June 30, 2014 Topic Report

Significant Higher Education Legislation Not Approved By Both the Senate & Assembly During the 2014 Session

All bills are under consideration in their original committee of reference unless status otherwise noted (Status as of Thursday, June 26, 2014)

Chapter Laws of 2014



Vivisection Prohibition
A.656 Rosenthal
No Senate Companion
Prohibits vivisection at colleges, universities, professional, proprietary or graduate schools in the state where a scientifically and educationally satisfactory method or strategy exists.

Degree Duplication
A.737 Weprin
S.1846 LaValle
Requires the state university trustees to report to the governor and the legislature concerning the steps taken to establish a process by which decisions are made to eliminate or reduce duplication of academic degree programs within the state university system.

Textbook Task Force
A.1178 Kellner
No Senate Companion
Authorizes the regents to create a task force to review the issue of textbook cost and ways to enhance the academic role and delivery of course materials through greater collaboration between faculty, publishers, college bookstores and libraries.
Status: Held in Assembly Higher Education Committee

Textbook Review Board
A.1389 Cahill
No Senate Companion
Authorizes the trustees of the state university of New York to create an academic review board for the review of textbooks sold, purchased or used for academic purposes on all state university of New York campuses.

Medical School Admissions
A.2289 Thiele
S.2123 LaValle
Grants volunteer ambulance workers preferential treatment when applying to medical schools within New York state which receive funding from the state where there are applicants of otherwise equal qualifications.

Dissertation Sales
A.2612 Schimminger
S.2405 LaValle
Prohibits the sale of academic dissertations, theses and term papers whether written or provided through electronic media.
Status: S.2405 – Passed Senate

Admissions Test Scores
A.2812 Wright
No Senate Companion
Prohibits the use of a minimum standardized test cut-off score for student admission to or rejection by the state university of New York and city university of New York.

Police High Schools
A.2946 Wright
No Senate Companion
Provides for the establishment of police training high schools in certain city school districts and provides for further education and employment and establishes preferential admissions criteria for the state and city universities.
Status: A.2946 – Held in Education Committee

Nursing Baccalaureate
A.3103 Morelle
S.5924 Flanagan
Requires registered professional nurses to attain a baccalaureate degree in nursing within ten years of their initial licensure and provides exemptions for those currently licensed or enrolled in nursing programs.
Status: A.3103 – Passed Assembly

UB Institute
A.3839 Peoples-Stokes
No Senate Companion
Establishes the university at Buffalo institute for African American studies.

Instructional Materials Access
A.4377 Englebright
No Senate Companion
Requires institutions of higher education to publish a list of all courses offered to include the instructor, instructional materials needed or recommended, and expected number of students to be enrolled and requires such institutions to provide information on instructional materials to bookstores, other than those operated by the institution and provide equal access to students.

Older Student Access
A.4493 Peoples-Stokes
No Senate Companion
Establishes a program for over-age, under-credited high school students to be transferred into continuing education, vocational or post secondary education programs.

Textbook Lists
A.4751 Englebright
No Senate Companion
Requires institution, faculty and staff of state and city universities to provide all textbook retailers, upon request, with information on textbooks to be used in courses of study when any one retailer is provided with such information.

Life Long Learning Centers
A.5795 Englebright
S.5470 Parker
Provides for the establishment of lifelong learning centers within the state university of New York to provide courses in community colleges and colleges and universities in the state university system for persons 40 years old or older who are seeking to explore life options, remain civically engaged, continue their education and acquire skills for or begin to plan for a second career.

Distance Learning Courses
A.6400 Englebright
No Senate Companion
Relates to telecommunication and correspondence courses and creates funding qualifications for institutions that offer or enroll more than 50% of the institution's courses by telecommunications or correspondence.

Computer Science Courses
A.6543 Hevesi
S.6158 Ranzenhofer
Requires regulations authorizing computer science courses to count towards liberal arts content at institutions of higher learning; defines computer science.
Status: S.6158 – Passed Senate

Yonkers Campus
A.6808 Mayer
S.3019 Stewart-Cousins
Provides for the trustees of the state university of New York to establish a four-year college of engineering and applied sciences in the city of Yonkers within the state university system.

Religious Holiday Observance
A.6947 Weprin
S.684 Avella
Would require the state and city universities to suspend classes on the religious holidays known as Sid Ul-Fitr and Eid Ul-Adha.
Status: A.6947 – Held in Higher Education

Veterans Credit
A.6973 Benedetto
S.3403 Addabbo
Allows the granting of academic credit at state operated institutions of the state university of New York and the senior colleges of the city university of New York to veterans.

Study Abroad Programs
A.7174 Glick
S.1566 LaValle
Provides for disclosure of relationships between institutions of higher education and study abroad programs.
Status: S.1566 – Passed Senate

Veterans Service Credit
A.7488-C Benedetto
S.4914-C Ball
Requires colleges, vocational institutions and other approved programs to provide credits or exemptions for comparable military training; provides for the licensing, without examination, of persons who served in the armed forces of the United States and were trained in and practiced certain professions and allows the granting of academic credit at SUNY and CUNY.

Career High School Diploma
A.8189-C Brindisi
S.5966-C Valesky
Establishes a career and technical education (CTE) diploma which shall be based on a curriculum designed to provide students with technical skills and shall demonstrate that the student is ready for a career as determined by regulations of the commissioner.
Status: S.5966-C – Passed Senate

Degree Production
A.8216 Sepulveda
S.7309 Rivera
Requires the education department, in consultation with the department of labor, the department of economic development, and any other entity the education department deems appropriate, to produce an annual report regarding state workforce projections and education credential production.

Military Credit
A.8278 Ortiz
S.5981 Parker
Enacts the "NY Cares Act" which instructs the Board of Regents to require all universities and colleges in New York to accept military service for some college credit based on the training and experience received as compared to the college credit hours
and course curriculum required.
Status: S.5981 – Reported to Senate Finance

Firefighter Service Learning
A.8989 Englebright
S.6678 Maziarz
Allows State University to implement programs that would provide academic credit
for successful completion of a service learning, internship, or independent study program in relation to the volunteer fire service, as prescribed by regulations established by the state university trustees.
Status: S.6678 – Passed Senate

Learning Assessment Exams
A.9088 Crespo
No Senate Companion
Prohibits collegiate learning assessment exams in colleges in the state and provides that independent institutions receiving Bundy aid shall forfeit such aid if college learning assessment exams are required.

