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International Internship

Offered by College at Oneonta


Locations:  Canada (Toronto), Chile (Santiago), Germany (Berlin), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), India (Mumbai), Singapore (Singapore)

The program is offered in partnership between SUNY Oneonta and the Academic Internship Council.  It is intended for students pursuing degrees and/or have a strong interest in gaining related experience through applied learning (international internship) in the following locations: Berlin, Toronto, Santiago, Singapore, Mumbai, and Hong Kong. The curriculum combines theory from classroom instruction with direct practical components including hands-on projects and cultural activities. Please note: Summer programs are not available in Singapore.

Language of Instruction:  English, German, Spanish

Eligibility: Matriculated students. Minimun GPA of 2.0. Students must submit required documents: essay, three references, transcript, and complete application

Program Type: Study Abroad

Term Information
Term Undergraduate Credits Graduate Credits Application Deadline Additional Opportunities
Summer (8 Week) 8 8 January 30 Internship
Spring (Semester) 12 12 September 30 Internship
Fall (Semester) 12 12 April 30 Internship
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