June 30, 2014

Legislative Update - June 30, 2014

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Senate Resolution No. 6134

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Chapter Laws of 2014 – While the Legislature approved over 650 individual pieces of legislation for the Governor’s final consideration, very few bills were passed that impact SUNY and higher education. The 2014 Chapter/Veto report is attached. This will be updated as the Governor acts on these issues. Of particular interest to SUNY is the police retirement option for UPD’s (A.7862-A), in-state tuition for veterans (A9216-A), GSEU pay bill (A.10116) and campus crime investigation and notification requirements (A.2089-B).

Community College Capital – The Legislature and the Governor failed to reach agreement on a 2014-15 budget “clean-up” bill which was to contain the 13 SUNY community college capital programs that were neglected in 2014-15 budget, even though there was three-way agreement for their inclusion.

State Operated Capital – The Senate approved a resolution (attached) appropriating the $49 million that was set aside during the 2014-15 budget for capital projects. This was a highly unusual method of delivery capital funds to a select group of campuses.

Board of Trustees - The Governor submitted three individuals for consideration by the Senate which were approved –the reappointment of Trustees McCall and Corngold and Lawrence Waldman to replace Trustee Hunt. That leaves the one vacancy and two “holdovers” from 2013 (Ehrenberg & Murad) who continue to serve.

2014 Legislative Summary – Included is a summary of higher education legislation that was not approved by both the Assembly and Senate. The final status of each bill is indicated if the bill in fact was considered in its original committee of reference. 

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Senate Resolution No. 6134

BY: Senator SKELOS

ESTABLISHING a plan setting forth an itemized list of  grantees for certain appropriations in the 2014-2015 state fiscal year

RESOLVED (if the concur), In addition to grants allocated pursuant to chapter 54 of the laws of 2014 within the City University of New York and State University of New York Capital: Notwithstanding any provision of law this appropriation shall be allocated only pursuant to a plan setting forth an itemized list of projects with the amount to be received by each, or the methodology for allocating such appropriation. Such plan shall be subject to the approval of the temporary president of the senate and the director of the budget and thereafter shall be included in a resolution calling for the expenditure of such monies, which resolution must be approved by a majority vote of all members elected to the senate upon a roll call vote:

City University of New York Project Schedule


Brooklyn College - Construct New Science Facility $37,500
College of Staten Island - Construct Computational Center $22,500
Queens College - Science Research and Teaching Lab Renovations $2,000

Be it further resolved, that the construction of classroom space for the Graduate Film Program at Brooklyn College in the amount of five million dollars be contingent upon further review and approval by the director of the budget. Notwithstanding any provision of law this appropriation shall be allocated only pursuant to a plan setting forth an itemized list of projects with the amount to be received by each, or the methodology for allocating such appropriation. Such plan shall be subject to the approval of the temporary president of the senate and the director of the budget and thereafter shall be included in a resolution calling for the expenditure of such  monies, which resolution must be approved by a majority vote of all members elected to the senate upon a roll call vote:

State University of New York Project Schedule

PROJECT AMOUNT (thousands of dollars)

Albany - Downtown Renovation at Schuyler Building $4,000

Alfred State - Construct Student Activities Facility $1,500

Brockport - Construct Academic Success Center $3,000

Buffalo State - Construct Alumni House and Visitor's Center $2,017

Canton - Rehabilitation Chaney Dining Center $1,000
               Nursing Program Simulation Stations $500

Cobleskill - Energy Savings Projects $2,000

Cornell - Agricultural Science Research Lab $3,400

Cortland - Facility Rehabilitation $2,000

Empire State - Monroe Center $500
                       Selden Center $1,160

Environmental Science and Forestry - Education and Research Center $2,000

Farmingdale - Construct Social Science Building $5,000

Fredonia - Renovate Campus Welcome Center $2,000

Maritime - Seamanship Center $1,573

Nassau Community College - Applied Health Science Department (State Share) $250

New Paltz - 3D Printing Lab $850
                   Exterior LED Lighting $1,000
                   Central Heating Plant Generator Repairs $750
                   Student Union/Administration Building Concourse Roof Replacement $1,000

Oswego - School of Education Classroom Construction $1,000
                Theater upgrades $500

Plattsburgh - Renovate Sibley Hall $4,000

Potsdam - Crane School of Music $3,000

Purchase - Center for Integrated Technology and Learning $3,000

Syracuse Health Science Center (HSC) - Diagnostics Lab $2,000


Significant Higher Education Legislation Approved by Both the Senate & Assembly during the 2014 Session


Chapter Laws of 2014

Chapter 15 – Counseling Continuing Education
A.8228-B DenDeckker
S.6300 LaValle
Amends Chapter 486 of the Laws of 2013 relating to mandatory continuing education for licensed mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychoanalysts and creative arts therapists.

