August 13, 2010

State Relations Update - Aug. 13, 2010

Session May Return -

It is anticipate that the Legislature will have to return to Albany in the next few weeks to deal with the allocation of additional federal education funding for K-12.  Stay tuned. 

Legislator Departures -

The end of 2010 will bring retirements and possible employment changes for several current members:
 12th Senate District - George Onorato to retire
 31st Senate District - Eric Schneiderman seeking Attorney General
 40th Senate District - Vincent Leibell (R) seeking Putnam County Executive
 53rd Senate District - George Winner (R) to retire
 59th Senate District - Dale Volker to retire
 21st Assembly District - Thomas Alfano (R) to retire 
 26th Assembly District - Ann Margaret Carrozza (D) to retire
 36th Assembly District - Michael  Gianaris seeking 12th Senate District
 68th Assembly District - Adam Clayton Powell IV (D) seeking 15th Congressional District
 72nd Assembly District - Adriano Espaillat (D) seeking 31st Senate District
 79th Assembly District - Michael Benjamin (D) to retire
 92nd Assembly District - Richard Brodsky (D) seeking Attorney General
 99th Assembly District - Greg Ball (R) seeking the 40th Senate District
 119th Assembly District - Joan Christensen (D) to retire
 122nd Assembly District - Diedre Scozzafava (R) to retire
 131st Assembly District - Susan John (D) to retire
 136th Assembly District - James Bacalles (R) seeking the 53rd Senate District
 137th Assembly District - Thomas O'Mara (R) seeking the 53rd Senate District
 146th Assembly District - Jack Quinn (R) seeking 58th Senate District
 150th Assembly District - William Parment (D) to retire

Primary Elections -

Primary elections will be on Tuesday, September 14th.  A key race to watch is the 58th Senate District in which democrat Senator Bill Stachowski is facing a primary challenge from Tim Kennedy.  Stachowski was one of the Senate's most strident supporters of PHEEIA.

NYSUT Endorsements -

NYSUT chose not to endorse for re-election many incumbent legislators who openly supported PHEEIA.  

Chancellor Interview -

Chancellor Zimpher appeared on Capital Tonight with Liz Benjamin recently and summarized SUNY's efforts on the budget and PHEEIA as the Legislature concluded its session recently. 

Chancellor & PHEEIA -

This week's Albany Business Review carried an extensive account of the role of the Chancellor and PHEEIA.


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