Home Instruction
A.9193 Simanowitz
S.2506 Robach
Relates to admission of institutions of higher education for pupils receiving home instruction; prohibits the commissioner from requiring pupils who have completed the requirements of a home school education or a non-public school program to obtain or submit proof of having obtained a general education development certificate or any accredited diploma.

edTPA Delay
A.9207-B Glick
S.7532 Lanza
Relates to candidates for certificates in the classroom teaching service in that no teacher would be required to achieve satisfactory levels of performance on the new edTPA portion of the New York State teacher certification examinations until July 1, 2015.
Status: A.9207-B – Assembly Calendar 583

Cadaver Donations
A.10036 People-Stokes
S.7543 Maziarz
Would permit institutions authorized to accept unclaimed cadavers and anatomical donations to file death certificates, burial, removal and transit permits for bodies claimed or donated to their programs.

Graduate Program Fee
S.295 Stavisky
No Assembly Companion
Provides a program fee option to allow graduate students who have taken at least 30 credits towards the completion of a degree to maintain access to certain facilities within the state university in order to continue a research project or to pursue other academic requirements.

Religious Holiday Observance
S.1309-A Stavisky
No Assembly Companion
Provides that no class or any other course of instruction shall be held in any institution within the state or city university on those days of religious observance known as Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur provided, however, that the chancellor, in his discretion, may exempt any institution from such observance.

Electronic Textbooks
S.1313 Stavisky
No Assembly Companion
Creates a pilot program for bulk purchase electronic textbook delivery in the State University of New York and the City University of New York library systems.

Graduate Summer Program
S.1334 Parker
No Assembly Companion
Authorizes commissioner of education to contract with three public or independent institutions of higher education for the support of special summer programs established in order to increase the number of economically and educationally disadvantaged undergraduate students who are prepared for admission to graduate educational programs.

Career Explorations
S.4864-A Parker
No Assembly Companion
Establishes a career explorations class to integrate academic and vocational education, link secondary and post-secondary education and provide learning activities and mentoring at the work site and provides students with school-based learning and work-based learning.

Military Credit
S.6137 Kennedy
No Assembly Companion
Relates to academic credit for veterans with regard to credit for SUNY and CUNY college credits for courses that were part of the student veterans' military training.

Accelerated Degrees
S.7792 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Directs the SUNY trustees to identify baccalaureate degree programs that can be offered at reduced rates and develop criteria for the creation of an accelerate proficiency degree to be offered at four state-operated institutions.
Status: Passed Senate

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Board of Trustees

BOT Nominations
A.772 Lifton
S.4901 Avella
Establishes the committee on university boards of trustees nominations to recommend candidates who must be considered for appointment to fill vacancies on the board of trustees of the state university of New York, the city university of New York and the college of environmental science and forestry of the state university of New York; establishes qualifications for such candidates

Trustee Nominations
A.1669 Cahill
S.4466 Savino
Creates independent commissions to interview and recommend trustee candidates to SUNY, CUNY and the community colleges.

Campus President Designation
A.5539 Magee
S.3696 Ritchie
Requires the state university of New York trustees to appoint a president for each state operated institution in SUNY and authorizes the college council of each state-operated institution to approve or reject the appointment of a president for such state-operated institution.

Trustee Eligibility
S.638 Stavisky
No Assembly Companion
Relates to qualifications for certain appointed positions with the board of trustees for the state university and CUNY and prohibits trustees from being employees of the appointing authority.

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Campus Safety

211 Waivers
A.1293-C Zebrowski
S.469-C Stavisky
Relates to a waiver of earnings limitation for certain retirees of the New York state and local police and fire retirement system who are employed by the state university.

Bias Crime Reporting
A.2821 Wright
No Senate Companion
Provides for reporting of bias-related incidents on state university campuses by university police officers to college and university personnel.

Mental Health Emergencies
A.4053 Perry
No Senate Companion
Provides for intervention by certain campus security personnel in relation to reportedly mentally ill students and notification to person to be contacted in case of such mental health emergency.
Status: A.4053 – Held for consideration in committee

Child Sexual Abuse Reporting
A.4662 Glick
No Senate Companion
Relates to child sexual abuse reporting and child sexual abuse in higher educational settings requiring reporting to law enforcement and the president of the university by certain individuals and establishes penalties for failure to report when required; prohibits a school president from making an agreement with the alleged abuser to withhold from law enforcement authorities a report of child sexual abuse in return for the resignation or voluntary suspension.

Safety Task Force
A.4681 Perry
No Senate Companion
Establishes a state task force on campus safety to examine the safety and emergency preparedness of college and university campuses throughout the State of New York.
Status: A.4681 – Held in Higher Education Committee

Emergency Planning
A.6086 Ortiz
S.3880 Ball
Authorizes the division of homeland security and emergency services to establish a statewide planning and mapping system of educational institutions in this state.

Child Abuse Reporting
A.6330 Tedisco
S.1346 Maziarz
Relates to mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse or maltreatment at summer day camps and includes college coaches, athletic directors, professors, graduate assistants and college presidents among those required to report such suspected abuse or maltreatment.

Crime Reporting & Education
A.8859 Weprin
S.4469-A LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Requires colleges to educate the campus community on bias-related crime, hazing, underage drinking and illegal drug use and expands their authority to regulate conduct by college and student government organizations, athletic teams, fraternities, sororities, and any other organization that has access to and use of the college facilities.
Status: S.4469-A – Passed Senate; A.8859 – Reported to Codes Committee

ESF & Firearms
A.10057 Magee
S.6711-A DeFrancisco
Would restore hunting rights on SUNY ESF property.

Missing Adults
A.10149 Scarborough
S.7864 Sanders
Would require police agencies to take reports of missing adults whenever the adult is reported to be missing.
Status: S.7864 – Passed Senate

Campus Security Plans
S.1554 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Provides for the development of a comprehensive campus security plan for the state university of New York, the city university of New York and community colleges.

Hazing Penalties
S.1756 Little
No Assembly Companion
Increases severity of hazing in the second degree from a violation to an E felony where injury or death occurs, and of hazing in the first degree from a class A misdemeanor to a class D felony where injury or death is caused by deadly weapon or dangerous instrument and creates new class A misdemeanor of hazing in the third degree which mirrors former hazing in the second degree.

