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University of Viña Del Mar

Offered by SUNY Brockport


Locations:  Chile (Viña Del Mar)

International students have the opportunity to take courses for one or more semesters at the UVM schools with Chilean students, or during the summer term.  Overall, the University of Viña del Mar has had an excellent reputation within the South American academic community for more than 20 years. The 10 schools of the Universidad Viña del Mar offer a wide variety of careers to international students: Architecture, Arts and Design, Social Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Health Sciences, Communications, Education, Engineering, Business and Law. There is also a Spanish Center with 8 years of experience teaching international students in order to master their Spanish skills. Besides UVM has a variety of programs for foreign students such as International Programs of Double Degree; Thematic tailored programs for International Universities: Human Rights, Travel Literature, Public Health, Environment, Chilean and Latin American Film, Business, Earthquakes & Tsunamis; and International Volunteer Programs in Chile.  Students live with a host family during this program in Vina del Mar.

Language of Instruction:  English, Spanish

Eligibility: Sophomore, Junior, or Senior, 2.5 GPA

Program Type: Study Abroad

Term Information
TermUndergraduate CreditsGraduate CreditsApplication Deadline
Fall13 - 15 N/A April 15
Spring13 - 15 N/A October 15
Summer (5 week)6 - 66 - 6April 1

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile

Offered by SUNY Oswego


Locations:  Chile (Valparaiso)

SUNY Oswego offers a semester or academic year study abroad program Chile at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso (PUCV).  Students can choose either direct enrollment or participate in the Spanish language/culture program. The program is designed for students who want to learn and improve their Spanish language skills. Students will have the opportunity to take courses in Spanish language and Latin American studies with international students. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in many electives with local Chileans, while simultaneously improving their ability to read, write, and speak Spanish. Students will reside with a host family or independently.

Language of Instruction:  English, Spanish

Eligibility: Juniors & Seniors; Graduates ;2.5 GPA

Program Type: Student Exchange / Study Abroad

Term Information
TermUndergraduate CreditsGraduate CreditsApplication Deadline
Spring (Semester)12 - 1512 - 12November 1
Academic Year (Academic Year)24 - 3024 - 24April 1
Fall (Semester)12 - 1512 - 12April 1

International Internship

Offered by College at Oneonta


Locations:  Canada (Toronto), Chile (Santiago), Germany (Berlin), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), India (Mumbai), Singapore (Singapore)

The program is offered in partnership between SUNY Oneonta and the Academic Internship Council.  It is intended for students pursuing degrees and/or have a strong interest in gaining related experience through applied learning (international internship) in the following locations: Berlin, Toronto, Santiago, Singapore, Mumbai, and Hong Kong. The curriculum combines theory from classroom instruction with direct practical components including hands-on projects and cultural activities. Please note: Summer programs are not available in Singapore.

Language of Instruction:  English, German, Spanish

Eligibility: Matriculated students. Minimun GPA of 2.0. Students must submit required documents: essay, three references, transcript, and complete application

Program Type: Study Abroad

Term Information
TermUndergraduate CreditsGraduate CreditsApplication DeadlineAdditional Opportunities
Summer (8 Week)88January 30 Internship
Spring (Semester)1212September 30 Internship
Fall (Semester)1212April 30 Internship

Chile: Doing Business in Emerging Markets

Offered by Binghamton University


Locations:  Chile (Santiago)

Santiago de Chile has been the capital of Chile since the 16th century, and is now the largest city in the country. Surrounded by the Andes mountains, the city is a fusion of history with its colonial roots and neoclassical architecture , and modern, with a strong business core of the country producing 45% of Chile's GDP. Students on the program will be stationed in Santiago, with business site visits in the coastal cities of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar. An additional day is planned for students to tour the Vina Santa Rita winery and have a tasting, as Chile is world famous for its wine.

This 3-credit School of Management faculty-led program for undergraduate and graduate students will provide students with an understanding of the real economic and business mechanisms of Chile and the Latin American region.  Students will learn from fellow Chilean classmates and participate in discussions with local business professional in Santiago on political, economic, and business conditions of international business and the role of Chile as an emerging market in the global market place. Students will earn credit for the following course (currently pending Binghamton University approval)

IBUS 480F / 581F* ( These are updated, corrected course numbers)

Academic Fields:  Business, Management, Marketing, And Related Support Services (Business Administration, Management and Operations)

Language of Instruction:  English

Eligibility: 2.5 minimum GPA, two strong letters of recommendation

Program Type: Faculty Led

Term Information
TermUndergraduate CreditsGraduate CreditsApplication Deadline
Winter (two weeks)3 - 33 - 3October 14
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