The College at BrockportX
  • Providing online resources for search committee training
  • Supporting a diversity recruiter to improve diversity of candidate pools
  • Utilizing alumni to support recruitments
  • Creating more mentoring and advisement for greater student retention
  • Supporting more frequent career and graduate pathway workshops/events
  • Providing pre- and post-tenure awards for scholarship
  • Developing a doctoral program in Nursing
Buffalo State CollegeX
  • Promoting understanding of search processes/policy
  • Ensuring diverse candidate pools
  • Providing search committee bias training
  • Utilizing search waivers for opportunity hires
  • Requiring candidates to provide a diversity statement relative to teaching
  • Expanding outreach to HBCUs
  • Increasing graduate school information sessions
  • Supporting undergraduate research programs
  • Developing CSTEP program for STEM pipeline
  • Providing year-long orientation & related workshops
  • Encouraging sponsorship Women's Leadership Conference and Leadership Institute
  • Reviving the Diverse Faculty Association
  • Developing mentoring and writing circles for co-authorship
SUNY CortlandX
  • Expanding outlets for faculty postings and off-site recruiting
  • Campus wide adherence to standardized search process
  • Ensuring diversity of candidate pools
  • Publicizing Cortland’s Diverse Faculty Fellows program
  • Holding a SUNY URM Career Fair
  • Conducting a faculty survey on recruitment and onboarding experiences for new hires
  • Expanding recruiting partnerships
  • Increasing mentoring meetings to monthly schedule to build community
  • Efforts to build the Future Professoriate program
Empire State CollegeX
  • Developing pipeline initiatives such as MBA and adult learning programs
  • Creating a Task Force “Achieving Cultural Diversity”
  • Expanding outreach to groups/publications and organizations supporting diverse populations
  • Building a ESC PRODiG Diverse Scholars Initiative
  • Encouraging non-traditional adult students to explore careers in academia
  • Supporting research on URM faculty experience
  • Supporting adjuncts, through “In-Chorus” Pilot
  • Providing professional development for all in the academic community
  • Enrolling graduate students through EOP program
  • Providing more opportunities for ESC grads to explore career and professional school programs.
College of Environmental Science and ForestryX
  • Deploying a self-assessment rubric to report URM and WSTEM recruitment activities
  • Reviewing recruiting and hiring resources
  • Providing implicit bias workshops or courses (hybrid modules)
  • Holding summer programs in experiential learning for high school students on environmental issues
  • Creating new degree options in many fields
  • Holding faculty retreat or other immersive experiences for transformative teaching and learning
  • Providing access to USC Race and Equity Center training modules
  • Supporting CSTEP, EOP, and other .student success initiatives
  • Continuing ESF Science Corps.
SUNY FredoniaX
  • Diversify applicant pools, training search committees, evaluating candidates on commitment to diversity, and institutionalizing support of dual career couples
  • Identify faculty advisors to attend training on searches
  • Proactive recruitment of early-career URM and WSTEM faculty into the Fellows program
  • Robust mentoring for fellows
  • Re-visit the course schedule for STEM students to promote STEM retention
  • Promote Peer-Led Team Learning model
SUNY GeneseoX
  • Reviewing and revising search processes
  • Expanding diversity of candidate pools
  • Meeting 20% goal for hiring of URM faculty by 2021
  • Developing a Diverse Faculty Recruitment/ Relocation Fund
  • Creating a Climate Analysis committee
  • Utilizing a cluster hiring approach for Global Studies
  • Sustaining a welcoming climate
  • Providing support for mentored research and campus pipeline programs
  • Developing a Cultural Competency Certificate for faculty
  • Holding a faculty networking event to encourage research collaboration: "Faculty Connectivus"
  • Supporting year-long faculty orientation
SUNY New PaltzX
  • Engaging the campus community and alumni in diversity and inclusion
  • Forming a Diversity and Inclusion Council
  • Tracking applicants throughout the recruitment process
  • Expanding outreach for candidate searches
  • Adopting more student-centered listening groups to build student engagement
  • Building graduate enrollment and pipeline in Business
  • Engaging professional staff with distinct populations {Veterans, Disabled, LGBTQ+ and #MeToo groups)
  • Utilizing USC Race and Equity Institute training modules and modules from EVERFI
  • Supporting enrollment costs for professional development courses
  • Mentoring readiness plans at departmental
SUNY Old WestburyX
  • Developing a faculty training plan on diversity topics
  • Promoting Long Island's diversity and resources to attract candidates
  • Strengthening faculty governance
  • Supporting social networks for new faculty
  • Utilizing applicant tracking· software system
  • Providing career guidance in dual career situations