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City University of New York

Firefighter Tuition Waivers
A.6599-A Abbate
S.3958-B Golden
No Assembly Companion
Directs the board of trustees for the city university of New York to promulgate regulations regarding tuition waivers for one course for fire fighter and fire officer students in baccalaureate or higher degree programs at CUNY.
Status: S.3958-B – Passed Senate

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Community Colleges

FIT Chargeback’s
A.934-A Jaffee
S.1561-C LaValle
Alleviates the financial burden on New York State counties from having to pay chargeback fees to FIT for upper division programs.

Community College & DCJS
A.1284 Zebrowski
S.492 Stavisky
Includes peace officers at community colleges operating under the program of the state university of New York within the definition of the term "qualified agencies".

Chargeback Limitations
A.1873 Schimel
No Senate Companion
Prohibits community colleges from charging the county of residence of a non-resident student for local sponsor costs for more than 2 academic years

Workforce Centers
A.3334 Peoples-Stokes
No Senate Companion
Establishes centers of workforce achievement to advance the creation of public/private partnerships between the state university of New York's community colleges and private businesses.

Senior Course Auditing
A.4375 Englebright
No Senate Companion
Includes senior citizen students auditing community college classes in the full time equivalent state aid formula

Chargeback Distribution
A.5055 Tenney
No Senate Companion
Removes the option of chargeback’s being assessed to towns and cities.
Status: A.5055 – Held in Higher Education Committee

Criminal History Record Access
A.5569 Roberts
S.4782 Valesky
Grants SUNY community college campus peace officers access to criminal history record information.
Status: S.4782 – Reported to Finance

Retirement Earnings 211 Waiver
A.7516 Abbate
S.5346 Golden
Removes the earnings limitation on members of the NYS and local police and fire retirement system who retire and are employed by a community college as criminal justice faculty.
Status: A.7516 – Reported to Assembly Ways & Means

On-Line GED
A.7742 Englebright
No Senate Companion
Authorizes the board of trustees of the Suffolk County Community College to establish a pilot program for online education for those studying to obtain a GED.

MTA Tax Exemption
A.7775 Zebrowski
S.6752 Boyle
Exempts community colleges from the imposition of the metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax.

Construction Costs
A.7788 Glick
S.5404 LaValle
Exempts the costs associated with the construction of community college capital facilities from the real property tax levy limit for local governments.

BSN Authorization
A.7915 Pretlow
No Senate Companion
Authorizes community colleges offering an associate’s degree program in nursing to offer a four-year bachelor degree program in nursing.

Dislocated Workers Assistance
A.8217 Sepulveda
S.6452 Smith
Establishes the pathways for academic career and employment program and the gap tuition assistance program to assist dislocated workers.

Maintenance of Effort
A.9229 Lalor
No Senate Companion
Would eliminate the existing maintenance of support requirement state mandate thus allowing municipalities that are local sponsors of community colleges the discretion to set their funding support at a level they choose.

Local Sponsorship Withdrawal
A.9323 Lalor
No Senate Companion
Authorizes counties, municipalities and school districts to withdraw sponsorship of a community college with the intent that the college would be incorporated into the SUNY system on the same basis as a four year facility.

Regional Community Colleges
S.764 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Authorizes community colleges, college sponsors, and eligible local governments to establish community college regions to sponsor an existing community college, to transfer sponsorship from the existing sponsor to the community college region, and to protect the employment and collective bargaining rights of all employees of a community college.

Ethics Requirements
S.1315 Stavisky
No Assembly Companion
Relates to certain activities by members of a board of a community college regarding the ethics gift ban.

Free Tuition
S.7793 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Would guarantee access to a free community college education in New York State for students that meet specific criteria including graduating with a 2.5 GPA within three years.
Status: Passed Senate

Worker Training
S.7794 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Establishes the retrain and employ unemployed persons program which establishes a grant program for community colleges to develop or improve existing workforce development programs.
Status: Passed Senate

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Construction and Property Management

Cool Roofs
A.51 Hevesi
S.3359 Hassell-Thompson
Authorizes the use of cool roofs on new construction or substantially renovated state-owned buildings.
Status: A.51 – Reported to Assembly Ways & Means

Dormitory Sprinklers
A.1670 Cahill
No Senate Companion
Requires SUNY and CUNY authorities, the board of trustees, to adopt rules to require the installing and retrofitting of dormitory buildings with sprinkler systems on or before March first, two thousand sixteen.

Prevailing Wages
A.2637 Moya
S.74 Peralta
Requires the payment of prevailing wages on construction projects involving the state university of New York, the dormitory authority or the state university construction fund and any third party.

Indoor Air Quality
A.3599 Lupardo
S.6484 Latimer
Requires that state owned, leased or operated building have in place an indoor, environment plan, which includes a description of the building's heating ventilation and air conditioning system and documentation of its operation and maintenance.
Status: A.3599 – Reported to Ways & Means

Stony Brook Preserve
A.5602 Englebright
No Senate Companion
Establishes the Ashley Schiff state park preserve on land donated by the state university of New York at Stony Brook.

Stony Brook Land Lease
A.6101 Englebright
No Senate Companion
Authorizes the state university to lease certain lands at the state university at Stony Brook for the purpose of constructing medical offices and related parking and authorizes the dormitory authority to provide financing for such projects.

Old Westbury Land Lease
A.7199 Lavine
S.5312 Marcellino
Authorizes SUNY college at Westbury to lease lands for the construction and operation of a child care center.

Tree Replacement
A.7423 Englebright
S.2885 LaValle
Requires that when a tree is removed from a campus in the state university of New York system, another tree shall be planted on such campus.

A.8131 Lalor
No Senate Companion
Repeals the START-UP NY program created by Chapter 68 of the Laws of 2013.

Public-Private Partnerships
A.8183 Schimminger
No Senate Companion
Authorizes the establishment and operation of public-private partnerships for the construction and operation of public infrastructure.

Smoke Detectors
A.9214-A DenDekker
S.7728 Boyle
Would require the installation and replacement of non-interconnectable smoke alarms with interconnectable smoke alarms within 10 years in certain residential buildings.
Status: A.9214-A – Passed Assembly

Facilities Usage
S.1655 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Establishes the state university commercialization facilities use policy for the purposes of encouraging commercialization activity on campuses.

Emergency Repairs
S.1656-A LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Establishes a fund in the joint custody of the State Comptroller and Commissioner of Taxation and Finance to pay for the costs of unanticipated emergency repairs to public higher education.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors
S.4059 Kennedy
No Assembly Companion
Requires that carbon monoxide detectors be installed in all SUNY dormitories.

