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Brain Summer Scholars Program 

The Brain Summer Scholars Program gives talented SUNY undergraduates a paid summer research experience in a neuroscience laboratory. The goal of this program is to attract undergraduates with aptitude in physics, computation, engineering, and mathematics to the rapidly expanding field of neuroscience. In 2015, the program received 51 applications and 14 students were selected.

4E Undergraduate Research Summer Scholars Program

The 4E Undergraduate Research Summer Scholars Program was created to attract undergraduates with aptitude in the sciences and engineering to participate in research related to energy and the environment. The Summer Scholars Program is a ten-week program in which students are placed in research laboratories where they perform research supporting SUNY 4E faculty members. In 2015, 55 applications were received and eight students from six campuses were selected.

SUNY STEM Research Passport

Today’s global economy has increased the need for workers with STEM skills. The SUNY STEM Research Passport Program provides undergraduate students from across the SUNY system with ten-week research opportunities in which they perform research under the guidance of a SUNY faculty mentor. Preference is given to freshmen and sophomore students who are interested in exploring a career in the STEM fields. In 2015, funding was available for 43 students.


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