  • Discounting campus child care for faculty/staff
  • Tracking STEM student success and graduation rates
  • Expanding adoption •of student success models {EOP)
  • Early mentoring of new faculty as part of welcome
  • Recognizing service contributions in diversity
  • Supporting women for leadership positions
SUNY OneontaX
  • Expanding recruitment of diverse students, staff and faculty
  • Expanding outreach at national recruiting fairs and conferences, such as SREB and NCORE
  • Developing student pipeline to graduate school programs
  • Supporting undergraduate mentorship
  • Supporting professional development and networks for graduate business students
  • Supporting community and climate initiatives, such as "Black List" Day
  • Utilizing Common Read activity to promote engagement and understanding of cultural difference
  • Providing gap salary support for new hires
  • Supporting academic and career plans of workforce
SUNY OswegoX
  • Maintain equitable employment practices
  • Prior to Search Training, support/create plan for hire training
  • Renew and revitalize training for search committees
  • Create broader outreach and use of institutional resources for recruitment
  • Candidate meeting with CDIO regarding diversity and inclusion efforts on campus
  • Complete the update of the Search Resources Guide (SRG); continuously look for improvements
  • Require that all positions (100%) for management/confidential, faculty, and professional staff require separate DEI statements as part of their application package
  • Transition all (100%) search related forms from paper to fully electronic
SUNY PlattsburghX
  • Assessing hiring practices and increase diversity of candidate pools
  • Conducting a HERI climate survey to assess factors impacting faculty diversity
  • Providing ongoing diversity and inclusion training
  • Supporting exit surveys for faculty
  • Engaging alumni in campus recruitment and retention
  • Increasing implicit bias training
  • Nurturing talented students to pursue graduate opportunities
  • Providing greater financial support to URM/WSTEM students
  • Supporting membership at NFCDD for faculty mentoring
  • Continuing affiliation with National STEM program
SUNY PotsdamX
  • Determining hiring plans and hiring priorities
  • Providing implicit bias training and USC training from Race and Equity Institute
  • Supporting Inclusive search processes
  • Providing .support for dual career situations
  • Expanding student awareness of pipeline programs
  • Tracking graduate school enrollment
  • Addressing student feedback on climate
  • Expanded partnerships and professional opportunities through career center
  • Developing early college program
  • Reducing mentoring barriers
  • Supporting informal faculty gathering
  • Reinforcing orientation process for new faculty
  • Improving faculty sense of belonging
Purchase CollegeX
  • Providing incentives for faculty such as summer salaries and reduced teaching loads
  • Addressing cost-of-living barriers
  • Developing a faculty in-residence program supporting living learning communities
  • Reviewing and revising the make-up of faculty search committees
  • Expanding outreach to diverse publications and outlets
  • Continuing student cohort models (BRIDGES and Marc Star) programs
  • Sustaining/ increasing community college collaboration and transfer partnerships
  • Implementing new faculty mentoring program
  • Developing a more robust on boarding program
SUNY CantonX
  • Expanding search parameters and underscoring diversity commitment in postings
  • Search Committee and other topical diversity training/workshops
  • Coordination of trailing partner opportunities with SUNY Potsdam
  • Depicting positive view of North Country life
  • Developing new online curriculum (Example: Cybersecurity)
  • Funding more graduate students and/or advanced students
  • Assessing and implementing strategies to retain students
  • Providing support for faculty seeking a terminal degree
  • Coordinating the North Country Universities Diversity Collective for URM faculty
SUNY CobleskillX
  • Improving URM representation in staff and faculty
  • Expanding outreach at hiring fairs
  • Increasing the diversity of candidate pools
  • Analyzing search outcomes
  • Providing bias training
  • Participating in several pipeline building and retention initiatives
  • Developing a student retention Task Force
  • Redesigning student orientation
  • Continuing NCAA diversity program
  • Providing more student scholarships
  • Providing mentoring and online staff and faculty toolkit
  • Developing a diversity-focused post doc program
Farmingdale State CollegeX
  • Shifting recruitment locales to areas with more diverse populations
  • "Cluster" hiring
  • Expanding marketing for URM candidates
  • Providing training on search procedures
  • Adapting or partnering with the Center for Inclusive Education model at Stony Brook
  • Supporting NSF AGEP participants for lecturer and adjunct faculty positions
  • Tracking retention and student completion
  • Supporting new faculty with teaching support, mentorship, etc.