Dormitory Sprinklers
S.4901 Avella
No Assembly Companion
Requires colleges and universities to construct and retrofit sprinkler systems in all dormitories.

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Financial Aid

Inmate TAP
A.2926 Wright
No Senate Companion
Relates to provisions of the education law relating to incarcerated students eligibility for general or academic performance awards.
Status: A.2926 – Held in Higher Education Committee

Scholarship Requirements
A.3361-A Fitzpatrick
S.1084-A Maziarz
Requires that no scholarship, grant or award offered by a state university of New York college shall, as a condition of eligibility, require that the student reside on campus in campus housing.
Status: A.3361-A – Held in Higher Education Committee

Inmate TAP
A.3401 Aubry
S.1367 Montgomery
Authorizes academic performance awards for incarcerated persons making such persons eligible to receive awards from the tuition assistance program.

Scholarship Expansion
A.6883-A Cusick
S.266-A Larkin
Would permit a severely and permanently disabled person to be eligible for the World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship and Military Enhanced Recognition, Incentive and Tribute ("MERIT") scholarship despite whether such person is able to engage in a part-time occupation.
Status: S.266-A – Passed Senate

DREAM Act Commission & TAP
A.9640 Moya
S.2378-B Peralta
Enacts the New York state DREAM ACT by creating the New York DREAM fund commission and amends eligibility requirements and conditions governing certain awards.
Status: A.9640 – Passed Assembly

Financial Aid Policy Disclosure
S.1563 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Enacts the "financial aid disclosure act" which requires institutions of higher education to disclose financial aid policies relating to contributions to be made by such institution, any changes which may result to such financial aid and the reasons therefore; makes board of regents in charge of enforcement.

Financial Aid Award Disclosure
S.2029-A LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Requires institutions of higher education to disclose the average dollar amount of institutional aid awarded to students.

Loan Linked Deposit Program
S.4575-A LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Would create the student loan linked deposit program to provide low-cost student loans by means of authorizing the comptroller to place state deposits with participating lenders at a decreased interest rate, in order to offer students reduced rate student loans at up to 3 points below market rates

Lending Transparency
S.4598 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Related to the truth in lending clearinghouse program and student lending transparency program.
Status: S.4598 – Reported to Senate Finance

Volunteer Firefighters Aid
S.5374 Ritchie
No Assembly Companion
Creates a state wide program to allow active volunteer firefighters to receive tuition reimbursement for the successful completion of undergraduate courses at a State University of New York.

TAP Increase
S.6749 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Increases the maximum TAP award to $6,470 phased in over the next two years, and increases the maximum income eligibility from $80,000 to $100,000 and adjusts the TAP schedule accordingly for those who receive awards beginning in 2015-2016.

Loan Debt Repayment
S.7791 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Establishes the New York student affordable refinancing for tomorrow program (New Start), to authorize the state to pay a certain about of a student's education loan debt and establish a mechanism for such student to pay back the state at a low interest rate and based on such student's income.
Status: Passed Senate

TAP Increase
S.7795 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Increases the maximum TAP award to $6,470 phased in over the next two years, and increases the maximum income eligibility from $80,000 to $100,000 and adjusts the TAP schedule accordingly for those who receive awards beginning in 2015-2016.
Status: Passed Senate

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Health Care and Hospitals

Medical LLC’s
A.1384-A Cahill
S.3756-A Ranzenhofer
Authorizes physicians, optometrists and ophthalmic dispensers to join together to establish professional service corporations, limited liability companies and registered limited liability partnerships.

Emergency Contraception
A.5043 Englebright
No Senate Companion
Enacts the "public university emergency contraception act" and requires every college and university of the state university of New York and the city university of New York to provide emergency contraception to any student requesting it.

Downstate Medical Center Expansion
A.8066 Perry
S.5906-A Montgomery
Provides leverages SUNY Downstate's existing resources to support a facility restructuring that will position the institution to become a leader in health care in Brooklyn for the expansion of community-based care.

Brooklyn Health Care Commission
A.8119-A Camara
S.5916-A Parker
Creates a commission to evaluate the health care network in Kings County, and to make recommendations for solutions to the health care crisis in Kings County

Hospital MOE
A.9530 Glick
S.7725 LaValle
Clarifies that the SUNY health science centers are included in the maintenance of effort provision pursuant to Chapter 260 of the Laws of 2011.
Status: A.9530 – Passed Assembly

Hospital Liability Protection
A.9985 Lentol
S.7263 LaValle
Would protect SUNY from the post-sale liabilities of the Long Island College Hospital with any such liabilities becoming liabilities of the State.
Status: S.7263 – Passed Senate

Hospital Purchasing
S.1653 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Relates to contracts for joint or group purchasing of goods and services for state university health care facilities.

Brooklyn Hospital Network
S.5902 Rules
No Assembly Companion
Establishments a corporation to organize a voluntary network of hospitals in Brooklyn in order to create a comprehensive support approach to stabilizing Downstate Medical Center and its Medical schools, and to stabilize the health care system in Brooklyn.

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Licensure and Professions

Optometric Dispensing
A.2192-A Paulin
S.975-A Libous
Authorizes optometrists certified to use therapeutic pharmaceutical agents for the treatment or prevention of ocular disease, to also use specified oral pharmaceutical agents in their practices and requires completion of a 25 hour phase three therapeutic pharmaceutical agent certification course of didactic education.

Genetic Counselor Licensure
A.3350-B Sweeney
S.2904-B LaValle
Provides for the licensing of genetic counselors and creates the state board for genetic counseling.

Nursing Mobility Study
A.6075-A Gunther
S.1381-A Montgomery
Authorizes and directs the board of regents and the state education department to conduct a comprehensive study of nursing education programs across the state and develop a model for improved articulation of the education program for career mobility from one classification to another in the field of nursing.

Physician Assistant Licensing
A.10077 Lavine
A.7582 LaValle
Would allow graduates of approved physician assistant programs located outside of the United States to be eligible for licensing examinations

Optometry Clinical Practice
S.3279 Krueger
No Assembly Companion
Clarifies the status of certain persons exempt from optometrist license requirements to allow an optometry student to engage in clinical practice under supervision of a licensed optometrist or physician who attended an approved school of optometry.

Athletic Trainer Licensure
S.4465-A Grisanti
No Assembly Companion
Relates to the certification and licensure of athletic trainers providing for certain exemptions and requiring continuing education.

