• SUNY Cortland students in classroom look toward teacher.

Why #StandWithSUNY


Recognizing the Issue

Currently, 45 percent of adult New Yorkers hold a post-secondary degree of some kind. More than half don't.

Students at University at Buffalo science lab stand with professor.

Nearly 7 million New Yorkers have a high school degree but no postsecondary credential. By 2020, 69 percent of all the state’s jobs will require one.

That is why, by 2020, SUNY will increase the number of degrees from 93,000 to 150,000.

We Have done our homework. To reach our goal of 150,000, we are only interested in what works. Evidence- based, high-impact strategies that improve student success. How? SUNY’s first-of-its-kind $100M Expanded Investment and Performance Fund.

With $100M on the line and a charge to increase completion to at least match the top- performing SUNY school in their sector, our campuses are taking action. We received 211 campus proposals in answer to an RFP that will utilize SUNY’s system-ness to move the dial on completion.

Chancellor Zimpher has secured national thought-leaders in higher education to participate in the award process.

Will You Stand With SUNY?

You have stood with SUNY throughout our multi-year strategic planning effort. Stay with us.
We’re just getting started.



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