June 22, 2013

Legislative Update - June 22, 2013


New SUNY Trustee

Approved Bills

Outstanding Issues


The Legislature gave final passage to the SUNY Tax-free Areas to Revitalize and Transform UPstate NY program - START-UP NY. Central to this initiative are the SUNY campuses which will serve as the framework of the START-UP NY program to attract high-tech and other start-ups, venture capital, new business and investments from across the world. We will be provided a more detailed analysis of this legislation next week.

New SUNY Trustee

The Senate approved Eric Corngold as a member of the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York.


Session Adjourns – Approved Bills

The Assembly and Senate have adjourned the 2013 regularly scheduled session and have approved several bills impacting SUNY and higher education which will be forwarded to the Governor for final action.

UUP Pay Bill
S.5799 Savino
A.8030 Abbate
Implements the terms of the collective bargaining agreement covering members of the professional services unit represented by United University Professionals (UUP).

Sprinkler Notification
A.5715-A DenDekker
S.4180-B Robach
Requires colleges to provide written notification to students whether college-owned or college-operated housing is equipped with sprinkler systems.

Research Libraries
S.2856-B Farley
A.4664-B Kellner
Provides for the streamlining and modernization of the conservation and preservation program for the Big Eleven research libraries and will eliminate the competitive grant program and instead shift these State funds into the formula aid program.

Alfred Land Lease
S.4625A Young
A.7048-A Giglio
Provides for a minor expansion of land at the at Alfred State which SUNY is authorized to lease to Alfred Technology Resources, Incorporated

Hospital Maintenance of Effort (MOE)
S.5283A LaValle
A.7403-A Glick
Clarifies that the SUNY health science centers are part of the State's maintenance of effort provision pursuant to the NY SUNY 2020 legislation enacted in 2011.

Central Service Technicians
A.878-A Bronson
S.697-A Grisanti
Requires individuals employed as central services technicians in hospitals to be certified and undergo continuing education. Central service technicians prepare, distribute and control the sterile and non-sterile items and equipment used in all clinical areas of a hospital.

NY Network ORP
A.7586 Abbate
S.5767 Golden
Permits former employees of the state university of New York NY Network to retain membership in the optional retirement program.

Surgical Technologists
S.5185-A Savino
A.7419-A Cahill
Sets forth requirements for surgical technologists who have a vital role in creating and maintaining a sterile surgical room, ensuring that surgical equipment is functioning properly and safely, and assisting surgeons during surgical procedures.

S.5353-A DeFrancisco
A.526-B Magnarelli
Clarifies the provisions related to the licensure of perfusionists so that in 2016 perfusionists will be able to apply to become licensed with State Education Department, and after which time they will be authorized by law to conduct the appropriate tests and equipment related to those tests.

Veteran’s Employment
S.5504-A Ball
A.7761 Benedetto
Enacts the "veterans employment act" to grant veterans the right to temporary appointments by state agencies, rather than using temporary employment service companies.

School Based Vision Care
A.7342-A Gottfried
S. 5117-A Savino
Permits for vision care by managed care providers through school based health centers, creating a pilot program.

DOL Employment Data
A.7911-B Rozic
S.5773-A Savino
Permits SUNY and CUNY along with other specific government agencies to request certain data from the Department of Labor for the purpose of evaluating workforce development programs.


Outstanding Issues

Several legislative issues of importance and supported by SUNY did not receive final approval by either the Senate or the Assembly:

A.2597 Moya
S.2378 Peralta
Would have enacted the New York state DREAM ACT by creating the New York DREAM fund commission and amends eligibility requirements and conditions governing certain awards.
Status: Passed Assembly – Senate Higher Education

Police Retirement
S.5644 – Robach
A.7862 - Abbate
Permits SUNY police officers the opportunity to transfer from the New York State and Local Employees Retirement System (ERS) to the New York State and Local Police and Fire Retirement System.
Status: Passed Assembly – Senate Civil Service

Dissertation Sales
S.2405 LaValle
A.2612 Schimminger
Would have prohibited the sale of academic dissertations, theses and term papers whether written or provided through electronic media.
Status: Passed Senate – Assembly Codes

Old Westbury Child Care
S.5312 Marcellino
A.7199 Lavine
Would have authorized SUNY college at Westbury to lease lands for the construction and operation of a child care center.
Status: Passed Senate – Assembly Higher Education

Criminal History Record Access
A.5569 Roberts
S.4782 Valesky
Grants SUNY community college campus peace officers access to criminal history record information.
Status: Senate Rules - Assembly Higher Education

Retirement Earnings 211 Waiver
A.7516 Abbate
S.5346 Golden
Removes the earnings limitation on members of the NYS and local police and fire retirement system who retire and are employed by a community college as criminal justice faculty.
Status: Assembly Ways & Means – Senate Civil Service

Construction Exemption
S.5404 LaValle
A.7788 Glick
Exempts the costs associated with the construction of community college capital facilities from the real property tax levy limit for local governments.
Status: Assembly Local Government – Senate Local Government

211 Waivers
A.1293-B Zebrowski
S.469-B Stavisky
Relates to a waiver of earnings limitation for certain retirees of the New York state and local police and fire retirement system who are employed by the state university.
Status: Assembly Government Employees – Senate Civil Service

Hospital Purchasing
S.1653 LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Relates to contracts for joint or group purchasing of goods and services for state university health care facilities.
Status: Senate Higher Education

Tobacco Ban
A.7277 Mosley
S.4853 Hannon
Prohibits the use of tobacco at state-operated institutions of SUNY.
Status: Assembly Codes Committee – Senate Higher Education

On-Line Tuition
A.7141-A Glick
S.4597-A LaValle
Provides that the trustees of the state university of New York may authorize the establishment of a new category of tuition for non-resident students enrolled in distance learning courses.
Status: Assembly Rules - Senate Finance

Non-Resident Tuition
S.3477 Libous
No Assembly Companion
Requires non-immigrant alien students, who are granted in-state tuition rates at the state university or community colleges, to have continuously resided in the state during high school or while preparing for the general equivalency diploma examination
Status: Senate Higher Education

MTA Commuter Tax
A.7775 Zebrowski
No Senate Companion
Exempts community colleges from the imposition of the metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax
Status: Assembly Ways and Means


Government Relations