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Management and Agency Requirements

Styrofoam Usage
A.119-A Kavanagh
S.3444-A Krueger
Relates to food service waste reduction and prohibits the use of polystyrene foam by contractors and lessees who deal with the state through state and municipal contracts.

Alcohol Beverage Prohibition
A.654 Dinowitz
S.2883-A LaValle
Authorizes the commissioner of education to restrict the sale and advertisement of alcoholic beverages at sporting events participated in by any state university of New York, city university of New York or community college.
Status: S.2882 – Senate Rules

Sports Betting
A.867 Weprin
S.331 Avella
Authorizes gambling on professional sporting events and athletic events sponsored by universities or colleges at betting facilities located at thoroughbred and harness racetracks operating in this state, in simulcast theaters operated by off-track betting corporations and in any constitutionally authorized casino facility and provides that the proceeds of such gambling be applied exclusively to or in aid or support of education.

Hockey Netting
A.3029 Ortiz
No Senate Companion
Requires operators of sports arenas or facilities to equip all arenas or facilities used for collegiate or professional hockey with protective netting for spectators.

Foreign Government Gifts
A.3152 O'Donnell
No Senate Companion
Relates to establishing penalties for institutions of higher education that fail to comply with certain disclosure requirements relating to gifts made by foreign governments, persons and entities and provides that the department may take steps to initiate an audit if the institution continues to remain in noncompliance of the disclosure requirements.

Campus Contract Review
A.4379 Englebright
No Senate Companion
Establishes contract approval control boards at state operated institutions of the state university to approve non-academic service contracts.

Public-Private Disclosure
A.4652 Englebright
S.4846 Latimer
Enacts the "public-private partnership disclosure act;" requires state agencies entering into public-private partnerships to promulgate rules and regulations regarding review and disclosure relating to such relationships.

Food Service Waste
A.4973-A Kavanagh
S.3419-A Krueger
Relates to food service waste reduction; prohibits the use of polystyrene foam by contractors and lessees who deal with the state through state and municipal contracts.
Status: A.4973-A – Passed Assembly

Local Food Purchasing
A.5051 Peoples-Stokes
S.978 Libous
Enacts the "buy from the backyard act"; requires the office of general services and other state agencies to buy 20% of all their food products from producers and/or processors in New York state.
Status: S.978 – Passed Senate

FOIL Denial
A.5170 Englebright
S.5975 Latimer
Relates to requiring a particularized and specific justification for denial of access to records under the freedom of information law, exemption from disclosure under the freedom of information law of certain law enforcement related records and to records identifying victims.
Status: A.5170 – Passed Assembly

Food Donations
A.5218 Ortiz
S.2332 Klein
Directs the commissioner of education, in cooperation with the commissioner of agriculture and markets, to establish voluntary guidelines to provide for the donation of excess, unused, edible food from school, university or other educational institutions meal programs to voluntary food assistance programs.
Status: S.2332 – Passed Senate

Fiscal Note Requirement
A.6427 Thiele
S.4416 LaValle
Requires the inclusion of a fiscal note with the adoption of a resolution or change in the rules and regulations governing educational institutions which have a fiscal impact.

College Council Attendance
A.6819 Glick
S.1555 LaValle
Mandates attendance by members appointed by the governor at meetings of councils of state-operated institutions.
Status: S.1555 – Passed Senate

Fire Safety Report
A.6884 DenDeckker
S.6835 Robach
Authorizes and directs the boards of trustees of SUNY and CUNY to review and revise the report of the New York State Governor's Task Force on Campus Fire Safety issued in July 2000.

Discriminatory Practices
A.6897 Solages
S.4606 Flanagan
Extends the antidiscrimination protections of the Human Rights Law to cover public and private schools and colleges.
Status: A.6897 – Assembly Calendar 474

Tobacco Ban
A.7277-B Mosley
S.4853-B Hannon
Prohibits the use of tobacco at state-operated institutions of SUNY.
Status: A.7277-B – Reported to Codes Committee

FOIL Expansion
A.7554-B Glick
S.2224-B LaValle
Expands the definition of the term "agency" for certain purposes and adds provisions relating to foundations of state-operated campuses.
Status: S.2224-B – Senate Rules

Gluten Free Notice
A.7627-A Crespo
S.3094-A Parker
No Assembly Companion
Relates to requiring the notice of gluten content in foods being served in state owned, operated or leased cafeterias and all cafeterias operated by SUNY.
Status: A.7627-A – Reported to Ways & Means Committee

Demographic Information
A.7669-A Bronson
S.7319 Hoylman
Requires every state agency, board, or commission that directly collects data on ethnic origin for residents of the state of New York would use separate categories for a number of New Yorkers by sexual orientation and gender identity.
Status: A.7669-A – Reported to Codes Committee

Performance Data
A.7797 DenDekker
S.2233-A Griffo
Creates the website and requires that such website shall provide to the user of the website comparative data and statistics to identify the state's performance regionally and nationally relating to, but not limited to, the economy, education, public safety, energy, housing and the environment.
Status: S.2233-A – Passed Senate

Financial Disclosure
A.7867 Glick
S.5405 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Provides for financial disclosure by employees of state operated campus foundations, including the Research Foundation of the State University of New York.
Status: S.5405 – Senate Rules

Open Data Website
A.8197 Englebright
S.7380 Boyle
Establishes the open data law requiring the office of information technology services to establish an open data website and requiring covered state entities to publish certain data on such website.

Program Closure Planning
A.8373 Thiele
No Senate Companion
Relates to the powers and duties of councils of state-operated institutions in relation to the closure of certain academic programs, campus or buildings of such institutions; requires a draft report not less than six months and public hearings not less than four months before the proposed closure of any academic program, campus or building of a state-operated institution.

Boycott Sanctions
A.8392-A Silver
No Senate Companion
Prohibits the use of state aid by colleges and universities to fund or provide membership in academic institutions that are boycotting a country or higher education institutions of a country.

Boycott Sanctions
A.8632 Hikind
S.6306 Klein
Prohibits institutions of higher education from participating in or providing funding to organizations that boycott academic institutions located in foreign countries.

Library Purchases
A.9470 Nolan
S.2314 DeFrancisco
Enacts the "New York state comprehensive information system act" authorizing the state library to coordinate the purchase of electronic databases or other information resources for state agencies, library systems and other governmental entities.
Status: S.2314 – Passed Senate

Rule Making Procedures
A.9813-A Schimminger
A.6847-A Valesky
Would incorporate into the rule-making process the ability of state agencies, if they choose to, to transmit rule-making notices by electronic transmission as provided for pursuant to the State Technology Law.
Status: S.6847-A – Passed Senate

Food Waste Donation
A.9959 Kavanagh
No Senate Companion
Require that state and municipal food service facilities establish food donation and/or organics recovery programs.

