February 25, 2010

State Relations Update - Feb. 25, 2010

Public Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act (PHEEIA) -

Advocacy efforts continue on all fronts for the Empowerment and Innovation Act.  Please make sure you continue your campus advocacy efforts and provide feedback on what you are hearing.  The feedback is important for as you know, SUNY is trying to respond to the concerns raised by the Legislature on both the tuition policy and the land use - public private partnerships.  We also need champions to stand up in conference, wave the SUNY banner and speak up for PHEEIA with their colleagues. 

SUNY Campus Lobby Days -

Our thanks to the 25 campuses that participated in our three regional lobby days.  Each of the days included a diverse mixture of student, faculty, presidents, alumni, community members, council members and trustees.  Over the three days there were over 50 visits to legislators.  By all accounts these efforts were effective in getting out the message of the need for the Public Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act as well as the possible restoration of funding. 

Senate Higher Education Committee -

Chancellor Zimpher was the guest of the Senate Higher Education Committee yesterday and discussed the Empowerment Act along with presenting an overview of the State University to date.  The Chancellor made it clear as to the importance of SUNY's contribution to NYS's overall economic vitality and the need for a vibrant and dynamic university system to better manage and control its revenue sources and assets.

Non-Resident Tuition -

The Rockefeller Institute released it study on Non-Resident tuition and fees at SUNY.
Press Release
Final Report

UUP Goes Negative -

UUP and NYSUT have launched their advocacy campaign opposing SUNY's efforts to seek passage of the Public Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act.
UUP Letter 

Special Elections -

On Tuesday, February 9th, special elections were held for four Assembly seat vacated last year.
 3 AD Dean Murray (R) was the winner replacing Patricia Eddington (D)
 15 AD Michael Montesano (R) was the winner replacing Robert Walker (R)
 24 AD David Weprin (D) was the winner replacing his brother Mark Weprin (D)
 89 AD Robert Castelli (R) was the winner replacing Adam Bradley (D)
 Assemblyman David Weprin is an alumni of UAlbany and Assemblyman Montesano is an alumni of Nassau CC.

SUNY @ 60 -

An new book marking its 60-year anniversary was recently published and is now available in hard cover, paper back and electronic versions from SUNY Press.  SUNY at Sixty is the product of a scholarly conference that was held in the spring of 2009 and brought together distinguished scholars from across the country who presented on a number of topics such as the creation of SUNY in the state and national context; accessibility, quality education, diversity and educational equity at SUNY; and SUNY as an economic engine for the state of New York.


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