SUNY 4-E - Energy, Environment, Economics, and Education

The global human population is fast approaching 8 billion, and with that growth comes increasing pressure on the environment. Particularly worrisome is the growing consumption of energy worldwide, which simultaneously improves and degrades—through its impact on climate—our quality of life, as well that of other species.

In 2014, the SUNY 4E network invested $897,000 to empower faculty members, staff members, and students from across SUNY’s 64 campuses to become leaders in the pursuit of research on the frontiers of energy and environment. Through these unprecedented, multidisciplinary collaborations, SUNY’s researchers and students are making strides toward solving some of the most pressing problems related to energy and the environment. Their work—which focuses on topics such as biosensors, water resources, climate, and energy use—is contributing to the promotion of human health and safety, the preservation of ecosystem diversity and function, and the creation of sustainable economic vitality. In addition, these teams are examining the economic issues associated with their research topics, as well as producing educational programs to help others become aware of the issues. 

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