July 21, 2010

State Relations Update - July 21, 2010

As we enter the later part of July, the scheduled Legislative Session has come to a close, however, several budget issues remain unresolved.  While all seems quiet in Albany with no indication as to the Legislature's return, we understand there are leadership conversations ongoing about how to address the final budget issues: revenue bill, property tax cap, FMAP funding and the Public Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act (PHEEIA).  We continue to keep our issues front and center with the legislative leaders and staff.  Senators Brian Foley and Bill Stachowski continue to be our most vocal stalwarts in support of PHEEIA. 

On a light note…the Saratoga Race Course season opens this Friday, July 23rd, so maybe there will be added incentive for legislators to return to Albany!

PHEEIA Update -

PHEEIA remains a key issue in the ongoing 2010-11 budget discussions as the Governor and Legislature attempt to resolve the outstanding revenue generating proposals. 
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Siena Poll -

The Siena Research Institute release polling results on July 15th which included a question on SUNY and PHEEIA
"Governor Paterson and members of the State Senate support a proposal to allow colleges and universities that are part of the State University of New York - SUNY - and the City University of New York -  CUNY - to have more flexibility on how campuses operate, including how much tuition they charge, as opposed to the current system where tuition rates and other decisions are set by state government. Do you strongly support, support, oppose, or strongly oppose the proposal to provide public colleges and universities with more flexibility, including the ability to set their own tuition rates?"

The overall responses were the following:
Strongly support 13%
Support 41%
Oppose 25%
Strongly oppose 12%
Don't know/No opinion 8%

Chancellor's Response

Chancellor Interviews

Susan Arbetter's recent interview with Chancellor Zimpher
CUNY TV: One to One interview with Chancellor Zimpher

Teacher Preparation -

Interview with Senator Stavisky regarding teacher education programs and teacher preparedness 

2010 Legislation -

Summary of legislation that has passed both the Assembly and Senate this session that impacts SUNY and higher education

Jim Campbell
Director of Legislative Relations
Office of Government Relations
State University of New York


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