Endowment Fund
A.10010 Glick
S.7807 LaValle
Would establish a public higher education quality initiative endowment fund to be controlled by the comptroller that shall be used solely for the purpose of hiring full-time faculty and professional staff at SUNY, CUNY and their community colleges.

Student Records
S.1418 Montgomery
No Assembly Companion
Requires schools that offer continuing education adult classes to maintain student records for a minimum of ten years and to notify students of such classes that such records and transcripts will be maintained for such period.

Foreign Gift Disclosure
S.1559 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Requires disclosure of gifts made to certain foundations by foreign governments, persons and entities; imposes fines for violations.

Foreign Student Enrollment
S.1565 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Provides that institutions of higher education shall compile reports regarding foreign students enrolled in such institutions; delineates the statistical information that each approved school must maintain for all foreign students attending with a student visa.

MIA Flag Display
No Assembly Companion
Requires the POW/MIA flag to be displayed at every state public building at which the flag of the United States of America is displayed.

Dorm Debt Cap
S.2671 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Excludes housing for students at state university of New York institutions from the definition of the term "state-supported debt".

Contract Approval
S.3015-A LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Relates to certain contracts for state university of New York health care facilities.

Sweatshop Apparel
S.3351 Hassell-Thompson
No Assembly Companion
Directs the state university trustees to promulgate and enforce a sweat-free code of conduct for the licensing and purchase of apparel at colleges and universities of the state university and requires provision in contracts with apparel manufacturers providing for the termination thereof if the manufacturer uses a sweatshop.

Boycott Sanctions
S.6438 Klein
No Assembly Companion
Prohibits the use of state aid by colleges and universities to fund or provide membership in academic institutions that are boycotting a country or higher education institutions of a country.
Status: Passed Senate

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Personnel and Retirement

Unemployment Benefits
A.2455 Bronson
S.6922 Hassell-Thompson
Relates to benefits which a non-professional employee of an educational institution may receive by repealing the provisions that allow denial of claims for non-professional employees of educational institutions if there is a "reasonable assurance" that they will be hired at a later date.

Adjunct Unemployment Insurance
A.5297 Rozic
S.6923 Hassell-Thompson
Enacts the "adjunct professors' unemployment insurance fairness act" and provides that an offer of employment or assignment made to a part-time faculty employee by a higher education institution which is contingent on enrollment, funding, or programmatic changes shall not constitute reasonable assurance of continued employment.

Unemployment Insurance
A.6635 Heastie
S.4470 Savino
Enacts the "Higher Education Employment Protection Act"; provides that an offer of employment or assignment made to a part-time faculty employee by a higher education institution which is contingent on enrollment, funding, or programmatic changes shall not constitute reasonable assurance of continued employment.
Status: A.6635 – Reported to Assembly Ways & Means

Early Retirement Incentive
A.8058 Brennan
No Senate Companion
Provides a temporary retirement incentive and payment incentive for certain employees of the state university of New York health science center at Brooklyn.

Management Confidential Salaries
A.8813 Farrell
S.6571 DeFrancisco
Provides managerial or confidential employees salary and other benefits that were originally provided in Chapter 10 of the Laws of 2008 but subsequently such benefits were administratively withheld by the Executive for fiscal years 2009 and 2010.
Status: A.8813 – Reported to Ways & Means; S.6571 – Senate Rules

Union Deductions
A.9444 Abbate
S.7438 Savino
Would allow retired higher education professionals to make voluntary automatic contributions to their employee organizations, including but not limited to their political committees.
Status: A.9444 – Reported to Ways & Means

MC Pension Benefits
A.9494 Abbate
S.7074 Golden
Provides additional pension benefits for certain management confidential employees who had salary increases withheld for the fiscal year 2009-2010, and 2010-2011.
Status: A.7047 – Reported to Senate Finance Committee

Unemployment Insurance
S.75 Peralta
No Assembly Companion
Provides that an offer of employment or assignment made to a part-time faculty employee by a higher education institution which is contingent on enrollment, funding, or programmatic changes shall not constitute reasonable assurance of continued.

Police Retirement Options
S.6886 Robach
No Assembly Companion
Would allow State University police officers to transfer to the New York State and Local Police and Fire Retirement System to participate in a special plan with a twenty-five year half pay retirement benefit.

Post Retirement Earnings
No Assembly Companion
Increases the amount of money a retiree may earn in a position of public service in the year 2014 and thereafter to $32,500.

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Private Colleges and Universities

Medical School Grants
S.3345 Hassell-Thompson
No Assembly Companion
Authorizes enrollment grants for medical education programs of non-public institutions for minorities, as a plan to increase the number of minority students entering and completing educational programs leading to professional licensure in medicine and increases grants based upon percentage of minority students enrolled at such institution.

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Research and Workforce

Research Access
A.180-A Hevesi
S.4050-A Robach
Establishes the taxpayer access to publicly funded research act requiring any executive branch agency, commission or authority that funds direct research to establish a public access policy that would provide access to certain published works that were funded by the state.

Intellectual Property Database
A.477 Magnarelli
S.3200 Parker
Relates to the maintenance of a database on intellectual property generated by state employees or developed through state-funded research which shall include, at a minimum, a brief description of the intellectual property and up-to-date contact information for each item.

Loan Deferrals
A.1332 Lentol
No Senate Companion
Establishes the New York entrepreneur program act authorizing SUNY to accept startup businesses into a loan deferral and repayment program.
Status: A.1332 – Held in Higher Education Committee

Copyright Protections
A.1700 Galef
S.4798 Carlucci
Waives the ability of government agencies in New York to claim copyright protection except where the record reflects artistic creation, or scientific or academic research, or if the agency intends to distribute the record or derivative work based on it to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership.
Status: A.1700 – Passed Assembly; S.4798 – Senate Rules

Incubator Tax Exemption
A.1929-A Schimminger
S.2021-A LaValle
Provides an exemption from the tax on sales and the compensating use tax for equipment, with a purchase price of five hundred dollars or greater, purchased by companies located in college incubator facilities or incubator facilities funded by the state.

