Governor Cuomo Announces 10 More Companies Join Start-Up NY

March 23, 2015

From the office of Governor Andrew Cuomo


Since Launch, 93 Businesses Have Joined START-UP NY and Committed To Create More Than 2,800 New Jobs Across New York State

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that 10 more businesses plan to expand in or locate to New York State as a result of START-UP NY. These companies join the more than 80 companies already participating in the innovative program that creates tax-free areas associated with colleges and universities across the state.

“With more and more companies applying each month, START-UP NY continues to prove that there is no better place to start or grow a business than right here in the Empire State,” Governor Cuomo said. “By allowing companies to partner with New York’s world-class colleges and operate in tax-free environments, we are laying the groundwork that will continue to drive the economy and deliver real job opportunities and millions of dollars in investment statewide.”

The 10 businesses announced today will invest nearly $40 million and have committed to create at least 267 new jobs over the next five years in tax-free areas sponsored by SUNY Cobleskill, Stony Brook University, Rochester Institute of Technology and Hudson Valley Community College. START-UP NY now has commitments from 93 companies – sponsored by 21 different colleges and universities statewide – to create more than 2,805 new jobs and invest over $173 million in communities throughout the state.

The businesses expanding in or locating to the Empire State under START-UP NY will create jobs in several key industries, including physical engineering and life sciences; biomedical and sustainable technology development; research and development in biotechnology; custom computer programming services; metal manufacturing; and electromedical and electrotherapeutic apparatus manufacturing.

The following businesses have joined START-UP NY:

  • AJES Life Sciences, LLC
  • BriteHome LLC
  • Darkwind Media Ltd.
  • Eco Convergence Group, Inc.
  • Optel, Inc.
  • Sakat Consulting
  • STS Global Inc.
  • SynchroPET, Inc.
  • The Case Group, LLC
  • Theragnostic Technologies, Inc.

Empire State Development Acting President, CEO & Commissioner Howard Zemsky said, “START-UP NY is a game- changing initiative that is catalyzing economic growth and strategic public-private partnerships across New York State. Governor Cuomo’s program is paving the way to a stronger economic future by fostering job creation and generating hundreds of millions in investment from high-growth industries such as biotechnology, software development and advance manufacturing.”

SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher said, “Governor Cuomo’s START-UP NY program continues to attract innovative, high-tech businesses to SUNY campuses and New York’s communities, and expand access for SUNY students and faculty to have valuable research opportunities and applied learning experience. We look forward to welcoming these newest businesses to SUNY in the Mohawk Valley, Capital District, and on Long Island.”

Additional details about the latest businesses approved for START-UP NY follow:

SUNY Cobleskill – 154 new jobs

Sakat Consulting is a new business that will facilitate a telemarketing call center and establish a Technology Research & Development Center within Cobleskill’s Guildford Mills Space, (the former textile manufacturing facility in Cobleskill). The Technology Research & Development Center will focus on developing novel computer software applications for creating more efficient work-flow, enhancing workforce management, and generating customer analytics for client businesses. Sakat Consulting will create 102 net new jobs while investing $10 million.

Eco Convergence Group, Inc. is a new business – the American arm of ECG Iveron AS, a Norwegian-American engineering company – that has developed and is commercializing technologies for sustainable development. The company developed and markets scalable indoor hydroponic food production systems with total environmental controls, reduced energy and water needs and high yields. Eco Convergence will be locating to the Guilford Mills Space in Cobleskill and will create 52 net new jobs while investing $19 million.

Stony Brook University – 58 new jobs

BriteHome, LLC is a new business developing a home automation system using near-field communication and secure wireless networking currently in use by nearly all internet-ready devices. Home automation is an industry projected to become a 16.4 billion dollar industry by 2019, and BriteHome plans to adapt their protocol to include new home appliances. BriteHome will be locating to the Center of Excellence For Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) in Stony Brook, and will create seven net new jobs while investing $175,000.

AJES Life Sciences, LLC is a new Research & Development contract research company that provides preclinical and toxicology services for developers of new pharmaceuticals, specifically, vitro and in vivo clinical efficacy, clinical toxicology and mode of action analysis for its clients. AJES will be locating to the Long Island High Technology Incubator in Stony Brook and will create nine net new jobs while investing $3.69 million.

Theragnostic Technologies, Inc. is an existing Research & Development company focused on commercializing innovative biomedical and healthcare technologies developed at Stony Brook University. The company’s current focus is developing a potentially safer and more cost effective MRI contrast agent for improved disease diagnosis and detection. Theragnostic Technologies will be locating to the Long Island High Technology Incubator in Stony Brook and will create nine net new jobs while investing $1.02 million.

STS Global Inc. is a new telecom and media solutions business that will provide custom products, networks and services that leverage mainstream applications with wireless technology for clients worldwide. The company will be developing new customized systems and products to expand the capabilities of wireless technology companies with a strong focus on satellite based wireless technologies. STS Global will be locating to the Center of Excellence for Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) in Stony Brook and will create 27 net new jobs while investing $897,000.

SynchroPET, Inc. is an existing, pre-revenue biomedical device manufacturer that is commercializing a new platform Positron Emission Tomography (P.E.T.) scanner technology invented at Brookhaven National Laboratory. SynchroPET will initially target the small animal research market with its new scanner technology. SynchroPET will be locating to the Long Island High Technology Incubator and will create six net new jobs while investing $95,000.

Rochester Institute of Technology – 29 net new jobs

Darkwind Media Ltd. is a recent graduate of Venture Creations (a certified NYS incubator) that develops gaming software and provides consulting services to other game development studios. The company is expanding to meet international demand for its game porting and development services. Darkwind Media will be locating to downtown Rochester and will create 11 net new jobs while investing $431,000.

Optel, Inc. is a formative stage company that provides a variety of services to companies in the medical device field. Optel ensures compliance with the requirements of the U.S. FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices, the European medical device standard ISO 13485, and other medical device manufacturing requirements throughout concept, design and manufacturing phases. The company also provides medical regulatory compliance assistance. Optel will be locating to the Venture Creations Incubator in Rochester and will create 18 net new jobs while investing $285,000.

Hudson Valley Community College –26 new jobs

The Case Group, LLC is an existing manufacturer of wood and wood-clad windows and doors with plans to expand their manufacturing capacity to meet the increased market demand for thermally improved steel, stainless steel and bronze window systems. The new addition for metalworking and purchase of a state-of-the-art CNC metal machining center will allow the company to manufacture metal windows and doors. The Case Group will be locating to a space adjacent to their existing facility at 195 Cohoes Ave in the industrial park in Green Island, and will create 26 net new jobs while investing $4.02 million.

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