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SUNY Networks of Excellence

The SUNY Networks of Excellence harness the multidisciplinary expertise of researchers and students from across SUNY’s 64 campuses to help solve some of the most important problems of our time—problems related to global climate change, the spread of infectious diseases, and the intricacies of the brain, among others.

SUNY 4E (Energy, Environment, Economics, and Education)

The SUNY 4E network focuses on research related to energy and the environment, including associated economic considerations, as well as educational programming. Research topics include biosensors, water resources, climate change, and energy use.

SUNY Health

The SUNY Health network pursues basic, clinical, and public health research with a goal of solving problems related to human health. Areas of investigation include 3D printing, treatments for infectious diseases, biosensors, big data, and aging.

SUNY Brain

The SUNY Brain network investigates the frontiers of brain research, focusing in particular on neurosciences, neuroclinical services, and analytic sciences. Vision and brain mapping research are specifically emphasized.

SUNY MAM (Materials and Advanced Manufacturing)

The SUNY MAM network aims to revitalize New York’s manufacturing sector. Areas of investigation include biomaterials, energy materials, flexible electronics, green composite materials, digital and additive manufacturing, functional and responsive materials, and education.

SUNY Arts and Humanities

The SUNY Arts and Humanities network seeks answers to contemporary problems related to human creativity and scholarship, promotes knowledge and discovery, and generally positions SUNY as a global thought leader.

SUNY TLA (Teaching, Learning, and Assessment)

The SUNY TLA network provides experts with a venue for conducting research on cognitive learning, learning and knowledge assessment, and innovative teaching strategies.


A core component of the mission of the SUNY Networks of Excellence is to educate the next generation of scientists, scholars, and leaders. By providing opportunities for student involvement in research, the networks provide real-world experience to students and position them for success in their future endeavors.
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