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SUNY and a Healthier New York

A Healthier New York

A fully integrated SUNY healthcare enterprise has enormous potential—in terms of public health, economic impact, and global influence.

New York’s medical and health dilemmas mirror those of our nation. Healthcare costs are overwhelming our state budget. Disparities in access plague the system. Our population is aging. We face critical shortages in our healthcare workforce. Spiraling costs are bankrupting families. And too many New York children come to school every day with health problems that undermine their ability to learn.

The health of New Yorkers is essential to our economic success. And no other organization, public or private, can address New York’s health challenges as powerfully as SUNY. We have field-tested knowledge that covers the entire state. Our researchers are generating new insights into everything from HIV/AIDS, to personalized medicine, to cardiovascular disease. SUNY institutions educate thousands of students each year for medical, dental, nursing, public health, optometry, pharmacy, research, paramedicine, allied health, and biomedical careers—9,800 alone from our four Academic Medical Centers—and the majority of these graduates stay to serve the people of New York State. Our Academic Medical Centers treat more than one million patients annually—including the sickest, the most vulnerable, and the most diverse populations. We see firsthand where and how the safety net is fraying or failing, and we can bring about pragmatic, fundamental reform.

Just as Silicon Valley is synonymous with innovation in information technology, we want New York State to be recognized for the best thinking in healthcare. And we can do it—by capitalizing on what we already know and the innovations that emerge from SUNY’s healthcare environments every day.

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