SUNY Trustees Renew One Charter School, Approve Two Applications for New Charter Schools

October 15, 2015

New York – Upon recommendation of the SUNY Charter Schools Institute, the SUNY Board of Trustees’ Charter Schools Committee (the “Committee”), acting on behalf of the full SUNY Board of Trustees, today approved a resolution to renew a SUNY authorized charter school located in Buffalo, New York. The Committee also approved two resolutions to approve two applications for new charter schools, both located in New York City—in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

The decisions bring the total number of SUNY authorized charter schools in operation or approved to open across New York State to 148 schools. SUNY charter schools currently serve over 56,000 New York students and their families.

Brief summaries of each decision follow. Full Committee resolutions and reports can be found here:


  • Tapestry Charter School (Buffalo) opened in 2001 and operates in a private facility located at 65 Great Arrow Avenue, Buffalo, NY in the Buffalo City School District. The school currently serves students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Tapestry Charter School received a full-term renewal of five years.

Approved New Charters

  • Bronx Charter School for Excellence 2 (Bronx) will open in August 2016 to serve 120 students in Kindergarten and 1st grade. The school will grow to 360 students in Kindergarten through 5th grade during an initial five-year term. The school will replicate the SUNY authorized Bronx Charter School for Excellence which opened in 2004 and has since earned two full-term renewals. The anticipated location for the school is in New York City Community School District (“CSD”) 11. Key design elements include high academic standards, a broad liberal arts education, and foundational academic and critical thinking skills that expand to a 21st century global perspective.
  • New York City Charter School of the Arts (Manhattan) will open in August 2016 with 102 students in 6th grade and will grow to serve 306 students in grades 6-8 during its first charter term. The school seeks to locate in CSD 1 or 2. Key design elements include a curriculum that will leverage arts-infused learning across all content areas.  The school will also employ intervention methods grounded in the arts, provide targeted academic supports for struggling students, and design creative extensions for those who are ready for more challenging work.

SUNY is the largest charter school authorizer in New York State and the largest university-based charter school authorizer in the country. The SUNY Charter Schools Institute was created by the SUNY Board of Trustees (the “SUNY Trustees”) to assist in carrying out its responsibilities under the New York Charter Schools Act of 1998 (the “Act”).  Guided by the rigorous standards set by the SUNY Trustees, the Institute’s oversight of SUNY authorized charter schools is comprehensive, including: evaluating initial applications for the opening of charter schools; ongoing oversight and evaluation of operating schools; conducting a comprehensive evaluation when a school applies to renew its charter; and reporting to the school and the public on each school’s performance and progress. Charter schools in New York trade greater autonomy in exchange for greater accountability for academic outcomes. Each charter school has a charter contract that is signed by its board of trustees and the authorizer of the school. As part of the contract, the accountability plan for each school establishes the academic goals that must be met and how those goals will be measured. Contracts last a maximum of five years as set by the Act. In order to continue operating, a charter school must apply to renew its charter at the end of each charter term. Receiving approval to continue operating is the core of accountability required by the Act.

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