1000 E. Henrietta Road

Rochester, NY  14623


TITLE OF POSITION:                   PROVOST/VICE PRESIDENT, ACADEMIC SERVICES                                     




REPORTS TO:                                  President


The Provost and Vice President for Academic Services (“Provost”) reports directly to the President and is responsible for creating an innovative and high quality learning environment that promotes academic excellence and student success.  The Provost provides vision, leadership, and oversight for all MCC academic programs and related services and is responsible for sustaining a culture that empowers faculty and staff to take informed risks, be creative and collaborative, and act as full partners in helping students to achieve their academic goals.  The Provost is charged with supporting MCC’s mission through effective structure, policies, services, and programs that promote a culture of inquiry, evidence, assessment, improvement, and celebration of accomplishment.  The Provost will also be responsive to emerging issues, trends, and community needs, and will advance MCC’s regional and national reputation as an innovative leader among best practices colleges.

Examples of Duties

·         Serves as the chief academic officer of the college internally and externally

·         Serves as key counsel to the president on all academic matters

·         Leads, supervises, and coordinates all individual offices and departments within Academic Services

·         Guides academic leadership and faculty in creating and sustaining programs and initiatives that fulfill the college’s strategic goals

·         Supports recruitment, evaluation, promotion, tenure, and retention of quality faculty and staff

·         Ensures the quality of the academic curriculum, instruction, and student assessment

·         Participates in enrollment projections and management activities

·         Advances the college’s commitment to access, teaching excellence,

·         Encourages and supports professional development in support of the college’s strategic goals and teaching excellence

·         Advocates for and allocates resources to enhance and ensure academic quality

·         Promotes and supports the integration of technologies and innovative pedagogies that enhance and improve the learning environment

·         Integrates essential college values (e.g., diversity, access) into all divisional practices

·         Develops and sustains productive and collaborative relationships across divisions (e.g., with Student Services)

·         Develops and sustains productive and collaborative relationships with other college constituencies such as the Faculty Senate, Faculty Association and Civil Service Employees (CSEA)

·         Represents the college in local, state, and national forums

·         Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the president, including representing the president’s office in her absence

Required Qualifications

·         An earned doctorate from a regionally accredited higher education institution

·         A minimum of 5 years full time teaching experience (preferably leading to tenure)

·         A minimum of five years progressive academic administrative experience 

Preferred Qualifications

·         Experience within a multi-campus, comprehensive community college


·         The Provost will be committed to the philosophy and mission of the community college and the values of MCC.

·         The Provost will be an enthusiastic ambassador for the college, excited about its commitment to serving a diverse student body in an innovative and responsive learning environment of unequaled excellence.

·         The Provost will be an effective advocate for the academic division and faculty.

·         The Provost will have a strong, collaborative working relationship with the president and senior leadership team.

·         The Provost will have effective interpersonal skills and the ability to cultivate partnerships and to work with diverse groups of faculty, students and staff on complex issues.

·         The Provost will be able to create consensus, productive teams, and action around key college strategic interests—with both internal and external stakeholders.

·         The Provost will be collegial, with a sense of humor and perspective.

·         The Provost will be an effective communicator and an active listener.

·         The Provost will be strategic in developing and executing plans and partnerships to enhance the academic programs of MCC.

·         The Provost will understand and leverage the connections between the curricular and co-curricular programs of the college to support student learning and achievement.

·         The Provost will demonstrate an appreciation for and responsiveness to the diverse needs of the college’s external community.

·         The Provost will have an understanding of and appreciation for the academic and support needs of the entire spectrum of learners from underprepared to honors students.

·         The Provost will possess an understanding of and a fluency in technologies that promote student learning and divisional work flow.

·         The Provost will have the ability to integrate data into decision-making to promote effective practice and policy.


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