Sarah Kelly
Sarah Kelly
SUNY Cortland
University of Salamanca,
Salamanca, Spain
Spring 2014

"My name is Sarah Kelly and I participated in the SUNY Cortland program at the Universidad de Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain. I studied there for the duration of the spring semester of 2014. Call me cliché, but studying abroad in Salamanca has undoubtedly been the best decision I have EVER made. Through my experiences in that beautiful city in addition to my independent travels throughout Europe during the semester, I have discovered parts of myself I never knew existed, explored a new culture that I have grown to appreciate more than my native one, experienced life outside my comfort zone in upstate New York, established global relationships with all different people, and realized how lucky I am to be alive in such a beautiful world. I highly recommend studying in Salamanca, Spain for a true cultural immersion experience in one of the most college student-friendly cities in the world! I had the time of my life and would do anything to return to that beautiful place... my home away from home."

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