March 22, 2010

State Relations Update - March 22, 2010

Senate Budget Proposal -

The Senate Majority today released their 2010-2011 budget resolution outlining their conference's priorities and adjustments to the Governor's Executive recommendations.  This resolution deals with the components of the 2010-11 state budget, including the Public Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act (PHEEIA).  

The highlights of the resolution are as follows (see pages 26-29):
Restores $285 per FTE Community College Base Aid Reduction ($40.3M).
Additional $838,000 reduction for Community College Rental Aid program.
Rejects the FIT Chargeback changes. 
Accepts Governor's reduction to state-operated campuses (approx $109M).
Additional $15.9M cut to state-operated colleges' University-wide programs (cut made to fund the $800M shortfall in state revenues plus to fund part of the CC and TAP restorations).
Additional $5.5M cut to SUNY System Administration (cut made to fund the $800M shortfall in state revenues plus to fund part of the CC and TAP restorations).
Accepts the Governor's state-operated work force reduction (union concession) of $26.5M.
Accepts the repeal of the tuition split (80-20, 70-30, etc) statutory language.
Allows for SUNY Board to implement a Rational Tuition with a 1.5 HEPI Cap (five year rolling average).
Allows Differential Tuition for graduate and professional degree programs but NOT undergraduate at all campuses.
Allows for Differential Tuition by campus for ONLY University at Buffalo and Stony Brook University.
Allows for PPPs for ONLY University at Buffalo and Stony Brook University.
Leaves SUNY's appropriation On-Budget, but moves tuition, fees and campus revenues to the Aid to Localities budget (providing similar protection to appropriations as per CUNY's budgeting).
Removes pre-audit for procurements of goods only, not services for state operated campuses.
Rejects the Governor's proposals for public private partnerships, joint ventures and the Asset Management Board. 
Accepts the entire Governor's proposal for Hospitals including nurse wage differentials, hospital pre-audit removed, joint venture and managed care networks.
Rejects the Governor's proposal for SUNY Optometry to serve Medicaid recipients (the rejection is due to the fact a stand alone bill has already passed both houses and awaits the governor's signature)
Accepts the entire Governor's proposal Construction Fund including pre-audit removed, performance bonds threshold raised, and modern delivery methods. 
Requires an accounting System for SUNY to provide need based aid to cover the TAP gap between SUNY tuition and the maximum TAP award.
Accepts state Indemnification of SUNY student residents and interns (savings to SUNY of approx $450k).
Accepts change in master planning cycle from 4 to 8 years.
Restores $75 TAP reduction.

Assembly Budget Status -

The Assembly has not yet announced their "one house" priorities.  They have adjourned until tomorrow afternoon and we will update you as we learn more information.  Both the Assembly Majority and Minority have called for members only conferences, which might lead one to believe they are discussing budget priorities.

SUNY Legislation Approved -

The Legislative has recently given final approval to two bills that are important to SUNY and two campuses in particular.

A.1183(Gottfried)/S.4529(Krueger) - Authorizes the provision of optometric services provided by the College of Optometry's diagnostic and treatment center to recipients of medical assistance.   

A.9954(Pretlow)/S.6352-A(Adams) - Authorizes a state college with an approved equine science program (Morrisville) to conduct equine drug testing at race meetings.

Legislative Summary - A summary of significant legislation for the 2010 session that is of interest to SUNY.


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