2014-15 Fellowship

2014-15 Fellowship

Kathryn Richdale

Assistant professor at SUNY Optometry, met with campus colleagues engaged in SUNY's system-wide clinical trials infrastructure to increase their awareness of patient-based research conducted at SUNY. Richdale's talk focused on improving community outreach and patient recruitment; expanding SUNY collaborations with industry partners; and streamlining each step from pre-award through study implementation, close out, and reporting. SUNY is currently is engaged in Phase 2 of this project: working to implement research findings. Please review Kathryn Richdale's Final Report to view the results of her fellowship. 

Paul Hirsch 

Assistant professor at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF), engaged the Networks of Excellence to support inclusive and effective collaboration within and across the networks and assisted with strategic communications. Hirsch was a principal investigator on a 4E Network grant to study barriers to interdisciplinary collaboration and was critical in bringing a faculty perspective to the overall work. Please review Paul Hirsch's Final Report to view the results of his fellowship. 

Richard Burke

Professor and chairman of engineering at SUNY Maritime, conducted outreach to foster a higher level of sponsored research and collaboration among campuses, particularly among the comprehensive and technology-sector campuses. Please review Richard Burke's Final Report to view the results of his fellowship. 

Kathryn Bryk-Friedman

Research associate professor of law and policy at the University at Buffalo, worked to stimulate international elements of SUNY's research enterprise. Please review Kathryn Bryk-Friedman's Final Report to view the results of her fellowship. 

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