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PRODiG Project Goals

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Project Goals

The PRODiG initiative supports the growth of faculty diversity and a more robust pipeline for graduate students interested in academic careers. PRODiG eligibility and approval is based on a review of a comprehensive campus diversity strategic plans. It is through these plans and a collaborative campus-wide effort of assessment (goals and measurable outcomes) that campuses will transform their methods of hiring processes, pipeline initiatives and student/faculty retention efforts.

 Campuses are asked to identify plan goals and develop an implementation plan to evaluate:

By engaging campuses in this planning process, PRODiG also seeks to expose and debunk the myths that may function as proxies for the actual challenges campuses face in hiring URM and WSTEM faculty.  

Campus programs should develop plans and goals that leverage the unique resources, challenges and opportunities of their individual campuses, as well as the resources provided through PRODiG. 

Each campus is expected to convene a dedicated, diverse PRODiG Committee broadly drawn from faculty hiring and graduate pipeline "influencers" and leadership across the campus and provide data from the Provost’s Office on the impact on PRODiG. This will ensure a collective, centralized campus focus on the impediments to faculty diversity, as well as goals and strategies for removing historical barriers that have limited the growth of a more diverse faculty.

The steps outlined under the "Elements of Proposals" and "Evaluation" tabs in this website provide guides to preparation of campus PRODiG renewal or initial applications. Each year, all previously awarded campuses seeking subsequent PRODiG funding will be required to assess, revise and build upon their initial PRODiG funding proposal and campus PRODiG Implementation Plan, to demonstrate their progress and continuous improvement in reaching their goals.