  • Developing LI regional teaching consortium
SUNY Maritime CollegeX
  • Expanding diversity of candidate pools
  • Greater marketing, including job target service with OFCCP
  • Succession planning for replacement positions
  • Supporting immigrant VISA petitions for academic rank faculty
  • Mandatory search training for search committee members
  • Utilizing affinity groups to support recruitment
  • Providing additional academic support services
  • Strengthening career services to guide professional and academic career choices
  • Supporting QAR appointments (onboard ship training) within faculty
  • Providing a formal mentoring initiative for faculty
SUNY MorrisvilleX
  • Establishing a visible presence of URM faculty on campus
  • Utilizing "Cluster" Hiring
  • Increasing the diversity of candidates pools
  • Connecting with regional partners to advertise open positions
  • Supporting numerous pipeline programs (EOP, CSTEP, WSTEM)
  • Supporting Sheila Johnson Student Leadership Program with links to Binghamton U.
  • Holding Professional Development Days
  • Providing mentoring and new faculty/staff orientation
Adirondack Community CollegeX
  • Developing faculty resources as a search process guide
  • Creating more diverse applicant pool
  • Supporting greater recruitment outreach
  • Identifying/enrolling more pre-college students
  • Supporting on-going pipeline initiatives
  • Creating a diversity focused website and professional development resources/programs
  • Additional mentoring for students - particularly those in STEM disciplines
  • Pursuing new partnerships/programs for STEM enrollment
SUNY Broome Community CollegeX
  • Adopting new faculty search and hiring strategies
  • Monitoring candidate applications for diversity
  • Creating greater outreach to doctoral candidates for future faculty appointments
  • Enhancing partnerships with Urban League, Upward Bound and Liberty Partnership Programs
  • Providing search committee training
  • Mentoring for URM faculty
  • Recognition for service in tenure review
  • Improving retention for URM students
Dutchess Community CollegeX
  • Expanding recruitment advertising for targeted populations
  • Providing mandatory online competency training
  • Tracking progress on diversity indicators
  • Reinstatement of EEO committee
  • Support creation of affinity groups, such as LGBTQ
  • Expanding educational access opportunities through E-Tech, Math & Science Matter and Live Your Dream programs
  • Reinstate peer mentoring for students
  • Recognize diversity commitments in tenure review
  • Faculty leading community diversity programs
  • Expanding “Ally” training throughout the campus
Erie Community CollegeX
  • Hiring Plan includes increasing URM workforce diversity by 10% by 2022
  • Marketing to reflect institutional diversity goals
  • Build strong partnerships with community and industry for improved pathways for students and career awareness
  • Conducing a Diversity Academy and provide Race Matters Institute training
  • Support mentoring
Fulton-Montgomery Community CollegeX
  • Improving minority representation in faculty and staff searches and appointments
  • Supporting dual career partnerships
  • Conducting exit interviews
  • Developing a mentoring guide
  • Providing mentoring opportunities for graduate students, faculty and staff
  • Raising profile and awareness campus investments in diversity and inclusion and multicultural events
  • Providing Affirmative Action/Title IX training
  • Planning faculty, staff and student workshops or development sessions re: diversity and inclusion
Genesee Community CollegeX
  • Improving the pool of diverse candidates in job searches
  • Strengthening regional networks and partnerships with other colleges
  • Sustaining a "URM Open Door Initiative," a faculty exchange program
  • Expanding marketing and hiring outreach through national publications
  • Ensuring inclusive language and campus commitment to diversity in job postings
  • Defining the onboarding process
  • Providing mandatory bias training for search committees and professional development days
  • Facilitating mentoring relationships
Herkimer County Community CollegeX
  • Supporting recruitment and retention practices for URM faculty including targeted diversity training ·Including an industry/discipline expert on search committees
  • Expanding outreach to national media outlets and HBCUs
  • Exploring ways to improve Herkimer CC campus climate and campus welcome
  • Working with alumni in central NY region
  • Collaborate with PTECH Academy and BOCES
  • Partnership with Future Professoriate Program at Syracuse
  • Continue seeking grad student interns in STEM
Hudson Valley Community CollegeX
  • Build a supportive and equitable workplace
  • Support for cluster hires
  • Creating inclusive language for diversity in employment advertising
  • Conducting exit interviews
  • Tasking search chair with responsibility to guide the search process and diversity challenges