Kitchen Incubators
A.4858-B Crespo
No Senate Companion
Requires the board of trustees of the state university of New York and the board of trustees of the city university of New York to conduct a study on the economic impact of the establishment of kitchen incubators on certain campuses.

Stony Brook Center
A.5645 Englebright
No Senate Companion
Includes the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC) at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in the center for excellence program.

Biomedical Entrepreneurship
A.9000 Morelle
S.6555-A Golden
Increases biomedical and biotechnological jobs, companies, and enhances research by creating a lab to market program at public and private medical schools in NYS while also ensuring NYS medical schools can maintain and recruit top tier researchers and scientists who are critical to this development.
Status: S.6555-A – Passed Senate

Incubator Enhancements
A.9105 Morelle
S.6550 Golden
Relates to New York state incubators and innovation hotspots to increase their job-creating tools.
Status: S.6550 – Reported to Finance

Canine Research
A.9900-A Brook-Krasny
S.7475-B Boyle
Requires research dogs and cats at certain facilities to be offered for placement with non-profit animal rescue and shelter organizations prior to euthanization.
Status: S.7475-B – Passed Senate

SUNY Commercialization Program
S.1654 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Establish commercialization development programs within the state university system to help strengthen its capacity to innovate and commercialize technology.

Digital Gaming Incentives
S.6548-A Golden
No Assembly Companion
Designed to incentivize rapid growth and job creation in the digital game development industry.
Status: S.6548-A – Reported to Finance

Veteran Entrepreneurships
S.6557 Golden
No Assembly Companion
Creates the New York State veteran entrepreneurship and employment opportunity center program to provide entrepreneurial and employment training to veterans, disabled veterans and disabled veteran businesses.

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Information Tables
A.378 Englebright
S.1314 Stavisky
Defines the term "tabling" as dissemination of information and allows organizations to do tabling outside buildings on campus so long as they don't block access to or disrupt the academic use of campus buildings.

Voter Registration Assistance
A.456 Dinowitz
S.1803 Espaillat
Designates state and city universities of New York as participating agencies for voter registration form distribution and assistance and requires SUNY and CUNY to offer each applicant an application for an absentee ballot.

Demographic Information
A.1186-B Kim
S.2348-B Stavisky
Requires the collection of certain demographic information by certain state agencies, boards and commissions.
Status: A.1186-B – Passed Assembly

Student Fee Referendum
A.1401 Gunther
No Senate Companion
Requires the biennial conducting of a referendum of the student body at each college and university of the state university of New York and city university of New York, and at each community college as to whether the student activity fees shall be mandatory or voluntary.

Community Service
A.1757 Englebright
S.630 Stavisky
Enacts the higher education community service act to promote volunteer service by higher education students; creates a council for higher education community service to regulate and recognize persons and programs associated therewith.
Status: S.630 – Reported to Finance

Voter Registration
A.2107-A Kavanagh
S.2852-A Klein
Provides for the provision of voter registration forms to students by colleges, universities and public school districts; authorizes the pre-registration to vote of 16 year olds.

Suicide Prevention
A.2496-A Robinson
S.1285-A Parker
Requires public and private colleges and universities to provide all incoming and current students with information relating to suicide prevention and resources available to them on campus.
Status: A.2498-A – Held in Higher Education Committee

A.3173 Sepulveda
S.12 Diaz
Prohibits secondary schools and higher education institutions from withholding student transcripts for failure to pay tuition.

Campus Signs
A.3448 Englebright
No Senate Companion
Protects and regulates the posting of signs on college campuses by student organizations.

Credit Card Merchandising
A.3658 Englebright
No Senate Companion
Prohibits the direct merchandising of credit cards through SUNY and CUNY to any enrolled student.

Complaint Process
A.3771 Glick
No Senate Companion
Establishes a student complaint system within the SUNY and CUNY systems and requires such system to collect, process and track complaints of students.

Sex Offender Protections
A.3818 Miller
S.1020 Robach
Prohibits level three sex offenders from living in college housing.
Status: S.1020 – Passed Senate; A.3818 – Held in Corrections Committee

Prison Educational Programs
A.4109 Aubry
S.3350 Hassell-Thompson
Establishes the commission on post-secondary correctional education to examine, evaluate, and make recommendations concerning the availability, effectiveness and need for expansion of post-secondary education in the NYS prison system.
Status: A.4109 – Reported to Assembly Ways & Means

Textbook Sales Tax
A.4957 Ortiz
No Senate Companion
Exempts textbooks required or recommended by college professors for use in a particular course from sales and compensating use taxes and also requires that students provide a course syllabus or form which identifies course materials as a requirement for such exemption.

Student Information Disclosure
A.6059-A O’Donnell
S.5932-A Robach
Prohibits the release of personally identifiable student information where parental consent is not provided.
Status: A.6059-A – Assembly Calendar 282

Criminal History Records
A.7593 Rozic
No Senate Sponsor
Provides that certain entities, including colleges, may not require a person to provide a copy of his or her criminal history record under certain circumstances.
Status: Assembly Calendar 455

Criminal Records
A.7740 – Rozic
No Senate Companion
Expands current provisions to provide that in the domains of housing, higher education, and volunteer work, decision-makers cannot ask about or consider sealed arrests and convictions and specifies that decision-makers in the domains of employment, housing, higher education and volunteer work are explicitly prohibited from asking applicants about Juvenile Delinquent dispositions.

Athlete Bill of Rights
A.8219 Sepulveda
S.6383 Kennedy
Enacts the student athlete bill of rights.

Internship Protections
A.8242 Rosenthal
No Senate Companion
Relates to unlawful discriminatory practices and interns and prohibits sexual harassment against interns.

Admissions & Criminal Offenses
A.8574 Peoples-Stokes
S.6437 Montgomery
Relates to college admissions for persons previously convicted of one or more criminal offenses.

Foster Care Allowance
A.9574 Crespo
No Senate Companion
Establishes a college-break living allowance for foster children enrolled full-time in a college or university so that they can be financially stable in times where they may not have a permanent place to stay.

Citizenship Access
A.10129 Camera
S.7879 Rivera
Establishes a process for New York State citizenship, regardless of immigration status, and providing certain rights and benefits to persons with such citizenship, including access to higher education benefits.

Admissions Policy
S.1331 Montgomery
No Assembly Companion
Relates to prohibiting colleges from denying formerly incarcerated individuals admittance to college based solely on their incarceration.

