March 26, 2010

State Relations Update - March 26, 2010

Budget Update -

As of this writing, we anticipate the Legislature to approve budget extenders in order to keep basic functions of state government operational at least until the Legislature returns from their Passover/Easter recess.  The Senate has adjourned until Monday, March 29th without considering the budget extenders.  The Assembly intends to approve the budget extenders later this evening and will continue with member conferences over the weekend.  The Senate is also planning member conferences over the weekend.  The joint general conference committee, also known as the "mothership", convened this evening to provide a general outline as to the upcoming budget process.  Before conference committees can convene, the leaders must agree on available revenues.  Topical joint budget conference committees will be held once revenue targets are agreed to by the Governor and the Legislature.


With the assistance of Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, seventeen members of the Assembly signed a letter requesting Speaker Silver continue to consider SUNY and PHEEIA during the ongoing budget discussions.  Since the proposed Assembly budget proposal does not contain any of the PHEEIA provisions, it remains critical to keep campus based advocacy efforts active.

Construction Fund Abolishment -

Contained within the Assembly's 2010-11 budget proposal is a provision calling for the abolishment of the State University Construction Fund (SUCF) with the functions of SUNY construction activities assigned to the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY). We do not understand the reason for this consolidation as there are no state funding savings in this measure, and, if anything it will cause great disruption to the University's capital facilities program if not bring it to a abrupt halt. SUNY strongly opposes this measure and it is central to SUNY's budget advocacy efforts.
Assembly Press Release

Chancellor's Letter to Legislative Leaders -

The Chancellor's letter to the Legislative Leaders outlining her concern with the both the Senate and Assembly budget resolutions and the need for focused attention to the State University.


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