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State University General Education Requirement (SUNY-GER)


Instructions:  Programmatic Waiver Request Reporting Template



Waivers from a portion of the SUNY-GER may be granted on a programmatic basis when it is demonstrated that fulfillment of the SUNY-GER would extend students’ time-to-degree beyond eight semesters of full-time study or the equivalent.  It is normally expected that programs for which a waiver is granted will have highly prescriptive degree requirements due to accreditation or other relevant and demonstrable professional standards.


Use the format set out on the following page when requesting a partial waiver for a degree program or programs from the SUNY-GER.  Instructions/examples are provided in boldface.  Use as much space as appropriate to provide the requested information.  This document is not a form, but you may find it convenient to use it to create a template for your submissions.


Submissions may be made electronically or in paper form.  Electronic submissions are preferred and are likely to receive a quicker response.


1.   If submitting electronically, email the waiver request in RTF or Word (Windows) format to


2.   If submitting paper, mail to:


Office of the Provost

State University of New York

SUNY Plaza

Albany, NY  12246


Any questions about a program’s suitability for a waiver will normally be conveyed within 30 days of receipt by the Provost’s Office.  Campuses shall refrain from publicizing a programmatic waiver before receiving confirmation from the Provost’s Office.  Requests for expedited processing should be made at the time of submission.



State University General Education Requirement (SUNY-GER)


Programmatic Waiver Request Reporting Template




I.  Campus.

[Campus name.]


II.  Campus Contact Person.

[Name, relevant title, phone & fax, email]



III.  Program Identification

[Title/Award/SED program code.  E.g., “Electrical Engineering, B.E., #12345.”  The SED program code may be accessed via the online Inventory of Registered Programs at]


IV.  Curriculum


A.  Semester-by-Semester Breakdown

[Provide in tabular format a breakdown by semester of coursework that would typically be taken to complete the program in eight full-time semesters.]


B.  Curriculum Requirements

[Paste in or include as a separate attachment the catalog copy of program requirements.]


V.  Waiver Requested

[Specify the portion of the SUNY-GER from which students graduating from the program would be waived.  Examples might include:

·        “Any two of the ten subject categories”

·        “Foreign Language and Other World Civilizations”

·        Substitute a course in International Studies for a Foreign Language”]


VI.  Rationale for the Waiver

[Describe the need for the waiver in terms of criteria described on the “Instructions” page—i.e., time-to-degree, accreditation and other relevant professional standards, vel sim.  A persuasive rationale will derive demonstrable support from the curricular information provided in IV.A-B.]