  • Partnerships with Liberty Partnership program and area high school enrichment programs
  • Mentoring for STEM students through "100 Black Men" organization
Jefferson Community CollegeX
  • Introduce mandatory professional development such as inclusion programming
  • Continue to seek financial support for URM student populations
  • Proactive assessment of workforce diversity goals and practices
Nassau Community CollegeX
  • Ensuring that full Affirmative Action search process is in place
  • Review of Search and Selection Guide by search committee members
  • Circulating employment postings on sites targeting diverse candidates or "protected" classes
  • Collaboration on the status of a search with departmental chairs and affirmative action officer
  • Partnership with Stony Brook to procure URM graduate students as teaching interns/future faculty
  • New mentoring program and new faculty orientation program through human resources
Niagara County Community CollegeX
  • Supporting applicant tracking/new search processes
  • Implementing campus-wide search committee certification process
  • Mandatory online training in cultural competencies
  • Tracking all candidates/interviewing all URM candidate applications and diversifying candidate pools
  • Onboarding program and ”Stay” interviews in 1st year
  • Support URM and Native American enrollment through regional partnerships/campus engagement
  • Recognition and professional development for high performing students
  • Recruiting graduate students from area colleges to staff positions at Niagara
  • Establishing a faculty mentor program
Onondaga Community CollegeX
  • Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce through greater outreach and partnerships
  • Expanding search committee training
  • Promoting cluster hiring and dual career/partner program with nearby colleges
  • Improving campus culture relative to inclusion
  • Utilizing Diversity Council members to serve on each search committee
  • Developing/expanding partnerships with community groups and national organizations to support diversity
  • Developing or restructuring mentoring for students/faculty
  • Providing support for the development of teaching skills
Schenectady County Community CollegeX
  • Expanding partnerships and new outreach to HSls, HBCUs and national organizations candidates
  • Promoting the "Internships for the Development of Minority Faculty" and faculty peer mentoring
  • Developing a diverse candidate database of past candidates to poll for current job opportunities
  • Continuation of Advisor in Residence program, Teacher Education Transfer (TET), Liberty Partnership and other support programs for student success
  • Exit interviews
  • Greater professional development for teaching
  • Creating URM faculty affinity group meetings
Suffolk County Community CollegeX
  • Examination of barriers to diverse hiring
  • Expanding outreach for diverse candidates to HSls, HBCUs other LI partnerships
  • Ensuring diverse representation on search committees
  • Adhering to search process guidelines, attending mandatory search training briefing
  • Developing search committee certification pilot
  • Supporting high school enrollment and robust transfer programs using Guided Pathways process
  • Workforce training and career programs
  • Creating a LI Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Building a more inclusive climate for faculty and a welcoming environment for candidates
Tompkins Cortland Community College X
  • Expanding outreach for diverse candidates to national organizations
  • Evaluating hiring barriers
  • Support for mentoring through Emerging Scholars Program
  • Implicit bias training for all members of search committees
  • Holding “Dialogue Sessions” on academic career possibilities in STEM
  • Collaborating with other campuses for recruitment of diverse talent to support pipeline building efforts
University at AlbanyX
  • Expanding diversity of candidates
  • Monitoring of candidate pool by diversity officer
  • Providing training to search committee members
  • Utilizing "Cluster" hiring strategy
  • Supporting partner/ spousal employment program
  • Focusing on climate and creation of inclusive learning environments and activities
  • Proactive recruitment of WSTEM and URM faculty
  • Continuing Support for pipeline programs
  • Sustaining "Inclusive Excellence Dialogues" for faculty/staff
  • Forming Women's leadership institute and WSTEM affinity groups
  • Supporting campus-wide mentoring programs
Binghamton University X
  • Adherence to faculty hiring process and procedures, including CDO approvals
  • Mandatory search committee training on implicit bias
  • Conducting exit interviews
  • Supporting dual career situations
  • Supporting “Cluster” hiring
  • Improving mentoring in pipeline programs
  • Appointing URM/WSTEM postdoctoral fellows
  • Continuing support for numerous STEM programs
  • Partnering with Broome C.C.