Community Service
S.2033-A LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Enacts the "higher education community service opportunity act" to encourage and promote a program whereby students who have benefitted from society's assistance with their post secondary education return their talents to society to assist with pressing human, educational, environmental and public safety concerns; creates the higher education community service opportunity trust fund.

College Affordability Act
S.3998 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Creates a new program, entitled the College Affordability Program, in order to establish tax credits, a linked deposit low-cost student loan program, a student lending transparency program and pre-paid tuition accounts to assist families in New York State to better afford a college education.

Early College High Schools
S.4008-A Flanagan
No Assembly Companion
Continues early college high school programs which provide students often underrepresented in higher education with the opportunity and access to college-level courses in high school.
Status: Passed Senate

Tax Credit
S.4576-A LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Provides a tax credit for allowable college expenses.

Security Certificate
S.5634 Ball
No Assembly Companion
Requires all colleges and universities to file a Certificate of Security Information with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Department of Homeland Security, and the Division of the New York State police, for every student who is note citizen of the United States.

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Tuition and Fees

Tuition Savings Account
A.408 Magnarelli
S.1652 LaValle
Enacts the "New York state family tuition investment program act" to provide for the advance purchase of tuition to colleges in the state.

Veterans Course Audit
A.1808 Tenny
S.1963 Griffo
To allow those with military service and an honorable discharge to attend classes at the SUNY and CUNY on a tuition-free audit basis.
Status: S.1963 – Passed Senate; A.1808 – Held in Higher Education Committee

Senior Credit Courses
A.2323 Magnarelli
S.2854 Farley
Authorizes the trustees of the state university to permit persons sixty years of age or over to take courses on a space available basis given therein for credit or without examination, without tuition and allows such eligible persons may take up to nine hours of courses for credit per semester without tuition.

Veteran Fee Waiver
A.2976 Ortiz
No Senate Companion
Establishes a veteran fee waiver program within the State University of New York system and provides for eligibility, applicability and amounts of such waivers.

In-State Tuition
A.4424-A Camara
S.2835 Parker
Provides in-state tuition rates at New York universities and colleges to qualified immigrant students if such students attended high school in the state for 2 years or more; graduated from high school in the state or attained a state general equivalency diploma and registered as an entering student at, or is currently enrolled in a public institution of higher education within the state.

Veteran Tuition Waiver
A.4716 Cusick
No Senate Companion
Provides that Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans shall receive up to four years of undergraduate or three years graduate education at SUNY or CUNY tuition free.

Veteran Tuition Assistance
A.6443 Gunther
S.4413 Ball
Enacts the "Commitment to Military Education Act" to provide tuition assistance to members of the armed forces who were enrolled in a tuition assistance program cancelled or suspended.
Status: S.4413 – Reported to Senate Finance Committee

On-Line Tuition
A.7141-B Glick
S.4597-B LaValle
Provides that the trustees of the state university of New York may authorize the establishment of a new category of tuition for non-resident students enrolled in distance learning courses.

Veteran In-State Tuition
A.7162 Lentol
S.1978 Robach
Includes active duty military and certain veterans going to college under the new GI bill in the definition of resident as it relates to community colleges and state-aided four-year colleges for the purposes of in-state tuition.
Status: S.1978 – Passed Senate; A.7162 – Held in Higher Education Committee

Veteran In-State Tuition
A.7686 Lentol
S.5044 Grisanti
Provides for in-state tuition at colleges and universities of the state university, the city university of New York and community colleges for honorably discharge veterans attending, within 12 months of their honorable discharge, under the federal GI bills.

Tuition Study
A.8218 Sepulveda
No Senate Companion
Authorizes the commission of a study by the board of regents of The State University of New York of feasible alternative methods of funding a college education at public four-year institutions of higher learning in New York State.

Veteran Tuition
A.8325 Tenney
No Senate Companion
Relates to powers and duties of trustees; provides for in state tuition rates for active and retired military members enrolled in any state-operated institution of the state university, whether or not a resident of the state.

Pay It Forward Tuition
A.8562 Thiele
S.6420 LaValle
Enacts the "pay it forward, pay it back" program; directs the board of trustees of the state university to identify two four-year institutions of the state university and two community colleges to participate in such program; offers free tuition for such institutions.

Free Tuition Program
A.8585-B Skoufis
S.6511-A Savino
Makes tuition free for New York state residents at SUNY and CUNY schools and community colleges; requires community service and state residency and employment for a period of five years after completion of academic program.
Status: A.8585-B – Reported to Ways & Means Committee

Firefighter Tuition Free Benefits
A.8990 Englebright
S.6677 Maziarz
Extends tuition free course benefits to volunteer firefighters or voluntary ambulance workers, and authorizes the board of trustees of the state university to regulate the conferral of such benefits.

Tuition Tax Credit
A.9664 Englebright
S.6697-A Carlucci
Increases the personal income tax credit for college tuition from the first $10,000 to the first $20,000 of college tuition expenses; increases the amounts of contributions that may be made tax free to family tuition accounts.

Pre-Paid Tuition Plan
A.9656 Englebright
S.6698-A Carlucci
Establishes the New York state pre-paid tuition plan by which a person may contribute to an account for the pre-payment of college tuition, tax free.
Status: S.6698-A – Passed Senate

Police Tuition Waiver
S.1788 Rivera
No Assembly Companion
Relates to certain tuition waivers for police officer students of the state university of New York and the city university of New York and providing for the repeal of certain provisions upon expiration thereof.

Non-Resident Tuition
S.3477 Libous
No Assembly Companion
Requires non-immigrant alien students, who are granted in-state tuition rates at the state university or community colleges, to have continuously resided in the state during high school or while preparing for the general equivalency diploma examination.

Firefighter Tuition Waiver
S.3583 Robach
No Assembly Companion
Grants volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians academic credit at state operated institutions of the state university of New York and the senior colleges of the city university of New York to the extent of six credits per year, and 60 credits in the aggregate and provides that no fee, tuition or other charge shall be assessed against a volunteer firefighter or emergency medical technician who qualifies for such credit.

Pre-Pay Tuition Program
S.4593 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Establishes the New York State pre-pay tuitions savings program to allow families to pre-pay the cost of tuition at SUNY or CUNY.

Inmate Education
S.6859 O’Brien
No Assembly Companion
Prohibits state funds from being used for inmates' college education.

Tuition Financing
S.7308 Rivera
No Assembly Companion
Requires the Regents to conduct a study of feasible alternative methods of funding a college education at public four-year institutions of higher learning in New York state.

Government Relations