Chapter 22 – Veterans Business Opportunities
A.9135 Ortiz
S.6865 Ball
Establishes a program to increase participation of "Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprises" in state contracting as a significant step in expanding economic opportunity for veterans.

Chapter 23 - Non-Profit Revitalization Act
A.9117 Brennan
S.6249 Ranzenhofer
Makes technical amendments to Chapter 549 of the Laws of 2013 - The Non-Profit Revitalization Act of 2013 - which made significant changes to the way not-for-profit corporations do business in the State of New York.

Chapter 50 – State Operations Budget
A.8550-E Budget
S.6350-E Budget
Enacts the state operations budget which includes state support for SUNY’s state-operated campuses including a TAP increase.

Chapter 53 – Aid to Localities Budget
A.8553-E Budget
S.6353-E Budget
Enacts the aid to localities budget which includes state support for community colleges.

Chapter 54 – Capital Projects Budget
A.8554-E Budget
S.6354-E Budget
Enacts the capital projects budget which includes the SUNY Construction Fund.

Chapter 56 – Education Budget Article VII
A.8556-D Budget
S.6356-D Budget
Enacts major components of legislation which are necessary to implement the education, labor and family assistance budget including STEM scholarships, community college chargeback review and the development of a report on SUNY and economic development.

Pending Delivery to the Governor for Final Action

Crime Notification
A.2089-B Braunstein
S.2753-B Marchione
Relates to the investigation of crimes and crime reporting on college and university campuses.

Bundy Aid Exemption
A.6618 Fahy
S.1146 Breslin
Provides that a former two-year institution may elect to continue to receive associate level degree BUNDY Aid awards if it foregoes receiving any awards for degrees conferred at the bachelor's level.

Missing Persons Reporting
A.6710-A Mayer
S.1100-A Maziarz
Authorizes the chief of every police department, every county sheriff, and the Superintendent of State Police to submit, at least semiannually, reports to the Division of Criminal justice Services with respect to specified cases of missing vulnerable adults
that are closed.

Police Retirement
A.7862-A Abbate
S.5644-A Robach
Allows State University police officers to transfer to the New York State and Local Police and Fire Retirement System to participate in a special plan with a twenty-five year half pay retirement benefit and grants SUNY police officers parity with other police officers by allowing them to laterally transfer to other police forces or departments.

Research Confidentiality
A.8109-B Englebright
A.5731-B Flanagan
Increases privacy protections related to the personally identifiable and other similar information of certain researchers and to establish penalties for the interference with research.

Intern Protections
A.8201-A O’Donnell
S.5951-A Krueger
Would provide unpaid interns the same civil rights protections as paid interns.

Mental Health Continuing Education
A.8228-B DenDekker
S.6300 LaValle
Amends the effective date of Chapter 486 of laws of 2013 requiring each mental health counselor, marriage and family therapist, psychoanalyst and creative arts therapist licensed in New York to undergo mandatory continuing education

Behavior Analysts Licensure
A.8518 Morelle
S.6395 Hannon
Amends Chapter 554 of the Laws of 2013 relating to the licensure of behavior analysts and the certification of behavior analyst assistants clarifying certain services can be provided without a license or certification.

Physical Therapy Assistants Licensure
A.8659 Glick
S.6666 LaValle
Extends Chapter 534 of the Laws of 1993, due to expire June 30th, for an additional four years, which authorizes physical therapy assistants to provide services in home care settings.

Veterinary Dental Care
A.8867-A Magee
S.2742-B Young
Prohibits untrained persons from performing dental surgery on animals and to bring the NY Veterinary Practice Act into compliance with neighboring states and those states with racing and equine populations by including animal dentistry within the scope of practice of veterinary medicine.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors
A.8963-A Englebright
S.6657-C Marcellino
Requires the state uniform fire prevention and building code to include standards for the installation of carbon monoxide detecting devices in restaurants and other commercial buildings.

Prompt Payment
A.8964 Englebright
S.6482 DeFrancisco
Requires state agencies to pay any prompt contracting interest due within thirty days of the date the payment or payments required under a contract approved late are made to a not-for-profit organization.