  • Augmenting cascade mentoring program and faculty mentoring campus-wide
  • Funding Presidential Diversity Research Grants
University at Buffalo X
  • Ensuring diversity of candidate pools
  • Creating a committee to research/recommend best practices in faculty searches
  • Providing implicit bias training
  • Expanding the iSEED pipeline to include HBCUS and HSIs
  • Strengthening campus inclusion programs
  • Mentoring for students and graduate scholars
  • Creating a Professional Development Catalyst Series to support graduate students
  • Faculty mentoring and NFCDD membership
  • Strengthening onboarding programs
College of Optometry X
  • Training programs in diversity and inclusion
  • Implicit bias training for those with hiring responsibility
  • Expanded communication on faculty job opportunities (SIGHTLINES publication)
  • Immersive shadowing opportunities for students and other professional development
  • Holding an annual career symposium
  • Expanding Family of Mentors (FMP) Program
  • Exploring a pipeline to residency program in optometry
  • Providing support for clinical research pilots and continuing education programs
  • Providing release time upon approval
  • Convening an annual promotion/tenure event
Downstate Medical University X
  • Creating targeted outreach for URM faculty recruitment
  • Expanding marketing and recruitment efforts
  • Providing search committee and other training
  • Creating interactive communications to publicize diversity programs (website, etc.)
  • Analyzing compensation by job category
  • Utilizing “Cluster” hiring strategy
  • Supporting Early Medical Education (EME) program
  • Partnering with HBCUS and SUNY undergraduate programs
  • Fostering academic success through mentoring, counseling and academic intervention
  • Providing Faculty Career development Day
  • Supporting DIME (Medical Education Program)
SUNY Polytechnic University X
  • Collaborative faculty recruitment efforts
  • Search Committee training and certification
  • More inclusive practices for searches, recruitment and retention - including coaching
  • Extended candidate visits to campus and stipend for second visits
  • Building opportunities for undergraduate research
  • Strengthening pipeline to graduate and doctoral programs
  • Recognition for service commitment to diversity and inclusion for continuing appointment
  • Obtaining URM and WSTEM feedback
Stony Brook UniversityX
  • Support for WISE program - career readiness interventions
  • Broaden AGEP model through Presidential fellows program
  • Develop spousal/partner programs and policy
  • Diversify SB physician workforce
  • Enhancing outreach (HERC, Google Scholar, Academia.edu)
  • Educating departments on retention practices
  • Ensuring diverse applicant pools
  • Providing search chair and committee training on bias
  • Examining the practices of other campuses in recruitment and retention
  • Utilizing faculty for recruitment at conference and professional meetings
  • Developing clear guidelines on racial harassment
  • Organizing campus diversity conference to address structural racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination
  • Supporting NFCDD mentorship membership for PRODiG faculty and for minority grad students
  • Developing administrative capacity for post-doc and faculty recruitment within SUNY and campuses Planning for 2020 Future Faculty Conference
Upstate Medical University X
  • Expanded search process and implicit bias training
  • Ensuring diversity of candidate pools
  • Expanding outreach for recruitment to additional sources/publications
  • Strengthening onboarding training for new appointments
  • Appointing departmental diversity and inclusion advocates
  • Encouraging joint research projects
  • Leveraging alumni networks to attract URM/WSTEM students
  • Expanding high school partnerships and programs
  • Attracting URM graduate students from HSI and HBCU institutions
Campus Plans

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