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Form I

State University of New York

Checklist to Determine Contractor's Compliance with Omnibus Procurement Act
For Contracts of $1 Million or More



1.   Contractor has copy of the NYS Directory of Certified Minority-and-Women-Owned Business Enterprises:


                        Yes___             No____


2.   Contractor has solicited quotes from firms listed in the Directory?       


Yes____           No_____


3.   Contractor has contacted the NYS Department of Economic Development to obtain listings of NYS subcontractors and suppliers for products and services currently purchased from out-of-state/foreign firms?


Yes____           No____


4.   Contractor has utilized other sources to identify NYS subcontractors and suppliers (such as Thomas Register, inhouse vendor list)?

Yes____           No____

If yes, please identify source.


5.   Contractor has placed advertisement in NYS newspaper(s)?


Yes____           No____


6.   Contractor has participated in vendor outreach conferences?


Yes____           No____


7.   Contractor has provided New York State residents notice of new employment opportunities resulting from this contract through listing any such positions with the Community Services Division of the NYS Department of Labor, or providing such notification by another method?


Yes____           No____


8.   Contractor attests to compliance with the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972

 (P.L.  92-261), as amended?


Yes____           No____



Note:    If contractor has determined that New York State business enterprises are not available to participate in such contract, the contractor shall provide a statement indicating the method by which such determination was made.  If contractor does not intend to use subcontractors, the contractor shall provide a statement verifying such intent.