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This repository is intended to serve as a reference to anyone seeking information regarding the shared services available within the State University of New York. Services referenced within are: local campus best practices which may be adopted by other institutions or regionally; or, a SUNY-wide Enterprise service available from either the SUNY internal private cloud providers or via public cloud vendor contracts. Organization by Category, Service type, Product name, or Provider enables you to search via many paths. Contact information is provided to enable detailed follow-up.


A category is a division used to organize products and their associated services by particular label, name, function(s) or purpose(s).


A service is an available activity or series of activities providing a desired outcome within the parameters of a defined function or purpose. Services may be intangible but utilize both tangible and intangible products to fulfill service expectations. With most services there is typically a service-level agreement (SLA) that specifies, usually in measurable terms, what the service provider will furnish, including allowable parameters and desired, expected or measureable outcomes.


A product is a solution or application that provides a framework for performing individual or related IT functions; often denoted by proper names.


A provider provides, delivers, and/or manages a service or product or a set of services or products.

Product Details

Product details outline the product description, benefits, features, pricing, contract information, and related documents by the provider.

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