2013 NY SUNY 2020 Testimony - Stenger

2013 NY SUNY 2020 Testimony

Testimony before New York State Assembly Standing Committee on Higher Education

Albany, NY - December 12, 2013

Harvey G. Stenger - President, State University of New York at Binghamton


On behalf of the State University of New York at Binghamton (Binghamton University) we would like to thank the Assembly for holding these important public hearings. I especially want to thank the Honorable Deborah Glick, Chairperson of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education, for her interest and concern regarding the use of tuition revenues to strengthen our colleges and universities. I also want to thank committee member Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, our representative and strong supporter of Binghamton University.

Binghamton University is pleased to discuss the importance to our campus the revenues from the SUNY 2020 Tuition Plan. The Plan provides a much needed corrective to the recurrent challenges families faced under the previous policy of erratic and significant increases in tuition. At the same time, it ensures campuses a consistent source of revenues that encourages more effective strategic planning and fosters educational opportunity. These revenues have allowed us to pursue the ambitious goals outlined by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher regarding New York state’s educational needs and the strengthening of our local and state economies.

Let me provide a few specifics regarding Binghamton University’s utilization of these resources:

The importance of the SUNY 2020 Tuition Plan has transformed Binghamton University—but the effects of the plan extend far beyond the campus gates. Predictable Tuition is an important ingredient of the fuel that is driving Binghamton University’s contributions to economic resurgence in the Southern Tier. And we are proud to have been selected yesterday as one of the 5 best plans in the REDC annual competition.

We believe that public higher education in New York, and at Binghamton in particular, does best when there is a strong partnership between the state, parents and students, as well as individual campuses. The current Tuition Policy is an outstanding example of this kind of partnership, and we commend the Assembly, and especially the Higher Education Committee, for taking the steps we need to strengthen our colleges and universities and provide the educational opportunities that the students of New York state deserve. We appreciate your support of higher education and Binghamton University.

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