July 2, 2010

State Relations Update - July 2, 2010

State of the Budget -

The Assembly completed its version of the 2010-11 budget yesterday including passage of the legislative version of the revenue bill which excludes PHEEIA.  The Senate did not approve the companion revenue bill primarily due to the outstanding discussions on PHEEIA, lead by Senators Stachowski (D-Buffalo), Foley (D- Suffolk County), and Breslin (D-Albany).  As for the 2010-11 budget appropriations for SUNY, the original Governor's proposal to reduce state operated campus funding by $170 million is law.  The Governor's veto of the Legislative additions will nullify the legislative restoration of the $40 million in community college base aid; thus, the $285 per FTE reduction is also current law.  In addition, the Legislature did not approved the SUNY and CUNY Board of Trustees request for a 2% increase in state operated campus tuition. It is anticipated that the Senate will return the week of July 19th to re-engage in their discussion on the revenue bill and to complete other unfinished business. 

Land Lease Legislation -

Four campuses had land lease proposals pending this session - Purchase, UAlbany, Upstate Medical and Farmingdale.  To date only the UAlbany proposal has been approved by both the Senate and Assembly. 

SUNY Police Transfer Legislation -

Both the Assembly and Senate have approved legislation to grant SUNY police officers parity with other police officers by allowing them to laterally transfer to other police forces or departments in NYS.  SUNY has consistently opposed this option unless it was granted in conjunction with the retirement option of the NYS Local Police and Fire Retirement System.
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Blind Vending Operations -

Both the Assembly and Senate have approved legislation removing the exemption for SUNY, the Department of Corrections and the Thruway Authority from the requirement to make available state property to the Business Enterprise Program for blind vendor operated in the Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped (CBVH).  SUNY is currently reviewing the impact of this legislation  and we will keep you informed.
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BSN Legislation -

The Assembly Higher Education Committee reported A.2079-B to the Assembly Codes committee this session. Chairperson Glick opposed the legislation but was overruled by a vote of the committee to favorably report the bill.  This is the first time this issue has been considered by an Assembly committee.  The Senate version remains in Senate RULES committee.  Expect this issue to continue to be a major initiative in upcoming Legislative sessions.
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Regional Community College Financing -

Legislation was approved that will permit Jamestown and Corning Community Colleges to apply for DASNY financing to meet the local 50% share of their capital construction costs.
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