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Humans are living longer then ever, thanks in large part to modern medicine. But today’s life-saving medical practices are not without their problems. For example, overuse of antibiotics is leading to antibiotic resistance among many dangerous bacteria; the majority of people waiting for organ transplants still never get them; and the diagnosis of neurological disorders, such as strokes, can take days of invasive and expensive tests.

In 2014, the SUNY Health network invested $900,000 in multidisciplinary research projects to investigate novel antibiotics, examine issues related to aging, create handheld biosensors, and design personalized tissue transplants using 3D-printing technology, among other projects. These interdisciplinary projects, which comprise researchers and students from across SUNY’s campuses, aim to take standard medical practice to a whole new level—one in which treatments are targeted, individualized, affordable, and most importantly successful.  

Research Projects


Medical Nanomachines With Double the Function

Stony Brook-Led Team to Evaluate Racial Differences in Cancer Biology

SUNY Health N.O.E. Targets Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

Using 3D Printing Technologies to Build Implantable Tissues and Organs

SUNY Builds Integrated Program for Global Health

SUNY Team Targets Nearsightedness

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Health Research Projects Press Release 2015

Health Research Projects Press Release 2014

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