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Rational Tuition

In 2011, NYSUNY 2020 was introduced and passed after a tumultuous budget season. Through this statute alone, the Legislature and Governor positively changed the way SUNY was funded and saved students and their families from the rollercoaster of tuition changes that had been the norm for far too long. It also reduced budgetary uncertainty, allowing for planned strategic investment by our campuses.

SUNY’s students – the future workers and leaders within New York and the world – appear willing to do their part if the State creates new investment in SUNY. They want a guarantee that their own willingness to invest in their education would be met with an investment by their State.

This is a fair deal.

In order to keep the momentum going, the Legislature must live up to the promise of NYSUNY 2020 and extend the provisions of this legislation through its indicated goal: 2020.

SUNY demanded action and Governor Cuomo delivered.

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Our students and New Yorkers deserved better. With the support of our students, we all advocated for a rational tuition plan: a five-year tuition plan that was fair, predictable, and responsible.

The students won, and New York won.

For the first time, the authority of the SUNY Board to control tuition rates was fully recognized and annual increases of no more than $300 were guaranteed for resident undergraduates at four-year schools. In addition, SUNY also paid the difference of the tuition increase for the State’s neediest students, a commitment we are proud to uphold. In return, the State committed to maintain SUNY’s current funding year-to-year – this preserved budgets for curriculum innovation and ensured students were not back filling State cuts.

As we enter year four of the five-year plan, we are confident that this tuition format has provided students and SUNY the stability we need to grow. SUNY’s tuition was – and remains – one of the lowest in the nation, and we are committed to that affordability for our students and their families.

We have used the financial support committed to us four years ago from the State to invest in our students’ success. With this modest increase, we have hired 520 instructional staff, 270 of who are full-time faculty, and implemented 100 new degree programs.

SUNY is on the right path and now is not the time to deviate.

We need to maintain rational tuition for the next four years. The Chancellor is committed to continuing to invest in programs that are proven to increase access, completion, and success.

As the state continues to regain financial stability, it is time to invest in the young minds of New York: It is time to invest in SUNY.



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