2015-16 Fellowship

2015-2016 Research Fellow Project

SUNY Research Fellowship for Instrumentation

Susan Sharfstein

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep SUNY research instrumentation on the cutting edge. This year's research fellow Susan Sharfstein, associate professor of nanobioscience at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, will develop a SUNY research implementation plan that allows campuses tomaintain and update their research instrumentation by:

  • Assessing equipment and expertise in the system and identifying strenghts to tackle large problems;
  • Understanding what other universities and institutions are doing to maintain currency of their instrumentation;
  • Identifying opportunities for shared instrumentation among campuses and developing systems to facilitate sharing;
  • Formulating an advocacy plan for obtaining funding to purchase, maintain, and manage research instrumentation.

SUNY Compliance Research Fellowship

Kate Friedman

SUNY campuses engage in research with a shared responsibility in research compliance with SUNY System Administration and the Research Foundation.  It is the Research Foundation’s role to ensure that research compliance occurs at the campus level, as they are ultimately responsible for the risk.  Kate Friedman, Research Associate Professor of Law and Policy & Director of Cross-Border and International Research at the University at Buffalo, will meet with campus, System Administration, and Research Foundation leadership and stakeholders to gain a better understanding of SUNY’s research compliance environment, to identify current compliance infrastructure and initiatives, and to make recommendations to enhance its comprehensive research compliance environment.

To this end, the SUNY Research Fellow will:

  • Review current campus resources dedicated towards research compliance, outline the distinct areas of expertise, and make recommendations for shared governance and distribution of resources
  • Determine how research compliance is managed, how policy is developed and modified, and how regulatory guidance is tracked
  • Review and analyze the roles and responsibilities in research compliance and recommend organizational change to ensure compliance has a shared responsibility regarding research compliance throughout the SUNY system
  • Review the risks, liability, and governance issues related to research compliance

A white paper will be prepared and presented at the conclusion of the fellowship. 

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