Hank M. Huckaby

Henry “Hank” M. Huckaby

Henry “Hank” M. Huckaby headshot

Henry “Hank” M. Huckaby was selected to serve as the 12th chancellor of the University System of Georgia by the Board of Regents in May of 2011. As Chancellor, he leads the University System’s 30 public colleges and universities, as well as the Georgia Public Library System and the Georgia Archives. In this capacity, he’s responsible for managing a $8.1 billion annual budget and overseeing more than 45,000 faculty and staff, and approximately 312,936 students. 

Prior to becoming Chancellor, Huckaby was a teacher and administrator in the University System, and also taught at private colleges and universities. He served in the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, first as a senior policy coordinator and later as its director, as well as commissioner of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, and as the executive director of the Georgia Residential Finance Authority. He has also represented Georgia House District 113.

Huckaby is a board member of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education. He also serves on the Georgia Higher Education Funding Committee. Huckaby is a commissioner for the Education Commission of the States, and is on the Georgia-based Alliance of Education Agency Heads (AEAH).

Huckaby earned his associate’s degree form Young Harris College, where he is a trustee. He earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Georgia State University, and has continued his education through graduate studies at the University of Georgia.

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