) 1091 SUNY_Regulation AA
Calendar, Development of Campus Instructional Procedures 1000 Procedure AA
Cross Registration of Students, Guidelines for 1001 Procedure AA
Faculty Salary Recovery from Sponsored Programs 1002 Policy AA
Faculty Utilization Guidelines 1003 Policy AA
Graduate Academic Program Proposals, Procedures for Submission Details 1004 Procedure AA
Participation in Inter-institutional Arrangements (8 NYCRR Part 310) 1090 SUNY_Regulation AA
Remedial/Developmental Courses 1005 Policy AA
Sabbatical Leaves, Administration of Details 1006 Policy AA,HR
Transfer and Articulation Policy 1007 Policy AA
Transfer and Articulation Procedures 1008 Procedure AA

Category Codes Key
GO = Governance
AA = Academic Affairs
CC = Community Colleges
ST = Student Affairs
HC = Hospitals / Clinical Services
FM = Facility Management / Safety
HR = HR / Labor Relations
LE = Legal and Compliance
FI = Financial
IA = Internal Audit
PH = Philanthropy
AP = Affiliated Programs
RE = Related Entities
RS = Research