Land Surveyor Licensure
A.9103 Glick
S.6834 LaValle
Extends the expiration of the continuing education requirement for land surveyors from June 30, 2014 to June 30, 2024.

Non-Profit Revitalization Act Amendments
A.9117 Brennan
S.6249 Ranzenhofer
Makes technical amendments to Chapter 549 of the Laws of 2013 which implemented the Non-Profit Revitalization Act making significant changes to the way not-for-profit corporations do business in the State of New York.

Telemedicine Availability
A.9129-A Russell
S.7852 Young
Requires individual accident and health insurance, group or blanket accident and health insurance, and medical expense indemnity corporations or hospital service corporations that provide hospital, medical or surgical care to also provide coverage for telehealth and telemedicine services, provided that the telemedicine services meet Federal Medicare program requirements.

Management Confidential Commission
A.9344 Farrell
S.7072 DeFrancisco
Establishes a special commission on compensation for state employees designated managerial or confidential.

Cancer Testing
A.9517-A Gottfried
S.7199-A Hannon
Permits individuals employed at National Cancer Institute designated cancer centers who meet the requirements for a restricted license to receive a certification allowing them to perform tests using proteomics, including mass spectrometry.

Self-Insured Student Health Plans
A.9604 Morelle
S.7317 Seward
Makes technical amendments to chapter 246 of the laws of 2012 to clarify the requirements of a university that establishes a self-insured student health plan in that funds to pay these claims shall be accounted for separately rather than be held in separate accounts.

CIA Alcohol Manufacturing
A.9846 Barrett
S.7612 Gipson
Would allow the Culinary Institute of America a license to manufacture and sell alcoholic beverages directly on its campus.

Sprinkler Notification
A.7641-A DenDekker
S.5212-A Flanagan
Requires all residential leases entered into on or after January 1, 2014 to include conspicuous notice as to the existence or non-existence of a sprinkler system in the leased premises.

Police Tuition Waivers
A.8272 Lentol
S.6144 Golden
Continues for 2 years, a tuition waiver for one course for police officer students in baccalaureate or higher degree programs at the City University of New York.

Stony Brook Lease Extension
A.9187-A Englebright
S.6854-A Flanagan
Relates to the extension of the SUNY Stony Brook's lease for the enhancement and expansion of the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, which opened in 2010.

Information Collection Report
A.486-B Magnarelli
S.2838-B Parker
Requires the director of the office for technology, in conjunction with the director of budget, the director of state operations, and the secretary of state, and in consultation with the state comptroller study and issue a comprehensive report on methods to modernize the information collection, retention, and dissemination practices of state agencies.

Geologist Licensure
A.4753-D Englebright
S.3810-D Marcellino
Establishes the practice of geology as a licensed profession and establishes standards of education and experience as a prerequisite to licensure.

Lighting Standards
A.7489-B Rosenthal
S.5275-B Marcellino
Creates new standards for the use of luminous outdoor lighting in fixtures installed or maintained by New York State in order to limit the brightness of lights installed or maintained by the state.

Blended Learning
A.8845-A Nolan
S.5509-C Young
Directs the commissioner of education to establish an online learning committee to make recommendations for establishment of a statewide online and blended learning program in partnership with higher education.

Summer Baseball
A.8898-A Magee
S.6646-A. Seward
Exempts collegiate summer baseball leagues from workers' compensation requirements, except those deemed to be employees pursuant to the National Labor Relations Act.

Clarkson Boathouse
A.8941 Russell
S.6720 Griffo
Authorizes the Village of Norwood to enter into a lease agreement with Clarkson University for municipally owned waterfront parkland in order to construct a boathouse.

Veterans In-State Tuition
A.9216-A Benedetto
S.6887-A Ranzenhofer
Provides for in-state tuition at SUNY and CUNY for veterans who are relocating to New York State.

Industrial Hemp
A.9140 Lupardo
S.7047 O’Mara
Authorizes the growing of industrial hemp as part of an agricultural pilot program conducted by the Department of Agriculture and/or an institution f higher education pursuant to authorization under federal law.

Palliative Care
A.9966 Gottfried
S.7601-B Hanno
Requires the state Palliative Care Education and Training Council to examine and make recommendations towards providing palliative care education and training in state certified schools of nursing and social work, for use in health care facilities and home care agencies.

GSEU Pay Bill
A.10116 Abbate
S.7857 LaValle
Implements the terms of a collectively negotiated agreement between the State of New York and the CWA Local 1104/Graduate Students Employees Union, the employee organization representing members of the State University Graduate Student Negotiating Unit.


Government Relations