A Call to Campus Safety - #MaskUpSUNY

We've seen the proof. Masks and social distancing work to keep us safe from COVID-19. Our campuses are making a call to all students and communities that we need to remember to wear our masks and follow the safety protocols. College is an exciting time for students, and all want to have fun. But we have to be responsible. This is your chance to make the world know. 

Don't break the rules.

Follow the guidelines.

Do it for all of us.

Keep us safe.

Mask Up or Pack Up


Submit your #MaskUpSUNY video

#MaskUpSUNY Campaign

Along with our campuses, SUNY will be creating an awareness campaign throughout the fall semester to help increase awareness of our campus safety protocols and COVID-19 safety measures. As a part of this, students can submit a 30 second video that includes a message about the importance of wearing face masks to stay safe from COVID-19 using a smartphones or any video capture device. An element of school spirit should be an included, such as a t-shirt, sweatshirt, sign, or other. We want you to tell your classmates what it means to be safe during COVID-19 and how by following safety protocols, we can come bring campus life back to normal. Your work will be credited in each placement it receives, from digital and social media to on-campus installations. 

Hear from our students on why its important to mask up: