Immigration Policy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on Immigration Policy and Law Relating to Students

1.  Citizenship and Student Status

2.  Student Data and Privacy

  1. First, the Student Exchange and Visitor Program (“SEVP”) provides that participating institutions are subject to on-site review at any time, meaning that SEVP field representatives visiting a campus are authorized to obtain information about students on temporary student and training visas (F and J) – but not about DACA or undocumented students.
  2. Second, the USA Patriot Act serves as an exception to FERPA and permits federal officials, upon issuance of a court order alleging terrorist activities, to obtain information from education records without consent.
  3. Campuses should immediately contact their campus counsel if any federal agency seeks to obtain immigration-related information, except when directly related to the SEVP program.

3. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (“DACA”)

DACA Update:

4. Immigration Enforcement

Information on Federal Immigration Policy Changes