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University of Delhi

Offered by SUNY Oswego


Locations:  India (Delhi)

Semester exchange program with direct placement into host university courses. Housing and meals provided.


Academic Fields:  Business, Management, Marketing, And Related Support Services; Communication, Journalism, And Related Programs; Liberal Arts And Sciences, General Studies And Humanities; Social Sciences

Language of Instruction:  English

Eligibility: 2.5 GPA

Program Type: Student Exchange

Term Information
Term Undergraduate Credits Graduate Credits Application Deadline
Fall (Semester) 12 - 16 9 - 12 April 1
Spring (Semester) 12 - 16 9 - 12 November 1

Community-Based Participatory Public Health Research

Offered by SUNY Cortland


Locations:  India (Mangalore)

This program will allow students to learn and apply essential community and public health research skills in an urban international setting. Students will learn the fundamental tenants of Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) and then apply those principles to improve the physical and emotional health of orphaned children in Mangalore.

Around the globe, in both the richest and poorest nations, health outcomes and the burden of disease vary widely between individuals. Health disparities- systematic inequalities in rates of preventable disease, injury and death- are caused by unequal access to social, political, economic, and environmental resources. As an example, children who are born today in Japan can expect to live an average of 83 years; children born today in Malawi will live only 47 years on average. India, on the other hand, has the highest rate of child malnutrition in the world, and is also experiencing a pediatric obesity epidemic in its middle-class.

This project will bring students from across the SUNY system to southern India, where they will investigate the root causes of public health disparities. Students will conduct field research to explore the ways in which personal, cultural, economic and political factors shape individual behavior, social policy, and ultimately determine the health of communities. CBPR is the conceptual model upon which this course will be designed. This research paradigm engages community members as partners in investigation, rather than as "research subjects." This framework will allow students to explore and understand the various contexts in which health disparities develop and flourish.

Students will spend their three-week research experience in the city of Mangalore on the southwestern coast of India. Students will stay on the campus of St. Aloysius College (SAC), which is home to almost 14,000 students. Here SUNY students will be introduced to faculty and students from the SAC's social work program, which offers both undergraduate and master’s degrees. SAC's social work program focuses on preparing students to advocate for sustainable social change at the community level. SAC students and faculty will serve as cultural brokers to help the American students to first comprehend and later analyze their experiences.

SAC supports many underserved groups in and around the Mangalore community.  SUNY students will work with these groups to identify, document and disseminate evidence of physical and mental health disparities. In addition to conducting biometric measurements and screenings individuals to assess overall health, the students will conduct interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders in the college and community, to identify priority issues and strategies to address them.

Academic Fields:  Health-Related Knowledge And Skills (Health-Related Knowledge and Skills)

Language of Instruction:  English

Eligibility: 2.5 GPA, higher recommended. All applicants must be recommended by their academic advisor and/or major department head and the faculty leader, Dr. Jena Curtis. All non-SUNY Cortland students must have home campus approval.

Program Type: Faculty Led

Term Information
Term Undergraduate Credits Graduate Credits Application Deadline
Summer (Three-weeks abroad, one-week only prior to trip and two-week online upon return) 6 6 April 15

India: St. Aloysius College (Mangalore)

Offered by SUNY Cortland


Locations:  India (Mangalore)

Founded in 1880, St. Aloysius College, a Jesuit institution in the heart of Mangalore, a medium-sized city on the southwest coast of India.  The College, a liberal arts institution offering courses in a wide range of fields, aims to support the education and professional development of young people from all sectors of Indian society, with students hailing from diverse socio-economic and religious backgrounds. 

St. Aloysius offers undergraduate courses in biochemistry, biotechnology, business, chemistry, computer science, economics, electronics, environmental sciences, history, journalism, mathematics, microbiology, physics, political science, psychology, social work, sociology, statistics, and zoology.  The following special interested courses are also available:  the Indian Constitution, Human Rights, Values Education, Gender Equity, and Sustainability.  Study abroad students studying at St. Aloysius through SUNY Cortland can take three to four classes during the semester, for a total of 12-15 credits.  This program also offers students the opportunity to enhance their classroom-based learning through internships and service-learning excursions organized by the College.

Program participants’ academic and living experiences involve a full immersion in south Indian society.  Study abroad students live in boarding houses or residence halls on or near the St. Aloysius campus.  As part of a select few international student on the St. Aloysius campus, students studying abroad through SUNY Cortland interact daily with Indian students on the campus, in the classrooms, and on optional field trips.

Academic Fields:  Area, Ethnic, Cultural, And Gender Studies (Ethnic, Cultural Minority, Gender, and Group Studies) ; Biological And Biomedical Sciences (Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology) ; Biological And Biomedical Sciences (Biology, General) ; Biological And Biomedical Sciences (Biotechnology) ; Biological And Biomedical Sciences (Microbiological Sciences and Immunology) ; Biological And Biomedical Sciences (Zoology/Animal Biology) ; Communication, Journalism, And Related Programs (Journalism) ; Computer And Information Sciences And Support Services (Computer Science) ; Liberal Arts And Sciences, General Studies And Humanities (Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities) ; Mathematics And Statistics (Mathematics) ; Mathematics And Statistics (Statistics) ; Natural Resources And Conservation (Natural Resources and Conservation, Other) ; Physical Sciences (Chemistry) ; Psychology (Psychology, General) ; Public Administration And Social Service Professions (Social Work) ; Social Sciences (Economics) ; Social Sciences (International Relations and Affairs) ; Social Sciences (Political Science and Government) ; Social Sciences (Social Sciences, General) ; Social Sciences (Sociology)

Language of Instruction:  English, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani

Eligibility: 2.4 GPA

Program Type: Student Exchange / Study Abroad

Term Information
Term Undergraduate Credits Graduate Credits Application Deadline
Spring (16 weeks) 12 - 18 1 - 1 October 15

International Internship

Offered by College at Oneonta


Locations:  Canada (Toronto), Chile (Santiago), Germany (Berlin), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), India (Mumbai), Singapore (Singapore)

The program is offered in partnership between SUNY Oneonta and the Academic Internship Council.  It is intended for students pursuing degrees and/or have a strong interest in gaining related experience through applied learning (international internship) in the following locations: Berlin, Toronto, Santiago, Singapore, Mumbai, and Hong Kong. The curriculum combines theory from classroom instruction with direct practical components including hands-on projects and cultural activities. Please note: Summer programs are not available in Singapore.

Language of Instruction:  English, German, Spanish

Eligibility: Matriculated students. Minimun GPA of 2.0. Students must submit required documents: essay, three references, transcript, and complete application

Program Type: Study Abroad

Term Information
Term Undergraduate Credits Graduate Credits Application Deadline Additional Opportunities
Summer (8 Week) 8 8 January 30 Internship
Spring (Semester) 12 12 September 30 Internship
Fall (Semester) 12 12 April 30 Internship
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